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Prisse d'Avennes, Achilles Constant Théodore Émile Con objetos digitales
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Egypt, desert campsite, memorial portrait of George Lloyd by É. Prisse d'Avennes

Memorial portrait of George Lloyd. Lloyd is portrayed reclining on a rug, wearing Arab clothing and holding the mouth-piece of a hookah-pipe in his right hand. The scene is set in a desert campsite, perhaps fictional, in Egypt, with a man standing with three camels in the background. The drawing this lithograph was based on was created by É. Prisse d'Avennes sometime between 1843 and 1848:
-three colour tinted lithograph
-loose item, perhaps not originally with the album but placed with it later
-41.5 x 30.5 cm (print area of 36.1 x 27.7 cm)
-[on recto of lithograph] 'Drawn on stone by Lemoine. [caption]
-[on recto of lithograph] 'Portrait of the late George Lloyd Esqr' [caption]
-[on recto of lithograph] 'James Madden_London' [caption]
-[on verso of lithograph] '330' and enclosed ',1039' (pencil notes)

Prisse d'Avennes, Achilles Constant Théodore Émile