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Rome, 05/07/1908

Letter from T. E. Peet to Lawrence W. Grensted. Rome, Sunday [= 05/07/1908] (envelope: 09/07/1908). Italian flint tools; comparison with French and English flint types.

Syracuse, 14/06/1908(?)

Letter from T. E. Peet to Lawrence W. Grensted. Syracuse, 14/06/1908(?) (probably belongs with envelope: Rome, 23/06/08 <Peet mentions that he intends to reach Rome at the end of July and stay there until the end of September; this letter could then have been sent from Rome>). General impressions of Syracuse, Italy and Greece; references to literature (Shakespeare and Victor Hugo).

Rome, 08/06/1908

Letter from T. E. Peet to Lawrence W. Grensted. Rome, 08/06/1908 (envelope: 14/06/1908). Impressions of Italy; reference to flint work.

Rome, 29/07/1907

Postcard from T. E. Peet to Lawrence W. Grensted. Rome, 29/07/1907. Impressions of Italy, Italian opera, art; reference to his work on Neolithic Italy.

Publication of inaugural lecture

Publication of lecture: T. E. Peet, <i>The Present Position of Egyptological Studies. An Inaugural Lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 17 January 1934</i> (Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1934), 22 pages.

Notes on walking excursions

Notes on walking excursions taken in the Lake District (England) and Snowdonia (Wales); 03/06/1905 – Easter 1906.

Certificate 6

Certificate of Matriculation at the University of Oxford for T. E. Peet; Oxford, 15/10/1901.

Certificate 5

Certificate of exemption from Responsions from Local Examinations at the University of Oxford for T. E. Peet; Oxford, 07/1898.

Certificate 4

Certificate of Marriage for Richard Johnson Lawton and Catherine Augusta Bosworth (T. E. Peet's parents-in-law); Leicester, 05/07/1887.

Certificate 3

Certificate of Marriage for Thomas Eric Peet and Mary Forence Lawton; British Consulate at Rome, 22/10/1910.

Certificate 2

Certificate of Holy Baptism for Thomas Eric Peet; Walton-on-the-Hill, 24/09/1882.

Certificate 1

Certificate of Registry of Birth for Thomas Eric Peet; Walton[-on-the-Hill], 04/09/1882.

Newspaper not known, 12/02/1935

“A memorial to Professor Peet” by Walter B. Emery (letter of support to the creation of the fellowship) in newspaper not known, 12/02/1935 (date on letter; date of publication not known).

The Times, 18/12/1934

Public request/letter signed by Derby, R. M. Dawkins, J. P. Droop, Alan H. Gardiner, H. J. W. Hetherington, Robert Mond, Percy E. Newberry and B. H. Streeter asking for money contributions to establish the “Thomas Eric Peet Travelling Fellowship” at the Institute of Archaeology of Liverpool University as a memorial, in <i>The Times</i>, 18/12/1934.

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