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Percy Edward Newberry Collection
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Notes on egyptological publications

Handwritten notes on the following egyptological publications:
-Edgerton, William F. 1933. <i>The Thutmosid succession</i>. Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 8. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (OEB 138819).
-Kees, Hermann 1938. Die Opfertanzdarstellung auf einem Siegel des Königs Usaphais. <i>Nachrichten von der Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen: Philologisch-Historische Klasse, Fachgruppe I, Altertumswissenschaft, Neue Folge</i> 3 (2), 21-30 (OEB 142358).
-Kees, H. 1954. Das Gottesweib Ahmes-Nofretere als Amonspriester. <i>Orientalia</i> 23, 57-63 (OEB 1725).
-Vogliano, A. (ed.) 1938. <i>Mostra delle antichità rinvenute nelle campagne d'Egitto condotte dalla Missione della R. Università di Milano, 1934-37 / organizzata a cura delle podesteria di Milano dalla soprintendenza dei Musei del Castello Sforzesco di Milano</i>. Milano: Bestetti (OEB 145697).
-1906. <i>Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities, formed in Egypt by R. de Rustafjaell: which will be sold by auction by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge [...] on Wednesday, the 19th of December, 1906</i>. London: Davy (OEB 136636).
-Drioton, Étienne 1933. Essai sur la cryptographie privée de la fin de la XVIIIe dynastie. <i>Revue d'égyptologie</i> 1, 1-50 (OEB 138351).
-Klebs, Luise, 1934. <i>Die Reliefs und Malereien des Neuen Reiches (XVIII.-XX. Dynastie, ca. 1580-1100 v. Chr.): Material zur ägyptischen Kulturgeschichte</i>. AHAW: philos.-hist. Kl. 9. Heidelberg: Winter (OEB 142537).

Tracings of hieratic texts

Tracings of hieratic texts in a folder numbered NB 5 with a list of texts on the front cover which has been crossed out.Tracings most probably made form plates in publications.

Extracts from and notes on classical authors

Typed and handwritten extracts from and notes on classical authors.

-Typed and handwritten extracts from Claudius Aelianus, 'De Natura Animalium' ('On the Characteristics of Animals'), a collection of seventeen books on natural history. Extracts are headed with book and verse numbers and there are handwritten notes in the margins.
-Extracts from Hellanicus Lesbius, Lucian and Porphyry of Tyre.
-Handwritten index, mainly of plants and animals, to the Deipnosophistae by Athenaeus of Naucratis
-Handwritten index to 'Bibliotheca Historica' by Diodorus Siculus
-Typed notes on Diodorus Siculus
-Handwritten index to work by Plutarch
-Handwritten index to Geographica by Strabo
-Typed notes on Clement of Alexandria
-Extracts from works by Lucian

Copies of papyri and texts

Handwritten copies and translations of papyri. Notes by Diana Magee suggest that these are second hand copies or copies of copies done by somebody else.


-Handwritten copy of the text and translation of 'The Destruction of Mankind' (PEN/G.II/E.G.)

-Handwritten translation of Papyrus Berlin 9784

-Handwritten copy of British Museum Medical Papyrus mentioning name of Khufu and tracing (PEN/G.II/E.F.)

-Handwritten copy of the Tale of the Eloquent Peasant

-Handwritten notes and extracts including chronology from 'Obeliscus pamphilius' by Athanasius Kircher (1650).

-Extract in Coptic titled 'Sections of Acts of Apostles missing in Hosner supplied by the MS of Chester Beatty'.

Texts and Publications

This group of material relates to Newberry's research on texts and publications including papyri, hieratic texts and publications by classical authors.

Research notes relating to religion and culture

Various research notes relating to religion and culture. Includes:
-typed paragraph on the dessication of the Sahara Plateau
-a note on bukalamun
-a footnote relating to Moringa
-typed notes relating to the olive and the use of olive oil
-note on the administration of justice
-notes on titles
-notes on expressions in hieroglyphs including to filter and negative expressions
-notes on the offering formula

Drafts on gold and minerals

Includes: drafts on gold working, minerals and lapis lazuli; draft letter to Sir Henry George Lyons on gold beating, 27 May 1925; and notes on malachite used for eye paint.

Images of bee-keeping and honey production

Plates of photographs and drawings relating to bees, bee-keeping and the production of honey, which appear to be ready for publication.


-Photograph and drawing of a scene from the east wall of the sun temple of Neuserre (TopBib iii.321) showing the production of honey (Egyptian Museum of Berlin, E 20035)

-Photograph of a published copy of inscriptions from tomb TT100 Rekhmire (TopBib i.211(14)) showing the production of honey

-Photograph of a published copy of inscriptions from the tomb of Pabasa (TopBib i.358) showing bee-keeping

Research notes on religion

Research material relating to religion in ancient Egypt, including notes housed in an envelope on Alan Gardiner's entry 'Egypt: Ancient Religion' in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th edition (1911).

Includes draft contents page for a publication which correlates with the subject of the notes:

The Cults of Ancient Egypt

  1. Introduction

  2. Totemism and Survivals of Totemism: Syncretism

  3. Evolution of the Anthropological God

  4. Temple and Priesthood

  5. The Egyptian belief in a Future life and belief in the Soul

  6. Cults: 1. Stone Cults 2. Trees and Plants 3. Animal Cults a) quadrupeds b) birds c) reptiles d) Insects 4. Split totems 5. Artificial Objects

  7. Cosmic Deities: The Egyptian Cosmos

  8. Evolution of Ethical Ideas

  9. Egyptian Religion and its influence on the ancient world

Research material on personal and place names

Research material on personal and place names. It appears the folder may have been reused as there is the reference PEN/G.IV/F.E on the cover which has been crossed out and inside the folder there is a list titled PEN/G.IV/F.E on tomb scenes, which does not relate to the contents.

The folder contains:
-Card catalogue and notes on personal names. The cards include hieroglyph transcriptions for personal names, variations of names, and references to occurences and published sources. There are small and large cards. The large cards appear to have been organised alphabetically and some of the smaller cards have been inserted accordingly.
-Card index titled 'Hieroglyphic' on personal names. Cards include hieroglyphs, their transcription, published sources, and notes on their meaning.
-Notebook containing notes in German on hieroglyphs, possibly personal names. The title page lists the following publications: Hoffman, Konrad, 'Die theophoren Personennamen des älteren Ägyptens' (1915) (OEB 141591) and Sethe, Kurt, 'Untersuchungen zur Geschichte und altertumskunde Äegyptens' (1896) (OEB 150123).
-Envelope containing notes on Ranke, Hermann, 'Keilschriftliches Material zur Altägyptischen Vokalisation' (1910) (OEB 147958).
-Envelope containing loose notes on personal names.
-Envelope containing notes relating to names including on minerals and stones, compounds with King's names, animal names, and names relating to deities.
-Loose notes on personal and place names.

Religion and Culture

This group of material relates to ancient Egyptian religion and culture including Newberry's research on the cults of ancient Egypt and so-called 'Arts of Life' such as making fire and keeping bees.


Folder titled 'XII-XVIII - Illustrations' including tracings, rubbings and cuttings of inscriptions which are possibly in preparation for plates. These have been identified during previous archival processing with Topographical Bibliography references.

Includes copy of inscriptions from stelae and other objects from the Cairo Museum, Fitzwilliam Museum, Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Leyden Museum, Liverpool Museum, British Museum, Marseille Museum, Louvre, Turin Museum, Vienna Museum and Amherst Collection.

Also includes:
-Copy of inscriptions and notes from lintel and jambs in tomb of Rensonb, El Kab (TopBib v.184)
-Copy of inscriptions from tomb of Sebeknekht, El Kab (TopBib v.184-5)
-Copy of inscription from Stela of Rehuankh, temple Sebkhotep IV, formerly in the Anastasi collection (Egyptian Museum of Berlin, 7311) (TopBib v.97A)
-Copy of inscription on a lintel from Abydos (Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels, E.5265)
-Copy of inscriptions from Peet, T., Naville, E. Cemeteries of Abydos, Volumes I-III, 1909-1913 (OEB 146102)
-Rubbing and tracing from a statue of the Vizier Iymeru-neferkarec (Cairo Museum, CG 42034) (TopBib ii.143)
-Rubbing and tracing from stela of Amenysonb (Louvre, C.11) (TopBib v.46)

Photographs of sarcophagi

Photographs of sarcophagi, including from the Amherst collection, and one photograph of an offering table.

The photographs have been identified during previous archival processing with museum references and Topographical Bibliography references written on the back.


Fragment of a sarcophagus naming Unnefer (TopBib iii.763A)

An early Ptolemaic coffin later in the Brummer collection

Sarcophagus of Ay (Cairo Museum, JE 72131) (TopBib i.551)

Sarcophagus of Kamy [postcard] (Brooklyn Museum, 37.15E) (TopBib i.822)

Photographs of statues

Photographs and postcards of statues from museums, mostly Cairo Museum. The photographs have been identified during previous archival processing with Topographical Bibliography references written on the back.

-Green schist statue of Mentuhotep VI (TopBib 800-440-100) (British Museum, EA 65429)
-Head of Amun with features of Tutankhamun (TopBib 802-049-080) (Brussels, Musées Royaux d'Art, E.5698)
-Psammethek in front of Hathor Cow [postcard] (TopBib iii.671) (Cairo Museum, 784)
-Senenmut with Princess Neferure (TopBib ii.134) (Cairo Museum, 42114)
-Nufer [postcard] (TopBib iii.723) (Cairo Museum, CG 145)
-Head of Tii (also known as head of Mut) [postcard] (TopBib ii.84)
-Ramesses IV with captive [postcard]
-Head, possibly Amenophis I (TopBib ii.72) (Cairo Museum, JE 52364)
-Statues previously in the Amherst Collection
-Block Statue of Vizier User (TopBib ii.127) (Louvre Museum, A.127)
-Statuette of Reshef (TopBib 802-044-250) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 89.2.215)
-Bust of Iker (TopBib i.651) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 26.7.1393)
-Statue of a boar (British Museum, 51094)
-Painted statues of Prince Rahotpu and his wife Princess Nofrit (TopBib iv.91) (Cairo Museum, 3 and 4)
-Sesostris I (TopBib iv.84) (Cairo Museum, CG 44951)
-Wehebre (TopBib iv.47) (Cairo Museum, CG 672)
-Anubis [postcard] (TopBib iv.26A) (Cairo Museum, CG 38517)
-Ptah [postcard] (TopBib iii.833) (Cairo Museum, CG 38429)
-Statue called The Cheikh-el-Beled or head man of the Village [postcard] (TopBib iii.459) (Cairo Museum, CG 34)
-Osiris and Isis (TopBib iii.670) (Cairo Museum, CG 38884 and 38358)
-Statuettes from tomb of Hesi (TopBib iii.286) (Cairo Museum, JE 72225-6)
-Triple statue of Mersuankh (TopBib iii.270) (Cairo Museum, JE 66618)
-Statue of a female brewer (TopBib iii.270) (Cairo Museum, JE 66624)
-Face of male statue (TopBib iii.268) (Cairo Museum, JE 66625)
-Triple statue of man standing from tomb of Mersu'ankh (TopBib iii.268) (Cairo Museum, JE 66616)
-Triple statue of Rawer (TopBib iii.266) (Cairo Museum, JE 66615)
-Khafre [postcard] (TopBib iii.22) (Cairo Museum, CG 14)
-Head of Taharqa (TopBib ii.533) (Cairo Museum, CG 560)
-Colossus of Merneptah [postcard] (TopBib ii.448) (Cairo Museum, CG 607)
-Tuthmosis III [postcard] (TopBib ii.137) (Cairo Museum, CG 42053)
-Incomplete group statue of Ramesses III crowned by Horus (TopBib ii.526) (CG 629 and 1100)
-Tueris as hippopotamus [postcard] (TopBib ii.285-286) (Cairo Museum, CG 39145)
-Double statue of Sennufer and wife Sentnay with daughter Mutnefert (TopBib ii.283) (Cairo Museum CG 42126
-Amenophis II [postcard] (TopBib ii.282) (Cairo Museum, CG 39394)
-Senenmut (TopBib ii.262) (Cairo Museum, CG 579)
-Dhout [postcard] (TopBib ii.202) (Cairo Museum, CG 42123)
-Pedeamun-nebnesuttaui (TopBib ii.155) (Cairo Museum, JE 36908)
-Pedamenopet (TopBib ii.154) (Cairo Museum, JE 37341)
-Harkhebi (TopBib ii.150) (Cairo Museum, CG 42231)
-Nekhtefmut (TopBib ii.148) (Cairo Museum, CG 42207)
-Neferpert [postcard] (TopBib ii.144-5) (Cairo Museum, CG 42121)
-Queen Esi (TopBib ii.144) (Cairo Museum, CG 42072)
-Bronze schilbe fish from the top of a standard (British Museum, EA37449)
-Syria (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.45.3.121)

Photographs of objects

Photographs of objects including reliefs, rock inscriptions, busts, statues, pots, jewellery, furniture, vases, palettes, bricks, wand, daggers, chariot side and obelisks.

Includes photographs of:
-Copy of inscriptions by Robert Hay on a slab of stone from the tomb of a Royal Scribe (British Museum)
-Jamb from tomb of Maya (Rochester University Memorial Art Gallery, New York, 42.55) (TopBib iii.661)
-Stela of Sobekhotep III (TopBib vii.277)
-Head of Amenophis III (Berlin Museum, 21299) (TopBib iv.203)
-Wooden kohl-pot in form of kneeling man with vase on head (Cairo Museum, JE 31382)
-Three Naqada pots in the Ashmolean from Flinders Petrie’s 1895 Excavations (Ashmolean Museum, 1895.591, 1895.592 and 1895.583)
-Jewellery in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
-Egyptian Chair (Brooklyn Museum, 37.40E)
-Vase of Memeptah (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 23.5)
-Bricks of Amenophis I and Ahmosi Nefertere (TopBib ii.343)
-Ebony wand with names and titles of King Meryebre Khety (TopBib iv.258) (Cairo Museum, JE 42835)
-Palette with hunting-scene (two fragments at British Museum, 20790, 20792) (one fragment at Louvre Museum, E. 11254)
-Bracelet of Ahmose I (Cairo Museum, CG 52069) (TopBib i.600)
-Bed (Cairo Museum, CG 51110) (TopBib i.564)
-Chair of Teye (Cairo Museum, CG 51112) (TopBib i.563)
-Label of King Den (British Museum, 55586) (TopBib v.84)
-Dagger hilt of Nehemen (Cairo Museum, CG 52768) (TopBib iii.552)
-Dagger of Asmosis (Cairo Museum, CG 52658) (TopBib i.601)
-Pectoral of Ahmosi I (Cairo Museum, 52004) (TopBib i.600)
-Piece of wood with name of Khui (Cairo Museum, JE 43108) (TopBib iv.259)
-Mummified hawk’s head (Cairo Museum, CG 14717) (TopBib v.191)
-Chariot of Tuthmosis IV (Cairo Museum, CG 46097) (TopBib i.560)
-Cubit-measure, Nakhy (Liverpool Museum, M.13825) (TopBib i.748)
-Obelisk of Hatshepsut (Cairo Museum, CG 17012) (TopBib ii.218)
-Two wooden tablets ('Carnarvon Tablets') with hieratic texts (JE 43261 and JE 56802) (TopBib i.618-9)
-Photographs of a naos previously part of the Amherst collection (Copenhagen Museum, AE.IN 1555)
-Photograph of a model boat (Cairo Museum, CG 4918) (TopBib iv.265)
-Photograph titled on the back 'rectangular upright oblong box' (Cairo Museum, CG 51034)
-Two photographs of a jar and small mummy (Cairo Museum, CG 51018-21; CG 51022) (TopBib i.563)

Photographs of stelae

Photographs of stelae including from the Amherst collection. The photographs have been identified during previous archival processing and museum reference numbers and Topographical Bibliography references have been written on the back.

-Stela, Amenophis IV, Queen and three princesses (Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum, 14145) (TopBib iv.232)
-Stela of Amenophis III, granite, originally in his Temple (Cairo Museum, CG 34025) (TopBib ii.447)
-Ankh-hathor, Prophetess of Hathor Mistress of the Sycamore in all her places, and of Neith North of the Wall Opener of the Ways, temp. Userkaf or later (Princeton University Art Museum) (TopBib iii.746)
-Two stelae of Mentuhotpi (Liverpool Merseyside County Museum, M. (TopBib v.165A) and (Liverpool Institute of Archaeology, E.67) (TopBib v.165A)
-Stela of Ipep (TopBib v.165A)
-Stela of Djedetemiuefankh (Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, 1920.1977
-Kaemmedu, Overseer of interpreters, false door with figure in high relief (Copenhagen Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek, 1549) (TopBib i.803)
-Stela of Meritneit (Cairo Museum, JE 34550) (TopBib v.82)
-Family stela of Zeamunefankh (Cairo Museum, 43197) (TopBib i.619)
-Stela of Remenyankh (Cairo Museum, 20571) (TopBib v.267)
-Stela of Amenuser (Mrs Josephine Fisher Private Collection) (TopBib v.67)
-Stela of Hatiay (Cairo Museum, temporary number (TopBib v.58A)
-Upper part of false door, west wall of tomb of Rehotp (British Museum, 1242) (TopBib iv.91)
-Stela of Miy (Brussels Cinquantenaire Museum, E5300) (TopBib v.99)
-Stela of Ken with Ahmosi (Berlin Museum 14200) (TopBib iv.59)
-Stela of Akhmim (Baltimore Museum, 23.124) (TopBib v.23)
-Three stelae of Senusret (Louvre Museum, C16-18)
-Stela of Titi (Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum E.1.1840) (TopBib 803-028-430)
-Stela of Nubkas (Louvre Museum, C13)
-Stela of Senbi (Liverpool Merseyside County Museum, M.13635)
-Stela of Senen (Liverpool Merseyside County Museum, M.13661)
-Stela, including hand copy of inscriptions (Cairo Museum, CG 20724)
-Stela of Rawer from the Giza necropolis in situ (Cairo Museum, JE 66626) (TopBib iii.67(22)) (PEN/G.IV/F.B)

Stelae from the Amherst Collection:
-Stela of [Har]emhab (Leiden Museum, F.1926/1.1) (TopBib 803-049-812)
-Stela of Ptahemsaf (Wilborg Collection) (TopBib iii.748)
-Stela of Huy (Metropolitan Museum of Art, 21.2.67)
-Stela, possibly of Webenameniotef
-Panel of false door of Sonb, Giza (TopBib iii.302)

Notes on inscribed objects

-Cutting of an image of a clay sealing
-Notes on Morgan, J., 'L'Humanité prehistorique', Paris 1924 (OEB 145667)
-Notes on bow from the tomb of Tutankhamun
-Notes on a chisel ended arrow head in Woolley, 'Excavations at Ur, 1929-30', (London, 1930) p.387
-Handwritten and typed up notes on the Gebel el 'Arak knife handle (Louvre Museum, E 11517) (TopBib v.107).
-Typed and handwritten notes on types of predynastic pottery
-Notes on model sarcophogus in the Museum of Cairo

Copies of inscriptions from objects

Copies of inscriptions from objects as well as notes, tracings, drawings, and rubbings.


-Copy of inscriptions from items in the Hood collection

-Rubbing of black granite fragment found at Borg el Arab

-Sketch of a bronze vase from El Bersheh (Cairo Museum, JE 30973)

-Pages from a notebook labelled by Newberry 'NB [Notebook] 1900-1' containing notes, drawings and copies of inscriptions from items in Cairo Museum

-Sketch of armlet from cemetery of 'Ahhotp (Cairo Museum, CG 52642) (TopBib i.600)

-Rubbing from naos of Kemwer of Athribis dedicated by Amasis (Cairo Museum, CG 70011) (TopBib iv.66)

-Rubbing from shrine (Cairo Museum, JE 43281)

-Paintings of leather tabs showing Yewepet adoring Amen-rec (TopBib i.666)

-Envelope containing material identified as relating to cartonnage of Pedemut (TopBib i.620)

-Rubbings from coffin of Amenemhet (TopBib i.607)

Kebsi stela inscription

Copy of inscription and notes on stela of Kebsi referred to by Newberry as the Karnak Stela (Cairo Museum, JE 52453) (TopBib ii.52). Also includes sketch family trees.

Material relating to the sale of the Hood Collection

Material relating to the sale of the Hood Collection.


-Letter to Lord George Carnavon relating to his purchase of items from the Hood collection, 30 August 1913, and response 1 September 1913

-Letter from Newberry to Mrs Hood regarding the sale and value of her collection, 6 September 1913, and draft of same

-Photographs and postcards of objects identified as being from the Hood collection

-Handwritten (not by Newberry) extracts from Mrs Frankland Hood's diary, 1858-9

-Cutting titled 'The Hood Collection of Egyptian Antiquities' by Newberry, 1924

-Three letters from Mrs Grace Hood relating to the sale of her collection including the items sold to Lord Carnavon, 11-28 September 1913

-Letter from Sotheby's to Newberry relating to the sale of the Hood collection with lot valuations and a list of items and their estimated value, 3 November 1924

-Notes on items in the Hood Collection and their value

-Letter from Newberry to Mrs Hood relating to the sale and value of her collection with list of approximate value of items, 13 October 1913

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