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Page 47

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-573 Enigmatical inscription of Tahutmes I. (cat 159)
-574 Queen of Pun (cat 236) (now placed about 7 feet high)
-575 Trial piece of Tahutmes III. &c. Salle 55
-576 Colossal red granite head. Court 26.

Page 51

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-588 Butler, & girl dancing (after tasting the wine?) cat. 171
-589 Zay & Naia: late XVIII dyn. (cat 179)
-590-1 Head of Zay, a perfect example of the refined type of the XVIIIth dynasty. (but in an atrocious light) (cat. 179)

Page 53

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-597-8. Colossal head of Ramessu II (cat 166)
-599 Heads of Asiatic & Negro, altar of Ramessu II. (cat 699)
-602 Rushwork stand, baskets &c. In glass case. (cat. 508)

Page 60

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-623 Stela of Alexander Aegus. dedicated by Ptolemy I. (cat. 283)
-624 [626 in pencil] Porphyry colossus of a Roman Emporer. Alexandria. (cat. 298)

[480] Step Pyramid, South face.

Saqqara (Saqqâra). Step Pyramid of Neterikhet (Djoser).
Caption reads:
'Step Pyramid, South face.
Shewing two earlier casings, 3 & 4, at a steeper angle than the later.
The oldest part shews smaller stones.'

There are also two arrows numbered 3 and 4 and a '5 ft rod' labelled.

[413] Passage of pyramid cut in the rock.

Abu Rawash (Abû Rawâsh). Pyramid of Radjedef (Razedef). Interior.
Caption reads:
'Passage of pyramid cut in the rock.
Formerly lined with stone. Taken at 1 minute before noon
the sides being equally illuminated, or the E. a little more so.
Azimuth therefore about 20'W of N.'

[56] Pyramid of Medum from S.S.W.

Meidum (Maidum). Pyramid of Sneferu (Snefru; Snofru).
Caption reads:
'Pyramid of Medum from S.S.W.
Shewing remains of finished casings outside the present pyramid
(at the spots) in rubbish heap: and the rough bands of stone on the
pyramid. Where the steps joined the remaining masonry.'

[365] W. Side of granite temple.

Giza (Gîza). Pyramid Complex of Khafra (Khafre; Khephren). Valley Temple and Pyramid.
Caption reads:
'W. side of Granite temple.
Shewing the passage going askew out of it,
but direct to the temple in front of second pyramid'

Also label for 'door of passage'.

Notes on Granite Temple

Giza (Gîza). Pyramid Complex of Khafra (Khafre; Khephren). Valley Temple.
Notes opposite photographs on page 19 which read:
'The Granite Temple stands on the plain at the foot of the pyramid hill of gizeh; and was about 40 or 50 feet high, when unencumbered originally. It had probably two entrances, one at the N.E., and one at the S.E. corner; and from the N. end of the W. side a causeway led askew out of the temple, directly (No 365) up to the door of the temple on the E. side of the Second pyramid, which is exactly similar to it in the character of the building. This granite temple consisted of a great hall of granite with colonades (No 376) about 22 1/2 feet high; and on the roof an open court of limestone, now stripped of its casing all but one corner (No 368). The great hall is T shaped, 77 feet long & 86 feet across. The lesser hall is 60 feet long and 12 1/2 ft wide. The court on the top is 103 feet by 86 feet.
The fact of a skew passage being part of such a regular and well-oriented building, shews a strong necessity for it; and therefore that the place to which it led must have been built before this temple; which must then be after, or in the end of the reign of Chefren of the fourth dynasty. The great statue of Chefren in the Bulak Museum was found, with smaller statues, in a well in the lesser hall; the cynocephalus ape now lying there is probably the oldest idol known.
Thought the Sphinx is placed near this temple it has no known connection with it.

In the bottom right hand corner of the page there is also the note: 'See over for plan.'.

[554] Granite casing of third pyramid.

Giza (Gîza). Pyramid of Menkaure (Menkaura; Mykerinos).
Caption reads:
'Granite casing of third pyramid.
Shewing that the casing was left in the rough on the
outside, with lugs for lifting the blocks; and that it
was only finished just by the doorway.'

Also label for 'door behind heap'.

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