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"Tu tanks have just arrived"

  • Comic postcard.
  • "Tu tanks have just arrived!".
  • Issued by Inter-Art Co., London.
  • "Comique" Series no. 4491.
  • Mailed on Thursday, 27 May 1926.
  • Postcard sent by R. Wilman to Miss D. Dixon, 7 Victoria Buildings, Morecambe.

"Tutankamen in the Case with Cleopatra again!"

  • Comic postcard.
  • "What do yer think, Bill? —when I opened up this morning, there was Tutankamen in the Case with Cleopatra again!".
  • Issued by Micks Comics.
  • 110.
  • Published by E. A. Eden (Offset) Ltd, [London].
  • Printed in England.
  • Not mailed.

'Egypt in Tears'. Kneeling woman holding a flower in front of Pyramid complex at Giza

'Egypt in Tears'. Encircled design of kneeling woman holding a flower in front of Pyramid complex at Giza, and studies of hands, flower, column and legs:

  • pencil sketches, pencil and brown watercolour drawing (woman) and inked sketch (hands) on paper
  • loose
  • 18.4 x 22.6 cm
  • [on sketches] 'Au' (pencil note)
  • [on verso] 'EGYPT IN TEARS' (pencil note)

'Heretic Family' (Amarna Period)

Howard Carter's manuscript and typescript records on the 'Heretic Family' (Amarna period kings), part of Carter's records on the royal genealogy of the late 18th Dynasty. This group includes:

  • Typewritten genealogical table (folding) for Amenophis III (Amenhotep III), Amenophis IV (Amenhotep IV; Akhenaton; Ikhnaton), Smenkhkare, and Tutankhamun. Accompanied by 5 typewritten pages of accompanying notes, incorporating the comments of Dr Douglas Derry and Carter
  • Typewritten table with dates of accession and death for 18th Dynasty kings, excluding Neferneferuaten and Haremhab (Horemheb). - Accompanied by several pages of manuscript notes on regnal years, relevant bibliography, and miscellaneous notes
  • Letter to Carter from H. E. Winlock, dated 20-12-1925, regarding a discussion on Tutankhamun's parentage
  • Notes on dated monuments of Amenophis IV (Amenhotep IV; Akhenaton; Ikhnaton)
  • Letter to Carter from P. E. Newberry, dated 20-12-1931, responding to Carter's enquiry whether Amenophis III (Amenhotep III) had a son named Thutmose, off-print enclosed of Newberry, Percy E. 1928. 'The sons of Tuthmosis IV'. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 14 (1/2), pp. 82-85 figs pl. xii (OEB 146401).
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