Colección Petrie MSS - William Matthew Flinders Petrie Collection

Petrie Journal 1893 to 1894 (Koptos) Petrie Journal 1895 to 1896 (Thebes) Petrie Journal 1899 to 1900 (Abydos; Umm el-Qa'ab) Petrie Journal 1900 to 1901 (Abydos; Umm el-Qa'ab) Petrie Journal 1901 to 1902 (Abydos; Osiris enclosure) Petrie Journal 1902 to 1903 (Abydos; Osiris enclosure) Petrie Journal 1903 to 1904 (Ihnasya el-Medina) Petrie Journal 1904 to 1905 (Sinai; Wadi Magharah and Serabit el-Khadim) Petrie Journal 1905 to 1906 (Tell Yahudiya, Tell Rataba and Saft el-Hinna) Petrie Journal 1906 to 1907 (Giza) Petrie Journal 1908 (Memphis) Petrie Journal 1909 to 1910 (Maidum and Memphis) Petrie Journal 1912 (Tarkhan and Heliopolis) Petrie Journal 1913 (Tarkhan; Kafr Ammar) Petrie Journal 1914 (El-Lahun) Petrie Journal 1920 (El-Lahun) Petrie Journal 1923 to 1924 (Qaw el-Kebir) Petrie Journal 1927 (Tell Jemmeh) Petrie Journal 1928 to 1929 (Tell Farah; Beth-Pelet) Petrie Journal 1910 to 1911 (Hawara and Memphis) Petrie Journal 1896 (Behnesa, Oxyrhynchus [Beni Mazar]) Petrie Journal 1909 (Thebes) [16.B(?)] Process of excavation of Old Kingdom mastabas or XIIth dynasty tombs [6.B] Annie A. Pirie (later Quibell) and Kate Quibell outside the dig "house" (rock-tomb) Discovery of the seated and standing statues of Nefer-shem-em in mastaba D [17.B] Process of excavation [15.B] Section of El-Kab town wall [3.B] Annie A. Pirie (later Quibell) and Kate Quibell outside the dig "house" (rock-tomb) [21.B] Middle Kingdom ceramic offering trays [13.B] Different types of pottery vessels outside dig "house" (rock-tomb)
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Petrie MSS


William Matthew Flinders Petrie Collection


  • 1860s-2004 (Creación)

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11 boxes, 1 album, and 2 folders

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Historia biográfica

British Egyptologist. Born, Charlton 1853. Died, Jerusalem 1942. Not formally educated, was first introduced to ancient Egypt after reading Piazzi Smyth's publication of the Great Pyramid. Began his archaeological career excavating and surveying prehistoric sites in Britain, which included a survey of Stonehenge with his father William Petrie. Surveyed the Pyramids, 1880-2. Excavated sites for the Egypt Exploration Fund, 1884-6 and 1896-1905. From 1887 he led his own excavations with the financial support of several patrons. Founded Egypt Research Account, 1894, which then became the British School of Archaeology in Egypt. Appointed the first Edwards Professor (the first chair in Egyptology in Britain) at University College London, 1892-1933. Emeritus Professor, 1933-42. Married Hilda Urlin, 1897. Pioneered archaeology in the Near East, excavating many important monuments. Developed the method of sequence dating based on pottery analysis. The Petrie Museum, University College London, was formed from his own substantial private collection which was bought from him in 1913 by public subscription. A prolific author, he published a huge number of archaeological reports, monographs, articles, and reviews.

Historia archivística

  1. Journals and notebooks in the possession of Petrie's daughter, Miss Ann Petrie presented in 1969.
  2. Photographic album compiled at the Griffith Institute from photographs in the possession of the Griffith Institute in 1954, original possession unknown.
  3. Copies of the negatives of the Italian and Gîza photographs were made from 660 nitrate negatives, presented by the Petrie Museum, University College London in 1985 (the nitrate negatives were subsequently destroyed).

Origen del ingreso o transferencia

  1. Journals and notebooks, Miss A. Petrie, mostly in 1969 but also in the following years.
  2. Photographs in the possession of the Griffith Institute, method of acquisition unknown.
  3. Negatives, Petrie Museum, University College London in 1985.
  4. Photocopies of eight excavation notebooks at the University College London transferred from Sackler Library Archive on 13/09/2013.

Área de contenido y estructura

Alcance y contenido

Papers of William Matthew Flinders Petrie including journals covering 38 seasons (1880-1929) and photographs of excavations. The collection also includes secondary material associated with Petrie's journals, photographs of objects in museums, souvenir photographs and photocopies of material held at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London.

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Mainly kept as received. One of the sets of Italian Museum photographs have been mounted into an album, another set has been mounted onto loose sheets.

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Property of the Griffith Institute. No restrictions. Copies of material in the Petrie Museum, University College London, consultation only.


Copyright Griffith Institute, University of Oxford.
Copies of material, copyright Petrie Museum, University College London.

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  • inglés

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These are originals.

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  • Photographs of some photographs made by Dr Y. Harpur.
  • Set of modern negatives made from the Italian Museums and Gîza photographs, and some negatives made from the photographs of the Faiyûm (kept with the original photographs).
  • Facsimile copies of the journals exist on a CD-ROM, which was presented by the Petrie Museum.

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Other Archives:

  • Most of the papers of Sir W. M. F. Petrie, including 113 notebooks, tomb and object cards, and many thousands of photographs, are in the Petrie Museum, University College London.
  • Some correspondence and documentation related to Petrie's work for the Egypt Exploration Fund are kept at the Egypt Exploration Society.

Griffith Institute Archive:

  • See notes made by Petrie amongst Professor Sayce's papers.

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The presentation of this online catalogue was possible thanks to a generous grant from the Friends of the Petrie Museum (August 2017 to March 2018).

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