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Philipp Remelé Photographs Collection

  • Remelé MSS
  • Collectie
  • 1873-1874

21 photographs. 13 of the Temple of Hibis at el-Khârga Oasis, and 8 of the Temple of Deir el-Hagar at el-Dâkhla Oasis.

Remelé, Philipp

Tracings of hieratic texts

Tracings of hieratic texts in a folder numbered NB 5 with a list of texts on the front cover which has been crossed out.Tracings most probably made form plates in publications.

Notes on egyptological publications

Handwritten notes on the following egyptological publications:
-Edgerton, William F. 1933. <i>The Thutmosid succession</i>. Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 8. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (OEB 138819).
-Kees, Hermann 1938. Die Opfertanzdarstellung auf einem Siegel des Königs Usaphais. <i>Nachrichten von der Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen: Philologisch-Historische Klasse, Fachgruppe I, Altertumswissenschaft, Neue Folge</i> 3 (2), 21-30 (OEB 142358).
-Kees, H. 1954. Das Gottesweib Ahmes-Nofretere als Amonspriester. <i>Orientalia</i> 23, 57-63 (OEB 1725).
-Vogliano, A. (ed.) 1938. <i>Mostra delle antichità rinvenute nelle campagne d'Egitto condotte dalla Missione della R. Università di Milano, 1934-37 / organizzata a cura delle podesteria di Milano dalla soprintendenza dei Musei del Castello Sforzesco di Milano</i>. Milano: Bestetti (OEB 145697).
-1906. <i>Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities, formed in Egypt by R. de Rustafjaell: which will be sold by auction by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge [...] on Wednesday, the 19th of December, 1906</i>. London: Davy (OEB 136636).
-Drioton, Étienne 1933. Essai sur la cryptographie privée de la fin de la XVIIIe dynastie. <i>Revue d'égyptologie</i> 1, 1-50 (OEB 138351).
-Klebs, Luise, 1934. <i>Die Reliefs und Malereien des Neuen Reiches (XVIII.-XX. Dynastie, ca. 1580-1100 v. Chr.): Material zur ägyptischen Kulturgeschichte</i>. AHAW: philos.-hist. Kl. 9. Heidelberg: Winter (OEB 142537).

Walter Segal Collection

  • Segal MSS
  • Collectie
  • 1935-1936

(a) 20 folders containing handwritten notes, pencil drawings, negatives, photographs, and postcards of furniture from the tomb of Tutankhamun (= MSS 1-20) (1935).
(b) 18 folders containing notes, drawings, negatives and photographs of thrones, chairs, stools and footstools mainly from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (1935) and the British Museum in London (1936), as well as from other collections, and material gathered from publications; 1 index card box with Segal's reference notes for his furniture records; and letter from T. G. H. James to M. Eaton-Krauss regarding Segal correspondence in the British Museum along with photocopies of the letters.

Segal, Walter

Wilhelm Spiegelberg Collection

  • Spiegelberg MSS
  • Collectie
  • 1895-1899

Two diaries made in 1898-9 during the Marquis of Northampton's excavations at Thebes, and squeezes made in 1895 of some scenes in TT11, 12, 20, 50, 157, and 163.

Spiegelberg, Wilhelm

Henry Francis Herbert Thompson Collection

  • Thompson MSS
  • Collectie
  • Before 1939

Greek dictionary card index, used in the compilation of W. E. Crum, <i>A Coptic Dictionary</i> (Oxford, 1929-39).

Thompson, (Sir) Henry Francis Herbert

Wylie Negatives Collection

  • Wylie MSS
  • Collectie
  • 1910

153 black & white negatives taken in Egypt, Palestine, and Greece. Boxes marked with the date 1910. Most of the Egyptian negatives show Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx.


Adolf Coyet Collection

  • Coyet MSS
  • Collectie
  • 1846

Four xerox copies of sketches of Philae drawn on 26 January 1846.

Coyet, Adolf

Alan Henderson Gardiner Collection

  • Gardiner MSS
  • Collectie
  • c.1900-1963

Notebooks, notes, card indexes of the Pyramid Texts and Late Egyptian, copies of inscriptions, corpus of transcribed hieratic ostraca and papyri, photographs, drawings, correspondence, copies of his own publications, and portraits.

Gardiner, (Sir) Alan Henderson

Alexander Colvin Ainslie Collection

  • Ainslie MSS
  • Collectie
  • 1853

Album of drawings and watercolour sketches made in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Syria, and Palestine in 1853.

Ainslie, (Revd) Alexander Colvin

Alfred Lucas Collection

  • Lucas MSS
  • Collectie
  • 1922-1933

Notebook on 'Archaeology, Register of samples, and analyses. Tutankhamen and others.' (TAA i.2.11). Notebook on 'Examination of Materials: (a) Tutankhamen. (b) Various.' (TAA i.2.12).

Lucas, Alfred

Amice Mary Calverley Collection

  • Calverley MSS
  • Collectie
  • c. late 1920s-early 1950s

Over one thousand colour slides, several hundred black and white photographs, and correspondence.

Calverley, Amice Mary

Battiscombe George Gunn Collection

  • Gunn MSS
  • Collectie
  • c.1920s-1950

Notebooks, notes, articles (some unpublished), lecture notes, photographs, correspondence, squeezes, drawings, tracings, and casts.

Gunn, Battiscombe George

Berlin Academy Photographs Collection

  • Berlin MSS
  • Collectie
  • c. 1912

Photographs of Abû Simbel, Amâda, Bîga, Dâbôd, el-Dakka, Dendûr, Edfu, Gammai, Gebel Addala, Kalâbsha, Konosso, el-Maarraqa, "Meschek", Philae, Qar Ibrîm, Saqqâra, el-Sebua, and Tâfa (Gardiner MSS 9, 12, and 14). Photographs of foreigners (Meyer photographs in Gardiner papers).

Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin

Bernhard Grdseloff Collection

  • Grdseloff MSS
  • Collectie
  • c.1937-1950

Photographs of objects in museums and of sites, material collected for projected articles, notebooks, notes and articles on hieratic ostraca, and notes on Coptic grammar.

Grdseloff, Bernhard

David B. O'Connor Collection

  • O'Connor MSS
  • Collectie
  • 1966

Notes on some objects in the Nicholson Museum, Sydney.

O'Connor, David B.

Elise Jenny Baumgartel Collection

  • Baumgartel MSS
  • Collectie
  • c.1960-1975

1) Two typescripts with pages from the published edition, and handwritten notes and editing marks, together with a small box of glass negatives of plates marked 'Plates for Part 2'. Both entitled ''Egypt's Beginnings', being the third edition of <i>The Cultures of Prehistoric Egypt</i> by Elise J. Baumgartel.' Also notes on the manuscript by Barry Kemp, dated 1975.
2) Collected notes and photographs relating to Predynastic material in The Brooklyn Museum. Two reports: one a copy of 'Report of Henry de Morgan on his researches in the Nile Valley between Esneh and Gebel-Silsilèh, during the winter of 1907-1908'; the other, no title or date, addressed 'To A. Augustus Healy, Esq., President of the Brooklyn of Arts & Sciences' [sic].
3) Seven card index boxes:
a) Naqada and Ballas Site Index [4 boxes]: Identified contents of grave groups from numbered tombs in Predynastic cemetery at Naqada, also Naqada town site, and Ballas (excav. Petrie, 1895), with current museum location; arranged by tomb number and cross referenced to <i>Naqada and Ballas</i> (London, 1896). The card index was created by Elise J. Baumgartel as the basis for her <i>Petrie’s Naqada Excavation. A Supplement</i> (London, 1970); subsequently maintained and updated by Joan Crowfoot Payne, ‘Appendix to Naqada Excavations Supplement’, <i>JEA</i> 73 (1987), 181-9.
b) Petrie’s Naqada Site Records [2 boxes] (sketches of numbered graves showing disposition of bodies and grave goods): photocopies of the entries in site notebooks, filed by tomb number.
c) Petrie’s Ballas Site Records [1 box] (sketches of numbered graves showing disposition of bodies and grave goods): photocopies of the entries in site notebooks, filed by tomb number.

Baumgartel, Elise Jenny

Eugène Victor Dévaud Collection

  • Dévaud MSS
  • Collectie
  • 1920s

A card index for a Coptic etymological dictionary and notes on Coptic etymologies (apparently not published).

Dévaud, Eugène Victor

Evelyn Blyth Collection

  • Blyth MSS
  • Collectie
  • 1900-1906

107 postcards collected in Egypt between 1900-1906 by Miss E. Blyth (objects in Cairo Museum, sites, Cairo views, and Nile views) and 1 postcard of Bethlehem in Palestine.

Blyth, Evelyn

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