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Witt, (Sir) Robert - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Robert Witt relating to Newberry donating money towards the purchase of art in memory of Lord Carmichael.

MSS 46/58 is also numbered 204c
MSS 46/59 is also numbered 204a

Woodhouse, W. - correspondence

Letter from W. Woodhouse (Nicolson Museum, University of Sydney) relating to Sir Charles Nicholson's collection and a photograph taken for Newberry of a slab containing the cartounches of Akhenaton and his wife.

Woolley, (Sir) Charles Leonard - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Charles Leonard Woolley including relating to: writing an article on Hittite graves (1913); introduction of vines to Egypt (1922) etymology and link between Asia and Egypt (1922); research, publications and visting Newberry.

Also includes letter forwarded by John Garstang, to him from Woolley, relating to writing an article on Hittite burial customs.

MSS 46/63 is also numbered 364
MSS 46/64 is also numbered 365
MSS 46/65 is also numbered 363
MSS 46/66 is also numbered 352
MSS 46/78 is also numbered 215

Wylde, Henry C - correspondence

Correspondence from Henry C. Wylde relating to the etymology of ship (1910), Newberry's search for a house (1913) and work on a glossary (n.d.).

MSS 46/83 is also numbered 282

Yates, Dora E. - correspondence

Correspondence from Dora E. Yates (The Gypsy Lore Society, University of Liverpool) including reminiscences of the University of Liverpool, John Sampson and J.M. Mackay.

Research Notebooks

Percy Newberry's series of notebooks includes notebooks on single subjects, indexed notebooks on a range of subjects and research journals. Many of the notebooks have been numbered (in the form NB followed by a number) by Newberry and are referenced elsewhere in his research notes. As such it appears that these notebooks were used as reference books by Newberry, and they often include lists of bibliographic references for a subject.

Unfortunately it is evident that this series of notebooks is not complete and there are numbered notebooks referred to in Newberry's research material that do not appear to be in the collection.

Notes on the pomegranate, boomerang and ensigns on pots

Notebook with index at the front.

Notes on hieroglyphs and early versions of composite signs formed with the standard or sacred pole [R12] including:
-Pomegranate tree
-with the hieroglyph for sand dunes on top [N25]
-with the Min emblem on top [R22]

Very neat and written in prose so possibly intended for publication. Includes references to publications and museum objects. Roughly a quarter of the notebook has been used.

Notebook on topics including objects, flora, fauna, products, places and gods

Notebook labelled by John Harris 'Miscellaneous Notes' with an index at the front containing notes on objects, flora, fauna, products, places and gods. It includes examples of attestations of words, variant writings, expressions or other terms formed by or including them, and some ancient Egyptian texts/hymns in translation.

Includes handwritten notes on:

  • objects (censers, bird traps, djed pillar, netjer pole, furniture, mirrors, sandals, tjet knot, chariots, flail and crock)

  • flora (plants, trees including conifers, cedar, cypress , woods including ebony, grain and wheat)

  • fauna (dogs, camels, giraffes, deer, oryx and a fauna bibliography)

  • products (natron, incense, myrrh, methods of tapping resin)

  • places (Lebanon, Byblos, “the land of the god”, Zahi, Retjenu, Phoenicia, place names in Syria)

  • gods (Osiris, Atum-Kheprer [also referred to as Atum-Kheper or Atum-Kepri], Iah, Adonis and Attis, Neferhetep, hieroglyph for God [R8] and variants)

Also includes notes on funerary offerings, the word sedj in seals, circumcision and the ritual of embalming.

Pages 3-4, 48-49, 51-59, 61-69 and 72-75 have been cut out. According to the index at the front of the notebook these pages include notes on:
-trees and wood (merw-wood, wan-wood, Peqer tree)
-animals (pig, cat, rat, mouse, lion, fox, wolf, jackal, ass, porcupine, jerboa, hippopotamus, elephant, hyena, monkey, baboon, bat, hedeghog, bear, ichneum, leopard, hare, addax, kudu, goat, ibex, dorcas gazelle)

Dates: There are references to publications up to 1925. Notes appear to have been added at different times.

Notes on nomes

Ringbound notebook containing mostly handwritten notes on nomes, with some additional loose notes, some of which appear to have been cut from other notebooks. First half of the notebook is on nomes in Lower Egypt and the second half on Upper Egypt. Both sections start with a list of the nomes in numerical order and the notes are arranged accordingly. Some pages are titled but do not contain any notes.

The first half of the notebook contains notes on nomes in Lower Egypt including Predynastic nome insignia, titles connected with nomes in Lower Egypt, Thoth and Thoth priests, the Ibis and other animals associated with nomes. There is also the following loose material:

-handwritten notes on the 12th nome of Lower Egypt and sketches of a calf

-typed notes on the name of the 15th nome of Lower Egypt, with draft of a letter to Alan (probably Alan Gardiner)

-handwritten notes on Thenessus and the nome of Nesyt

The second half of the notebook contains notes on nomes in Upper Egypt and the animals associated with the nomes. There is also the following loose material:

-typed and handwritten notes on Coptos

-cutting of an image of an engraving with the caption 'Nilinsel aus dem Sonnen-tempel des Neuserre' [Island in the Nile river from the sun temple of Neuserre]

-handwritten notes on Abydos and tracing

-handwritten notes on the 13th nome which appear to have been taken from other notebooks, also a note written by Diana Magee

The notebook also includes the following references: to a 'notebook on Sais and folder'; a 'Harpoon folder'; and 'see Folder Pig'.

Philological notes

Notebook titled 'WORDS' containing handwritten notes on hieroglyphs, including occurences of hieroglyphs, references to published sources, variations of different hieroglyphs and translations. Part of the notebook includes lists of hieroglyphs organised by subject.

The notebook is no longer held together at the spine and contains a lot of loose pages and pieces of paper.

Various Notes by P.E.Newberry

Notebook titled by Warren Dawson 'VARIOUS NOTES by P.E.Newberry' and inside 'Various Notes by Percy Edward Newberry given to me by him March, 1949' and below 'Given by Mr Warren R. Dawson, October, 1960'.

-Handwritten and typewritten notes on people who travelled in Nubia (modern central and northern Sudan and southern Egypt) and Egypt, mostly in the 19th century, including names, dates, where they visited and bibliographic references
-Typed extract from or notes on 'Mariette, Lettres et Souvenirs personnels', 1904 (OEB 144543)
-Typed notes titled 'Destruction of Monuments. Hermopolis Temple' and 'Destruction of Monuments. Temple at GAW'
-Notes on Pierre Belon du Mans and extract of a bibliography
-Notes on the Hoopoe bird including sketches
-Loose drawing of a scarab inscription

Bankes, Burton, Hay - Notes by P.E. Newberry

Notebook titled by Warren Dawson 'BANKES, BURTON, HAY - Notes by P.E. Newberry' and inside 'BANKES - BURTON - HAY - Notes made by P.E. Newberry Given to me by him, March, 1949'. There is also a label on the inside cover 'Mr Warren Dawson October 1960'.

Typed notes (with hieroglyphs added by hand) on William John Bankes and Robert Hay, and one page on James Burton.

Note: There is correspondence from Raymond O. Faulkner referring to a manuscript on Bankes and Hay in 1943.

Notebook on birds

Hardback notebook containing handwritten notes on birds. The spine of the notebook has been labelled CULTS - NOMES.

The start of the notebook contains a list of birds, a bibliography of publications relating to birds (1872-1930), a list of birds in museum collections, list of domesticated birds. The notes are then organised by bird. The notes include bibliographic references, sketches of birds and cuttings of museum objects and wall paintings. Also includes handwritten extract from Petrie's benedictory address on 'souls and future life'. There are also loose pages of notes which have been inserted in relevant places. Some pages are titled but do not contain any notes.

Research journal

Notebook numbered by Newberry 'NB 29' with title inside front cover 'Journal - April 1929'. Notebook has also been titled (not by Newberry) 'Miscellaneous notes refs. Newspaper cuttings etc.'.

Notebook contains very short notes mostly of a couple of lines, with several to a page, on a wide range of topics. A lot of notes and pages have a line through them which could indicate they had been written up elsewhere, or in the case of references could indicate they had been followed up.

A lot of the notes are bibliographic references. There are also addresses and a business card.

Notebook also contains rubbings, sketches, newspaper cuttings, cuttings from sale catalogues and two postcards from Jean Capart.

Notes on early Egyptian travellers

Notebook with title on first page 'Notes upon Early Egyptian Travellers' and below 'Henry Light - Giovanni d'Athanasi - Henry Salt - E.W.Lane 14 25tc 34tc - G.A. Hoskins 16tc - Dodwell Collection 1827 p.14 and 32'. Inside front cover a note says 'Garstang' and below 'Care of Mrs Howard - Bank House - Blackburn'.

Inside back cover there is a list 'Note on the title [O17] - The Persea tree of ancient Egypt - The head dress of the [?] - The title [?]' and upside down at the bottom of the page 'Cardboard - Tracing paper - [?]'.

Includes notes from accounts of Henry Light, Giovanni d'Athanasi, Henry Salt, Edward William Lane and George Alexander Hoskins. Also includes notes on other travellers including James Burton, Joseph Bonomi, Piccinini and James Silk Buckingham. Notes in french from 'Un Manuel de Hiérarchie Égyptienne' by Gaston Maspero (OEB 144774).

Notebook on Tehenu

Notebook with handwritten title on front cover 'TEHENU'. There is an index inside the front cover.

Notes relating to Tehenu (also known as Temehu) including: discussion of hieroglyphs, millstones, throw sticks, the county name initial, boundaries of Tehenu-land, Libya, dress, products, cults, flora.

Notebook also contains loose notes.

Reference to 'Weapons folder' and 'Notebook on Morocco'.

Notebook on Cairo Palette 14328

Notebook titled by John Harris 'Notes on Olive - Cairo Palette 14238 ??nw - The hieroglyph [S17]'. Roughly half of the notebook has been used. Notebook relates to the Cairo Palette also known as the Tehenu or Libyan Palette (Cairo Museum, CG 14328), and includes discussion on the trees depicted on the palette, Tehenu-land, and the palette's interpretation.


-Draft of a possible publication (not identified) on the Cairo Palette, notes are written in prose and include footnotes.

-Discussion of hieroglyph for a handmill used in North Africa for obtaining oil from seeds and fruit, and its variants.

-Notes relating to the trees depicted on the Cairo Palette and oil derived from the trees (??nw-tree oil and ??nt-oil)

-the deity i3?s

Notebook on Sais

Notebook titled by Newberry 'Sais and 8.X - History and C'. There is an index inside the front cover.

Contains notes relating to Sais including on: the Saite nome, Neith, Neith temple, related hieroglyphs and their variants, Gynacopolis, Andiopolis, Ceramicus, coins, history of Sais, and Queen Merina (or Myrina).

Research journal

Notebook titled by Newberry 'Dessication' and later, possibly during archival processing, 'Miscellaneous - Sylphium'. Roughly half the notebook has been used.

Research journal which contains mostly short notes as well as notes on articles, letters which have been copied into the notebook and draft letters.

Includes: notes relating to a forthcoming publication including chapter layout and books to refer to; extract from a draft article by Newberry titled 'The Unification of Egypt: The contemporary monuments and their evidence'.

Also includes notes on Sais, fluted columns, pomegranate, silphium as well as a rubbing possibly of part of an offering list.

Reference to notebook for 'Neith and Sais' and 'Libya with hieros'.

Copy of 'Description of Egypt' by Edward Lane

Notebook titled by John Harris 'PEN/G.VII/N.D. - M.S. copy by Mrs Newberry of Lane's manuscript in B.M.'. Inside the cover there is a note by Helena Newberry '(be at hand p.5) and 'Helena Newberry - 39 Palace Mansions - Kensington W.'.

Handwritten copy by Helena Newberry of Edward Lane's unpublished manuscript 'Description of Egypt', volume 1 chapters 1-2 and volume 2 chapters 1-7 (British Library: Add MS 34080-34088).

Roughly half of the notebook has been used with additional loose pages which appear to be from different notebooks.

Notebook 30 on the olive

Notebook numbered by Newberry 'NB 30'. This has been covered by a label by John Harris 'PEN/G.XIII/N.A - Miscellaneous notes, references and photographs'. There is an index at the front of the notebook.

Contains notes mostly relating to the olive and olive tree. Including notes on: types of oil, composite hieroglyphs with T14 (throw stick); the olive-land; bibliographic references to the location of olive trees; climate and environmental conditions in parts of Egypt and suitability for olive trees including Marmarica and Cyrenaica; use of olive wood for clubs; different names for olive; presses used to extract oil; remains of the olive from ancient Egypt; hieroglyph for a handmill, products of Tehenu-land; the translation of thnw and thnt.

Also includes notes relating to: the pomegranate, Maqui flora, Min emblem, variations of the composite hieroglyph representing Lower Egypt, and the cedar tree. As well as a newspaper cutting on Agriculture in Mariut and Siwa, 21 October 1932, notes by Hermann Grapow in German on the olive tree, and letter from Joachim Spiegel also in German.

Some notes have been crossed out and pages cut out.

End of the notebook contains several photographs with handwritten captions including of: olive branches discovered in tombs; olive trees; olive presses; collecting labdanum. Also includes cutting and tracing of olives on a branch.

Notebook on Queens

Notebook titled 'NB 10 Queens' containing notes on Egyptian Queens. The front of the notebook contains loose pages of notes. Roughly a third of the notebook has been used.

Notebook on ships

Indexed notebook titled 'Ships and Shipping' and numbered NB 42.

Contains notes on parts of ships, names of ships, nautical terms, titles connected with ships and timber used for ships. Also includes tracings and drawings.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Special Subjects 1'.

Research notes on deities and religion

Notebook titled 'Cults: Introduction' and beneath 'Miscellaneous' although this has been crossed out. Contains notes and beginnings of a draft on deities and religion. Roughly a third of the notebook has been used.

Also includes note at the front of the notebook on a conversation with Eduard Meyer before the First World War, with reference to intention of writing a volume on Egyptian deities and the religion of ancient Egyptians.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 3'.

Seals from the Naqada Royal Tomb

Notebook titled on the first page 'Sealings. Garstang. Naqada Royal Tomb' containing drawings, tracings and cuttings of seals.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Sealings, Scarabs, Cylinders'.

Scarabs and seals

Notebook containing cuttings and drawings of scarabs; cuttings and rubbing of cylinder seal impressions, (one dated 1929); notes on scarabs, seals and the sealing process.

Also includes envelope containing photographs of scarabs.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Sealings, Scarabs, Cylinders'.

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