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Alan Henderson Gardiner Collection

  • Gardiner MSS
  • Collection
  • c. 1900-1963

Notebooks, notes, card indexes of the Pyramid Texts and Late Egyptian, copies of inscriptions, corpus of transcribed hieratic ostraca and papyri, photographs, drawings, correspondence, copies of his own publications, and portraits.

Gardiner, (Sir) Alan Henderson

Copy of My Early Years by Sir Alan Gardiner (1968)

My Early Years by Sir Alan Gardiner.

[Ballaghaue, Andreas Isle of Man, 1986. Typed, photocopied and bound by John Gardiner].

Exactly the same as the copy in the Sackler Library, 318 Gar, except for the missing preface and end page. Includes Henry John Gardiner... a very few reminiscences by his younger son, and The Tutankhamun Tomb, by Margaret Gardiner.

William Matthew Flinders Petrie Collection

  • Petrie MSS
  • Collection
  • 1860s-2004

Papers of William Matthew Flinders Petrie including journals covering 38 seasons (1880-1929) and photographs of excavations. The collection also includes secondary material associated with Petrie's journals, photographs of objects in museums, souvenir photographs and photocopies of material held at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London.

Petrie, (Sir) William Matthew Flinders

John Gordon Ross Photographs Collection

  • Ross MSS
  • Collection
  • 1960s-1990s

Slides, colour transparencies, 35 mm black & white and colour film slides, variously sized black & white negatives, black & white and colour photographs, 19th Century photographs, antique and modern postcards, and project folders containing working notes, photocopies and correspondence.

Ross, John Gordon

Lord Northampton's Excavation Diary

Diary titled by Newberry 'The Theban Necropolis - Excavations 1898-1899 - Account of Men's wages for the Marquis of Northampton'.

Front section contains lists of men, the days worked and their wages.

On the front page of the diary Newberry has written 'Small service is true service whilst it lasts - of friends however humble scorn not one - The daisy by the shadow that it casts - Protects the lingering dew drop from the sun' and below 'If by such rose we see - A thorn there grows - Strive that no thorn shall be - Without its rose'.

Diary contains a brief daily log of activities and details of payments made, 1 January 1899 to 9 April 1899.

This item has been digitised and transcribed.

Arthur Ferdinand Rowley Platt Collection

  • Platt MSS
  • Collection
  • 1896

Ferdinand (Ferdy) Platt's correspondence relates to two excursions to Egypt, in 1896 and 1907-1908.

  • First group: eighteen letters and postcards, sent during Platt's first independent visit to Egypt in early 1896, when he initially travelled with a friend. Dating between 26 January and 19 April, the letters are addressed to Platt's mother. They record meeting Flinders Petrie and other notables.
  • Second group: thirty-one letters sent during Platt's second trip to Egypt in 1907-1908, when he accompanied the eighth Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, their relations Lord and Lady Gosford with their daughter Lady Theo, Sir Charles Cradock-Hartopp. Dating between 4 November 1907 and 8 February 1908, they are addressed to Platt's wife, Mabel (May). They record Platt's encounters with Winston Churchill, Alan Gardiner, James Quibell, George Reisner, Archibald Sayce and Arthur Weigall, among others. The letters also mention a meeting with Howard Carter when the latter was still earning a living as an artist, producing paintings for tourists; the letters provide important insights into Carter's life just before he began his partnership with Lord Carnarvon.

Arthur Ferdinand Rowley Platt

Stephen Ranulph Kingdon Glanville Collection

  • Glanville MSS
  • Collection

Various papers and correspondence connected with the obituary written by Dr I.E.S. Edwards and published in JEA 42 (1956), 99-101. Includes a portrait and a distribution list of Glanville's papers.

Glanville, Stephen Ranulph Kingdon

Édouard Naville Collection

  • Naville MSS
  • Collection

Original drawings for The Temple of Deir el Bahari.

Naville, (Henri) Édouard

Yates Negatives Collection

  • Yates MSS
  • Collection
  • 1890s-1910s

118 glass stereoscopic plate negatives. Most show sites in and around

  • Cairo, in and around
    • General views of Cairo
    • Street views
    • Tombs of the Caliphs
    • Tombs of the Mamelukes
    • Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Hasan
    • Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Barquq
    • Tomb of Abouseer
    • Mosque of Khat Bey
    • Al-Hakim Mosque
    • Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha
    • The Citadel
  • Other sites in Egypt
    • 'Tombs at Thebes'
    • 'Rocks of Abusir', Second Cataract
    • 'Arab village'
  • Outside Egypt, mostly Israel and Palestine:
    • Bethlehem
    • Jacob's Well
    • Mount Tabor

Yates, Miss ?

Photographs of statues

Photographs and postcards of statues from museums, mostly Cairo Museum. The photographs have been identified during previous archival processing with Topographical Bibliography references written on the back.


  • Green schist statue of Mentuhotep VI (TopBib 800-440-100) (British Museum, EA 65429)
  • Head of Amun with features of Tutankhamun (TopBib 802-049-080) (Brussels, Musées Royaux d'Art, E.5698)
  • Psammethek in front of Hathor Cow [postcard] (TopBib iii.671) (Cairo Museum, 784)
  • Senenmut with Princess Neferure (TopBib ii.134) (Cairo Museum, 42114)
  • Nufer [postcard] (TopBib iii.723) (Cairo Museum, CG 145)
  • Head of Tii (also known as the head of Mut) [postcard] (TopBib ii.84)
  • Ramesses IV with captive [postcard]
  • Head, possibly Amenophis I (TopBib ii.72) (Cairo Museum, JE 52364)
  • Statues previously in the Amherst Collection
  • Block Statue of Vizier User (TopBib ii.127) (Louvre Museum, A.127)
  • Statuette of Reshef (TopBib 802-044-250) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 89.2.215)
  • Bust of Iker (TopBib i.651) (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 26.7.1393)
  • Statue of a boar (British Museum, 51094)
  • Painted statues of Prince Rahotpu and his wife Princess Nofrit (TopBib iv.91) (Cairo Museum, 3 and 4)
  • Sesostris I (TopBib iv.84) (Cairo Museum, CG 44951)
  • Wehebre (TopBib iv.47) (Cairo Museum, CG 672)
  • Anubis [postcard] (TopBib iv.26A) (Cairo Museum, CG 38517)
  • Ptah [postcard] (TopBib iii.833) (Cairo Museum, CG 38429)
  • Statue called The Cheikh-el-Beled or head man of the Village [postcard] (TopBib iii.459) (Cairo Museum, CG 34)
  • Osiris and Isis (TopBib iii.670) (Cairo Museum, CG 38884 and 38358)
  • Statuettes from tomb of Hesi (TopBib iii.286) (Cairo Museum, JE 72225-6)
  • Triple statue of Mersuankh (TopBib iii.270) (Cairo Museum, JE 66618)
  • Statue of a female brewer (TopBib iii.270) (Cairo Museum, JE 66624)
  • Face of a male statue (TopBib iii.268) (Cairo Museum, JE 66625)
  • Triple statue of a man, standing, from the tomb of Mersuankh (TopBib iii.268) (Cairo Museum, JE 66616)
  • Triple statue of Rawer (TopBib iii.266) (Cairo Museum, JE 66615)
  • Khafre [postcard] (TopBib iii.22) (Cairo Museum, CG 14)
  • Head of Taharqa (TopBib ii.533) (Cairo Museum, CG 560)
  • Colossus of Merneptah [postcard] (TopBib ii.448) (Cairo Museum, CG 607)
  • Tuthmosis III [postcard] (TopBib ii.137) (Cairo Museum, CG 42053)
  • Incomplete group statue of Ramesses III crowned by Horus (TopBib ii.526) (CG 629 and 1100)
  • Tueris as hippopotamus [postcard] (TopBib ii.285-286) (Cairo Museum, CG 39145)
  • Double statue of Sennufer and wife Sentnay with daughter Mutnefert (TopBib ii.283) (Cairo Museum CG 42126
  • Amenophis II [postcard] (TopBib ii.282) (Cairo Museum, CG 39394)
  • Senenmut (TopBib ii.262) (Cairo Museum, CG 579)
  • Dhout [postcard] (TopBib ii.202) (Cairo Museum, CG 42123)
  • Pedeamun-nebnesuttaui (TopBib ii.155) (Cairo Museum, JE 36908)
  • Pedamenopet (TopBib ii.154) (Cairo Museum, JE 37341)
  • Harkhebi (TopBib ii.150) (Cairo Museum, CG 42231)
  • Nekhtefmut (TopBib ii.148) (Cairo Museum, CG 42207)
  • Neferpert [postcard] (TopBib ii.144-5) (Cairo Museum, CG 42121)
  • Queen Esi (TopBib ii.144) (Cairo Museum, CG 42072)
  • Bronze schilbe fish from the top of a standard (British Museum, EA37449)
  • Syria (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.45.3.121)

Animals - Hippopotamus, Horse and Chariot, Lion, Monkey, Bats, Cheetah, Hyena, Bear, Jerboa, Porcupine, Deer, Ostrich

Folder numbered '3' and titled 'Hippopotamus, Horse and Chariot, Lion, Monkey, Bats, Cheetah, Hyena, Bear, Jerboa, Porcupine, Deer, Ostrich' containing five handbound notebooks titled 'Hippopotamus', 'Horse and Chariot', 'Lion', 'Monkey, Bats, Cheetah, Hyaena, Bear, Jerboa, Porcupine, Deer' and 'Ostrich'.

Notebook titled 'Hippopotamus' contains typed notes and a draft on the hippopotamus.

Notebook titled 'Horse and Chariot' contains notes on the horse and the chariot, including their introduction to Egypt, early references to them, representations in art, as well as notes on mules and charioteers. Also includes:

  • Cutting of an image of a side of a painted box from the tomb of Tutankhamen showing Tutankhamen in a chariot (Cairo Museum, JE 61467)

  • Cuttings of images of the interior and exterior of a chariot of Tuthmosis IV (Cairo Museum, JE 46097)

Notebook titled 'Lion' contains notes on lions including hunting lions, references to and representations of lions, their distribution and behavior. Also includes cutting of an image of a side of a painted box from the tomb of Tutankhamen showing Tutankhamen shooting lions from his chariot (Cairo Museum, JE 61467).

Notebook titled 'Monkey, Bats, Cheetah, Hyaena, Bear, Jerboa, Porcupine, Deer' includes:

  • Notes on different species of baboon and monkey, including cutting with drawings of two baboon-shaped objects

  • Notes on the bat

  • Notes on the cheetah, including a photograph of Newberry with a cheetah

  • Notes on the jerboa

  • Notes on references to the hyena

  • Notes on references to the bear

  • Notes on references to the porcupine, including cutting of a porcupine inscription (Egyptian Museum of Berlin, 1132)

  • Draft on the fallow deer, including tracing and drawings

Notebook titled 'Ostrich' includes notes on the ostrich, including their distribution and on ostrich feathers worn in the hair. Also includes:

  • Cuttings from The Illustrated London News, 22 January 1927, a fan made out of ostrich feathers and a fan handle found in the tomb of Tutankhamun (TopBib i2.583 [242])

Dynasty XVIII

Folder titled ‘Dynasty XVIII T.IV A.III Amarna excluding Ay’. The folder contains several envelopes, listed below, with material relating to the 18th Dynasty.

Envelopes include:

  1. Notes on the tomb of Tuthmosis IV (TopBib i.559), including sketches of the tomb, notes and sketches of items found in the tomb, including a throne and wooden boats.

    • Notes and copy of hieroglyphs on wooden panels from sides of a throne (Right side: Boston Museum, 03.1131; Left side: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 30.8.45) (TopBib i.561)
    • Notes and sketch, a fragment of a wooden fan (Cairo Museum, 46095) (TopBib i.561)
    • Notes and sketches on the back of a throne (Cairo Museum, 46096) (TopBib i.561)
    • Notes and sketch, right side of a chariot interior (Cairo Museum, 46097) (TopBib i.560)
  2. Notes relating to inscriptions in tomb TT64 belonging to Hekerneheh (TopBib i.128), including inscriptions from the vestibule of the tomb used in Newberry, Percy E. 1928. 'The sons of Tuthmosis IV.' Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 14 (1/2), 82-85 (OEB 146401). Also includes a letter from H.E. Winlock on work in TT64 (2nd April 1925).

  3. Notes and inscriptions relating to Tuthmosis IV and his family. This material also references and relates to Newberry, Percy E. 1903. Extracts from my notebooks (VII). Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology 25, 357-362 (OEB 187707).

    • Copy of inscription on statuette of Hekerneheh found by Newberry in 1898 in tomb TT63.
    • Notes, tracings, drawings and translations of wooden mummy labels with hieratic inscriptions (National Museum Scotland, 1956.154-67) found by Alexander Rhind in the tomb of Amenophis III (TopBib i.671)
    • Drawing of a wooden label of Amenemapet, daughter of Tuthmosis IV, purchased by Newberry at Thebes in 1901
    • Photographs of ostracon with hieratic inscription (Metropolitan Museum of Art, 90.6.3)
  4. Notes, drafts and copies of inscriptions relating to Amenhotep III, including on his wife Queen Tyi [Tiy; Tiye], father Tuthmosis IV, and daughters.

  5. Notes on Amenhotep IV [or Akhenaton], Nefertiti, Semenkhkare, Yuya, tombs at El Amarna and history of the 18th Dynasty.

    • Notes relating to Newberry, Percy E. 1928. Akhenaten's eldest son-in-law 'Ankhkheprurē'. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 14 (1/2), 3-9 (OEB 146342), and Tomb 139 (TopBib i.252), including tracing of slab (shown in figure 4, p.8).
    • Family tree of Amenhotep III
    • Notes on the chronology of tombs at El Amarna
    • Notes on Petrie, W. M. Flinders 1894. Tell el Amarna. London: Methuen & Co. (OEB 147222)
  6. Notes on Tutankhamun, including on the tomb and copies of inscriptions.

    • Letter from Howard Carter to Newberry on the identity of Tutankhamun and the meaning of an inscription on a whip from his tomb, 3rd December 1931
    • Copy of inscription from the vestibule of TT64 used in Newberry, Percy E. 1928. 'The sons of Tuthmosis IV.' In: Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 14 (1/2), 82-85 (OEB 146401) (see item 2 in this folder).
    • Notes on botanical specimens found in the tomb and letter from Royal Botanic Gardens Kew on the analysis of a piece of wood from the shrine of Tutankhamun, 3rd July 1925
  7. Notes, sketches and copies of inscriptions from the Rock Chapel of Min at el-Salamuni, Akhmin (TopBib v.17). Also includes notes, not by Newberry, titled ‘Suggestions as to P.E.N.’s copy of Ay inscription, Akhmin’.

  8. Notes, sketches, sketch plans of the tomb, copies of inscriptions from KV23 of Ay (TopBib i.550).

  9. Handwritten and typed drafts, notes and copies of inscriptions relating to Tiy, Ay, Tutankhamun, Amenhotep III, and their relationship to one another. Includes typed drafts titled ‘The problem of Ay and his Queen Tyi’.

  10. Letter from Norman de Garis Davies to Newberry on tomb TT192 belonging to Kheruef, the Steward of Queen Tiy.

  11. Letter from Henry Hall to Newberry on a stela depicting Seker and Tutu (British Museum, EA 211), 31st January 1923, with a rubbing of an inscription on a granite fragment (identified during previous archival processing as a fragment of the sarcophagus in the tomb of Ay (Cairo Museum, Temp. No. (TopBib i.551). The letter has been labelled as ‘King Ay’ by Newberry.

  12. Notes relating to Ay, including reference cards with copies of inscriptions and notes on the tomb.

  13. Notes and reference cards relating to Tyi, Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti.

Lucas, Alfred - correspondence

Correspondence from Alfred Lucas including relating to: arranging to visit Newberry; cleaning an inscribed bowl; response to criticisms by Newberry of a book by Lucas; wish to see a wooden tongue from Tututankhamun's shrine; Walter Segal and his study of furniture from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

MSS 29/50 is also numbered 217a
MSS 29/51 is also numbered 217
MSS 29/52 is also numbered 13
MSS 29/55 is also numbered A.107

Notes on inscribed objects


  • Cutting of an image of a clay sealing
  • Notes on Morgan, J., 'L'Humanité prehistorique', Paris 1924 (OEB 145667)
  • Notes on a bow from the tomb of Tutankhamun
  • Notes on a chisel-ended arrowhead in Woolley, 'Excavations at Ur, 1929-30', (London, 1930) p.387
  • Handwritten and typewritten notes on the Gebel el 'Arak knife handle (Louvre Museum, E 11517) (TopBib v.107).
  • Typed and handwritten notes on types of predynastic pottery
  • Notes on a model sarcophagus in the Museum of Cairo

Ingram, Bruce Stirling - correspondence

Correspondence from Bruce Stirling Ingram (Editor, The Illustrated London News) relating to photographs and illustrations for publication and lectures by Newberry. Includes references to the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun and Howard Carter's negotiations with the Egyptian authorities.

Tutankhamun excavation: Burton negatives - large glass plate

Harry Burton's large glass plate negatives.

  • Taken by Harry Burton during the excavation, clearance and recording of Tutankhamun's tomb
  • Approximately 860 negatives
  • Number ranges 1-2024 and i-xcvii
  • The negative number ranges comprise both the small and large negatives (small, see TAA i.6)

Burton, Harry

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