Unidad documental compuesta Petrie MSS 1.11 - Petrie Journal 1891 to 1892 (Amarna)

Petrie Journal 1891 to 1892 pages 1 to 50 Petrie Journal 1891 to 1892 pages 51 to 100 Petrie Journal 1891 to 1892 pages 101 to 138

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Petrie MSS 1.11


Petrie Journal 1891 to 1892 (Amarna)


  • 1891-1892 (Creación)

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138 pages

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  • Journal letters.
  • October 22, 1891, through to April 23, 1892.
  • Brief entries for dates between April 24 and October 1, 1892.
  • Handwritten.
  • Petrie is at Amarna for the whole season mainly excavating in the Great Palace where he uncovered a painted pavement decorated with scenes of animals, birds and vegetation. Subsequently, much of the season was devoted to recording the pavement, as well as sealing it with a tapioca-based solution in order to protect the surface. Petrie was assisted by Howard Carter who was in Egypt for the first time. Petrie's opinion of the 17-year-old fledgling archaeologist is recorded in this journal: "Mr. Carter is a good-natured lad, whose interest is entirely in painting & natural history; he only takes this digging as being on the spot & convenient to Mr Amherst [Carter's sponser], & it is of no use for me to work him up as an excavator."
  • Sites: Amarna (el-Amarna).
  • Includes several small watercolours of objects.

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  • Petrie, W. M. Flinders, Tell el Amarna (1894) (OEB 147222) http://digi.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/petrie1894 (accessed 22/03/2018).

  • Petrie, W. M. Flinders, Seventy years in archaeology [1931], 134-43 (OEB 147191).

  • Drower, Margaret S., Flinders Petrie: a life in archaeology (1985), 187-98 (OEB 29381).

  • Drower, Margaret S. (ed.), Letters from the desert: the correspondence of Flinders and Hilda Petrie (2004), 80-7 (OEB 154602).

  • Transcription: Nicholson, Paul T., "Keeper of the house of the desert", in: Ikram, Salima and Aidan Dodson (eds), Beyond the horizon: studies in Egyptian art, archaeology and history in honour of Barry J. Kemp (2009), vol. 1, 275-323 (OEB 162724).

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  • The transcription of the journal follows that published by Paul T. Nicholson; Elizabeth Fleming has proofread it, and Francisco Bosch-Puche has prepared it for publication on this website.

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