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Notebook Černý MSS 17.71

Enclosures include 1 letter from Peter Kaplony, sent to Černý in 1956 (2 typewritten pages with annotations).
Stela, in Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, No. 20.
Second Kamose stela (Luxor Museum).
Transcriptions of hieratic papyri in:
-Paris, Musée du Louvre, E. 3234
-Paris, Musée du Louvre, E. 8083
-Chassinat IV

Notebook Černý MSS 17.76

Stelae of Ramesses II at Tanis and Beisân. Copies by B. Grdseloff, collated by Černý.
Statue of Merneptah at Nabêsha, copied by B. Grdseloff.
Larger stela of Sethos I at Beisân.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.81

Transcriptions of hieratic ostraca all formerly in Gardiner collection, now in Oxford, Ashmolean, Museum:
-Gardiner collection 277
-Gardiner collection 278
-Gardiner collection 279
-Gardiner collection 280
-Gardiner collection 281
-Gardiner collection 282
-Gardiner collection 283
-Gardiner collection 284
-Gardiner collection 285
-Gardiner collection 286
-Gardiner collection 287
-Gardiner collection 288
-Gardiner collection 289
-Gardiner collection 290
-Gardiner collection 291
-Gardiner collection 292
-Gardiner collection 293
-Gardiner collection 294
-Gardiner collection 295
-Gardiner collection 296

Notebook Černý MSS 17.107

Transcriptions. Hieratic papyri:
-Deir el-Medîna, IFAO IIA,
-Deir el-Medîna, IFAO III
-Deir el-Medîna, IFAO V
-Deir el-Medîna, IFAO IX
Transcriptions. Hieratic ostraca:
-Chicago Oriental Institute (Nelson and Edgerton)
-Oxford Ashmolean Museum, 1945.36
-Oxford Ashmolean Museum, 1945.39
-Oxford Ashmolean Museum, 1945.335
-Anthes collection
-Černý collection 12
-Černý collection 14
-Černý collection 15
-Černý collection 16 (O. Malinine)
-Gardiner collection 181
-Gardiner collection 182
-Gardiner collection 183
-Gardiner collection 184
-Gardiner collection 185
-Gardiner collection 186
-Gardiner collection 187
-Gardiner collection, AG series (deposited in IFAO) ?
-Grdseloff collection 6
-Grdseloff collection 7
-Grdseloff collection 8
-Grdseloff collection 9
-Iversen collection
-Nims collection
-Staring collection
-Varille collection 1
-Varille collection 2
-Varille collection 3
-Varille collection 4
-Varille collection 5
-Varille collection 6
-Varille collection 7
-Varille collection 8
-Varille collection 9
-Varille collection 10
-Varille collection 11
-Varille collection 12
-Weill collection 1
-Weill collection 2

Notebook Černý MSS 17.118

-Mastaba of Ptahshepses, including Ramesside hieratic graffito
-Mastaba of Neferseshemre
-Mastaba of Ankhmahor
-Mastaba of Neferseshemptah
-Mastaba of Idut
-Mastaba of Neferherenptah
-Mastaba of Khentika
Saqqâra, reliefs:
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 1530-67 (incomplete)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 1697
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 1698
-blocks copied on 23-02-1941
Mît Rahîna:
-text from a colossal statue of Ramesses II

Notebook Černý MSS 17.145

Transcriptions of hieratic papyri with a table of contents at the back of the notebook. Some translations and working notes, see enclosures.
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58035-58096 (some omissions).
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58037 recto
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58038 (Boulak 17)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58039A-F (Boulak 6)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58041 (Boulak 13)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58043 (Boulak 8)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58045
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58050
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58051
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58052
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58053
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58054
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58055
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58056
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58057
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58058 (Boulak 16)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58059 (Boulak 14)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58060 (Boulak 15)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58061
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58070
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58073
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58074
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58075
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58076
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58077
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58078
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58079
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58080
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58081
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58082
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58083
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58084
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58085
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58086
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58087
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58088
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58089
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58091
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58096 (Boulak 19)

Notebook Černý MSS 17.147

Transcription of hieratic papyrus in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, JE 86637, Calendar of Lucky and Unlucky Days.
Text from a wooden knob, inscribed for Nebenmaet (TT 219), in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, Temp. No., TopBib i2.749.
Some translations (see enclosures).

Notebook Černý MSS 17.151

Turin, Museo Egizio. Transcriptions of hieratic papyri.
Published in Pleyte, W. and Rossi, F., Papyrus de Turin 2 vols. (1869-1876) (OEB 147627):
-pl. 1
-pl. 2
-pl. 4
-pl. 5
-pl. 11
-pl. 12
-pl. 13
-pl. 20
-pl. 21
-pl. 22
-pl. 23
-pl. 24
-pl. 25
-pl. 26
-pl. 27
-pl. 28
-pl. 29
-pl. 31
-pl. 64
-pl. 78
-pls. 79-82
-pl. 84
-pl. 85
-pl. 86
-pl. 87
-pl. 88
-pl. 89
-pl. 118
-pl. 119
-pl. 120
-pl. 121
-pl. 122
-pl. 123
-pl. 124
-pl. 125
-pl. 135
-pl. 136
-pl. 146
-pl. 147
-pl. 154A
-pl. 154B

Notebook Černý MSS 17.160

Arts and Crafts.
Lists of references and resources for different areas of Egyptian arts and crafts including:
-sculpture (statuary)
-carpentry (woodwork)
-textiles (clothing)

Notebook Černý MSS 17.162

List of references for etymological studies of the Semitic element in Egyptian.
List of Egyptian and Arabic words with similar roots. The list also illustrates the use of consonants in both languages.
Notes to Old Egyptian grammar.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.167

Old Coptic. Oxyrhynchus papyri (with index-slips, see enclosure). Compiled after: Crum, W. E., 'An Egyptian text in Greek characters', in Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 28 (1942), 20-31 (OEB 137503).
Ushebti in Professor Dara collection.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.171

Concordances for London, British Museum numbers with three publications:
-Hawkins, E. and Birch, S. (eds.), Tablets and other Egyptian monuments from the collection of the Earl of Belmore, now deposited in the British Museum (1843) (OEB 151236)
-Lieblein, J., Dictionnaire de noms hiéroglyphiques en ordre généalogique et alphabétique: publié d'après les monuments égyptiens, 4 volumes (1871-1892) (OEB 143820)
-Sharpe, S., Egyptian inscriptions from the British Museum and other sources 1st and 2nd Series (1837-1855) (OEB 150253)

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