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Predynastic Egypt (Percy Newberry Collection)

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Predynastic Egypt (Percy Newberry Collection)

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Predynastic Egypt (Percy Newberry Collection)

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Cooney, John D. - correspondence

Correspondence between John D. Cooney (Brooklyn Museum) and Newberry including on: predynastic pottery with boats; requesting information from Newberry on items in the Amherst collection to be auctioned as well as other sale catalogues; purchase of cylinders and scarabs; Kelekian collection.

Predynastic Egypt

This group of material relates to predynastic Egypt and in particular Newberry’s research on nome ensigns and examples of predynastic pottery which feature nome ensigns on the mast heads of boats. It includes several unpublished drafts, plates for publication, photographs, notes, cuttings and tracings.

Notes on the pomegranate, boomerang and ensigns on pots

Notebook with index at the front.

Notes on hieroglyphs and early versions of composite signs formed with the standard or sacred pole [R12] including:
-Pomegranate tree
-with the hieroglyph for sand dunes on top [N25]
-with the Min emblem on top [R22]

Very neat and written in prose so possibly intended for publication. Includes references to publications and museum objects. Roughly a quarter of the notebook has been used.

Notes on nomes

Ringbound notebook containing mostly handwritten notes on nomes, with some additional loose notes, some of which appear to have been cut from other notebooks. First half of the notebook is on nomes in Lower Egypt and the second half on Upper Egypt. Both sections start with a list of the nomes in numerical order and the notes are arranged accordingly. Some pages are titled but do not contain any notes.

The first half of the notebook contains notes on nomes in Lower Egypt including Predynastic nome insignia, titles connected with nomes in Lower Egypt, Thoth and Thoth priests, the Ibis and other animals associated with nomes. There is also the following loose material:

-handwritten notes on the 12th nome of Lower Egypt and sketches of a calf

-typed notes on the name of the 15th nome of Lower Egypt, with draft of a letter to Alan (probably Alan Gardiner)

-handwritten notes on Thenessus and the nome of Nesyt

The second half of the notebook contains notes on nomes in Upper Egypt and the animals associated with the nomes. There is also the following loose material:

-typed and handwritten notes on Coptos

-cutting of an image of an engraving with the caption 'Nilinsel aus dem Sonnen-tempel des Neuserre' [Island in the Nile river from the sun temple of Neuserre]

-handwritten notes on Abydos and tracing

-handwritten notes on the 13th nome which appear to have been taken from other notebooks, also a note written by Diana Magee

The notebook also includes the following references: to a 'notebook on Sais and folder'; a 'Harpoon folder'; and 'see Folder Pig'.

Notebook on Tehenu

Notebook with handwritten title on front cover 'TEHENU'. There is an index inside the front cover.

Notes relating to Tehenu (also known as Temehu) including: discussion of hieroglyphs, millstones, throw sticks, the county name initial, boundaries of Tehenu-land, Libya, dress, products, cults, flora.

Notebook also contains loose notes.

Reference to 'Weapons folder' and 'Notebook on Morocco'.

Notebook on Cairo Palette 14328

Notebook titled by John Harris 'Notes on Olive - Cairo Palette 14238 ??nw - The hieroglyph [S17]'. Roughly half of the notebook has been used. Notebook relates to the Cairo Palette also known as the Tehenu or Libyan Palette (Cairo Museum, CG 14328), and includes discussion on the trees depicted on the palette, Tehenu-land, and the palette's interpretation.


-Draft of a possible publication (not identified) on the Cairo Palette, notes are written in prose and include footnotes.

-Discussion of hieroglyph for a handmill used in North Africa for obtaining oil from seeds and fruit, and its variants.

-Notes relating to the trees depicted on the Cairo Palette and oil derived from the trees (??nw-tree oil and ??nt-oil)

-the deity i3?s

Research notebook

Notebook titled on inside page '1908-9 - Percy E. Newberry - University of Liverpool - c/o Thomas Cook and Sons - Cairo or Luxor'. It has also been labelled during previous archival processing 'Miscellaneous - Mainly sealings and other early dynastic material'.

Notebook contains short notes on a range of different topics, copies of inscriptions, drawings, cuttings and rubbings of scarabs and seals.

Includes notes on religion, geography, museum collections and objects, genealogy of the Newberry family, nome ensigns or standards, cult symbols and architecture.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Sealings, Scarabs, Cylinders'.

Narmer and Menes

Folder titled 'Menes label of Narmer - (7) - Narmer-Menes identification' containing three envelopes.

Envelope 1 includes:
-Typed draft titled 'The Votive Palette of Narmer' on the Narmer Palette (Cairo Museum, JE 14716) with handwritten notes
-Handwritten and typed notes, commentary, cuttings on the label of Aha or Naqada Label (Cairo Museum, CG 14142), including sketches and tracings
-Typed notes on the identification of Nar as Menes and the predecessor of Aha, possibly given as a lecture
-Handwritten note on the depiction of animals on predynastic vases
-Notes on the history of the 1st Dynasty and 2nd Dynasty
-Handwritten notes on seal found in the tomb of Tarkhan I giving the name of Narmer (Petrie Museum, UC 16077)
-Tracing and sketches of a seal of Narmer Men (Ashmolean Museum, E.3915?)
-Tracings and cuttings from Petrie, W. M. Flinders. 1901. <i>The Royal Tombs of the Earliest Dynasties</i>. Part 2. London: Egypt Exploration Fund (OEB 147184)
-Tracing and notes on two labels of Zer (also known as Djer) (Egyptian Museum of Berlin, 18026 and Cairo Museum, 44365)
-Tracing from Quibell, J. E. 1907. <i>Excavations at Saqqara (1905-1906)</i>. Le Caire: Institute Français d'Archéologie Orientale (OEB 147888)
-Tracings from Petrie, W. M. Flinders, et al. 1913. <i>Tarkhan I and Memphis V</i>. London, Aylesbury: Hazell, Watson and Viney, Ld. (OEB 147219) and Petrie, W. M. Flinders. 1914. <i>Tarkhan II</i>. London: School of Archaeology in Egypt (OEB 147220)
-Tracings from Petrie, W. M. Flinders, et al. 1902-1904. <i>Abydos</i>, 3 vols. London: Egypt Exploration Fund (OEB 146956) including inscriptions from the Tomb of King Ka-ap (also known as Qa'a)

Envelope 2 includes:
-Handwritten notes on the 1st Dynasty and tombs at Abydos titled 'Egypt before historic times'
-Typed draft correspondence from Newberry to Raymond Faulkner and Alan Gardiner relating to Emery, Walter B. 1939. <i>Ḥor-Aḥa</i>. Excavations at Saqqara (1937-1938). Cairo: Government Press (OEB 138960) and the identification of Narmer with Menes, 1942-1947
-Typed draft correspondence to Walter Emery on Hor-Aha, 1938

Envelope 3 includes:
-Notes on personal names of the Horus King
-Notes on variant writings of the name of Narmer
-Notes on Emery, Walter B. 1939. <i>Ḥor-Aḥa</i>. Excavations at Saqqara (1937-1938). Cairo: Government Press (OEB 138960)
-Notes on boats
-Notes on the Archaic Period and for a lecture on 1st Dynasty Kings

Related publications:
Newberry, Percy Edward: Menes : the founder of the Egyptian monarchy. - In: <i>Great ones of ancient Egypt</i>. - London : Hodder and Stoughton, 1929. - p. 35-53, 2 pl. (OEB 146376)


Folder titled 'Egypt. Nomes. Lower Egypt' containing notes on places and nomes in Egypt.

-Notes on the Nile and bibliographic references to the Nile
-Envelope containing notes on Ta-Seti and Aswan including tracing and drawing of a fragment of a stela depicting Khasekhem with a bow on his head published in Quibell, J. E. and F. W. Green 1900-1902. <i>Hierakonpolis</i>, Part 2. London: Bernard Quaritch (OEB 147893)
-Notes on Edfu
-Notes from Mariette-Bey, A. 1871. <i>Dendérah: description générale du grand temple de cette ville</i>, Volume 4, Plate 34, (Paris, 1871) (OEB 144495)
-Nome priests
-Notes and tracings of birds possibly relating to the 18th nome of Upper Egypt Nemty

Dynasty I Pot marks, Cairo Museum

Folder titled 'Predynastic. History' although this has been crossed out containing another folder titled 'First Dynasty Potmarks - Cairo Museum'.

Loose material:
-Photographs of line drawings of predynastic objects from a publication
-Drawings of pot marks with Cairo Museum temporary register numbers

Folder titled 'First Dynasty Potmarks - Cairo Museum' includes:
-Notes on potters signs on pots
-Rubbings from pots at Cairo Museum with temporary register numbers

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Predynastic pots rubbings'.

Nome ensigns

Folder titled 'Drawings Ensigns' containing notes, correspondence, photographs, rubbings, tracings and drawings relating to nome ensigns or standards (also referred to as cult ensigns).

-Section of a draft and notes on the pomegranate tree and pomegranate ensign
-Photographs of boats on predynastic pottery and a rock drawing
-Letter from Newberry to Myrtle Broome relating to a seal of King Den in which he is harpooning and wrestling a hippopotamus published in Petrie, F., 'Royal Tombs of the Earliest Dynasties II', Plate VII 5 and 6, (London, 1901) (OEB 147184), with enclosed tracing
-Tracings of boats from predynastic pottery with museum references
-Drawing, cutting and rubbings of a carved slate in the MacGregor collection resembling the 'Dogs Palette' published in Legge, F. 'A New Carved Slate', in Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, p.87, (1906) (OEB 206093)
-Letter from Carroll R. Young, The University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia relating to predynastic pottery that shows boats and standards, including list of relevant items from the Museum and sketch of jar (The University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, E1405), 12 July 1944
-Letter from William A. Ritchie, Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences, New York, relating to a boat standard on a predynastic pot (Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences, E15259) on loan from the University Museum, Philadelphia, with sketches, 18 July 1944
-Letter from John D. Cooney, Brooklyn Museum, New York with two enclosed photographs of predynastic vases featuring boats (Brooklyn Museum, 09.272; 07.144) and catalogue notes (letter refers to three photographs but only two with letter)
-Draft on an ensign on a small pot figured in Morgan, J. de, 'Recherches sur les Origines de l'Egypte', plate ix, no.3, (1896) (OEB 145678) and other similar examples which according to Newberry are inaccurate
-Notes and parts of drafts on the harpoon ensign and harpooners including handwritten draft titled 'The Harpoon Ensigns'
-Notes and part of a draft on variant forms of bows
-Notes on the pomegranate ensign

The back of the folder contains a large number of tracings and drawings of cult ensigns or standards, mostly copied from publications.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Predynastic pots - Cult ensigns'.

Religion, cults and totemism

Folder titled 'Religion: Introduction' containing notes and drafts on religion, cults and totemism.

-Draft titled 'The Egyptian Belief in a Future Life'
-Notes on cult objects and the geographical distribution of cults, possibly for a lecture
-Notes on totems and totemism
-Draft on totemism (latest publication reference is 1912)
-Notes on 'Totemism and Exogamy' by J.G. Frazer, Volume 1, 1910

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 3'.

Religion and predynastic cults

Folder titled 'Religion. Cults' containing notes, drawings relating to deities and religion.

Also includes notes on religion in the archaic period and on the relationship between nome ensigns and early cults including their geographical distribution.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 3'.

Derry, Douglas - Correspondence

Letter from Douglas Derry to Newberry relating to the Predynastic period and the origins of ancient Egyptians, 13 January 1914.

There are notes by Newberry on the back of the letter on inscriptions on granite statues of Ramesses II.

Garnot, Jean Saint Fare - correspondence

Correspondence from Jean Saint Fare Garnot (École des Hautes Études, Paris) relating to a Congress of Orientalists in Paris, a collection of photographs he is compiling and a bibliography of Newberry's publications.

Also includes draft replies from Newberry including referring to other Egyptologists and asking Garnot to look for particular ensigns on predynastic red on buff pots in the Louvre.

Glanville, Stephen Ranulph Kingdon - correspondence

Correspondence from Stephen Ranulph Kingdon Glanville (British Museum) relating to his work at the British Museum, Egypt Exploration Society and University College London, and referring to several contemporary Egyptologists.

Includes correspondence relating to: an oblong pottery box (British Museum, 32639);
various research queries including predynastic pots, palettes, Akhenaton, Ay, beekeeping; the Carnavon collection; publication of articles by Newberry; excavation at Erment and discussion of Emery's character; the possibility of a position for Battiscombe-Gunn; excavation at El Amarna; Mrs Hubbard's funding for the EES; possibility of excavation starting at Soleb; finding Käthe Bosse work; the death of Robert Mond and relating to his obituary; Flinders Petrie and a lecture by Glanville for the Royal Institute.

Also includes draft replies from Newberry including relating to the lotus pattern, El Amarna, Käthe Bosse, Petrie's obituary, and selling Dorothy Hood's necklace.

MSS 17/39 is also numbered 299
MSS 17/40 is also numbered 209
MSS 17/43 is also numbered 3
MSS 17/44 is also numbered 20
MSS 17/53 is also numbered A.144
MSS 17/57 is also numbered A.148
MSS 17/58 is also numbered A.147
MSS 17/60 is also numbered A.170

Green, F. W. - correspondence

Correspondence from F. W. Green (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) including relating to a sale at Sothebys; photos of a stelae of Tyty; bequest from Sir Herbert Tompson and candidates for a position in demotic and coptic; and standards on boat mast heads including notes and sketches; World War Two.

MSS 20/49 is also numbered A.7
MSS 20/50 is also numbered A.189

Lansing, Ambrose - correspondence

Correspondence from Ambrose Lansing (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) including inviting Newberry to visit, reference to Georg Steindorff, dating scarabs, and in response to an enquiry from Newberry on standards on predynastic pots.

Also includes draft reply from Newberry relating to his research on standards as featured on predynastic red-on-buff pottery (1948).

Leeds, Edward Thurlow - correspondence

Correspondence from Edward Thurlow Leeds (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) including corrections to Newberry's list of nome signs (1916), relating to relocating material during the war including two predynastic bowls belonging to Newberry, Newberry sending his filing cabinets to the Griffith Institute (1939), damage during World War Two, donation of items by Newberry including Egyptian textiles (including draft reply from Newberry), museum acquisitions and copyright ownership of the Howard Carter material.

Also includes: copy of a letter from Newberry to Leeds on copyright ownership of the Howard Carter material; draft letter from Newberry on work during World War Two and gifting books to the Griffith Institute; draft letter from Newberry on donating Persian tiles to the Ashmolean Museum.

Mace, Arthur Cruttenden - correspondence

Correspondence from Arthur Cruttenden Mace (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) including relating to: excavation work in egypt, 1901; decorated predynastic pottery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York including sketches of boats with ensigns on mast heads, 1909; research by Newberry on boats and the pomegranate branch, 1910; his posting to the Supply Reserve Depot in Deptford, S.E., 1917; accession of the Munich collection; apology relating to concession for the Palace of Amenhotep III; purchase of the Macgregor and Hood collections; Carter and Breasted's negotiations with the Egyptian government, 1924.

Also includes a cablegram from Lythgoe cancelling option on the MacGregor collection, 1921.

MSS 30/6 includes a few words on the back relating to boats, 1921.

MSS 30/1 is also numbered 34
MSS 30/12 is also numbered 293

Predynastic Egypt

Folder titled 'Predynastic Kings names Palermo and Cairo fragments', containing material relating to Predynastic Egypt.


  • Drafts on the history of Predynastic Egypt

  • Notes on 'paleolithic implants' in Egypt

  • Typed notes on the 'Predynastic Population'

  • Handwritten notes on flints

  • One page of a handwritten draft and notes on the Chalcolithic Period

  • Notes on Predynastic pottery

  • Tracings of Predynastic pottery depicting boats

  • One page of a handwritten draft titled 'Some Cults of Prehistoric Egypt'

  • Three pages of a handwritten draft on cult insignia

  • Draft letter to Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards on research activity, 30 December 1947