Collectie Bonomi MSS - Joseph Bonomi Collection

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Bonomi MSS


Joseph Bonomi Collection


  • c. 1824-1840s (Vervaardig)



Omvang en medium

3 atlas size boxes and 1 folder


Naam van de archiefvormer



British sculptor, draughtsman and traveller. Studied at the Royal Academy, awarded a scholarship allowing him to continue his studies in Rome, 1823. Travelled throughout Egypt, Palestine and Syria, with extended periods spent living in Egypt between 1824 and 1844, during which time he created a large portfolio of drawings and watercolours. Worked for Robert Hay, James Burton, Edward W. Lane, Sir John Gardner Wilkinson, and Ippolito Rosellini. Was a member of Lepsius's expedition to Egypt between 1842 and 1844. Bonomi assisted Owen Jones, the architect responsible for the design and installation of the Egyptian court, Crystal Palace, 1853. Appointed Curator of the Sir John Soane’s Museum in 1861, a position he held until his death in 1878.

Geschiedenis van het archief

1) Bonomi drawings and paintings, in the possession of the Bonomi family for several generations until deposit in the Griffith Institute Archive.
2) Typescript of extracts from Bonomi’s diary, created for the Griffith Institute in the 1940s.

Directe bron van verwerving of overbrenging

1) Bonomi drawings and paintings, donated in 1997 by Mrs Vivien Betti, descendant of Joseph Bonomi.
2) Typescript of extracts from Bonomi’s diary, made with permission of Mrs de Cosson, the owner of the original diary in the 1940s when this copy was created.

Inhoud en structuur

Bereik en inhoud

1) Bonomi drawings and paintings, 52 handmade ‘portfolios’ containing pencil and pastel drawings, watercolours, tracings and commercial prints, almost certainly arranged by Bonomi, some later rearrangement was done by Bonomi's descendants [Bonomi MSS 1-52].
2) Typescript of diary, carbon-copy(?) typescript of extracts from Joseph Bonomi’s diary, entries for periods in Egypt dating between 25th March 1829 to 26th May 1834 [Bonomi MSS 53].

Waardering, vernietiging en slectie



1) Bonomi drawings and paintings, within the portfolios the material has been kept as received. The portfolios have been categorised into three groups: Egypt, the Near East, and Classical designs.
2) Typescript of extracts from Bonomi’s diary, kept as received.

Voorwaarden voor toegang en gebruik

Voorwaarden voor raadpleging

1) Bonomi drawings and paintings, property of the Griffith Institute. No restrictions.
2) Typescript of extracts from Bonomi’s diary, property of the de Cosson family in the 1940s. Access to the typescript is provided for study purposes only. Permission to quote from or requests to reproduce from the diary must be acquired from the de Cosson family. The Griffith Institute does not know if the original diary is still in the possession of the de Cosson family and has no current contact information.

Voorwaarden voor reproductie

1) Bonomi drawings and paintings, copyright Griffith Institute, University of Oxford.
2) Typescript of extracts from Bonomi’s diary, copyright of the de Cosson family.

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  • Engels

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No problems.


1) Bonomi drawings and paintings:

  • list and notes for the Egyptian porfolios by Dr Rosalind L. B. Moss (some of the references in them are quoted in the Topographical Bibliography and are also being recorded in the final catalogue under 'PM reference'),
  • preliminary catalogue for the Egyptian and Near Eastern portfolios [Bonomi MSS 1-32],
  • final catalogue of the entire collection in progress on this website.

2) Typescript of extracts from Bonomi’s diary, none.

Verwante materialen

Bestaan en verblifplaats van originelen

1) Bonomi drawings and paintings, these are originals.
2) The original Bonomi diary was in the possession of the de Cosson family in the 1940s.

Bestaan en verblijfplaats van kopieën

1) Bonomi drawings and paintings, none.
2) Typescript of extracts from Bonomi’s diary, not known.

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  • Antonia Burgess-Freshwater created the preliminary catalogue for the Egyptian and Near Eastern portfolios [Bonomi MSS 1-32].
  • Mia Parnall and Beatrice Law (placement programme for BA students in Art History) and Elsie McLaughlin are currently working on the final catalogue of the entire collection on this website, under the supervision of Francisco Bosch-Puche.

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