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Page 05

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-Three colossal statues of Min, fragmentary, ends of girdle incised with figures of animals, etc., Predynastic, found beneath Ptolemaic pavement, one in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, JE 30770 bis, and two in Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, 1894/105.
-K.13.14 Drawings
-K.19.20 Squeezes

  • Sculpture on third statue of Min. Poles decorated with feathers & garlands [variant of R22/R23] (note the Egyptian flower bouquets [x]) showing the origin of the hieroglyph of the god Min.
    -[← Saw fish.] [← Ostrich.]
    Notes to the left of top left photograph:
    -Ghizeh museum Salle 11 [R23A] on wooden coffin (not numbered) of [r:p:a-F4:a-(Hr*tp):aA-n:R23A-T:t-i] showing that the type with feathers on a pole was recognised till the VIth dyn at Akhmim.
    Notes between bottom left and right photographs:
    -Pteroceras shells.
    Notes below bottom right photograph:
  • (Reversed) Khufu; found in S. town.

Page 09

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.34 One of the slabs of the temple of Antef V.
-K.35 Head of Antef V.
-K.36-7 Head & portion of throne of statuette in yellow limestone, found with slabs of Antef V, & from the work probably of the XIth dynasty.

Page 11

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.41 Slab of Amenemhat I. [Min]
-K.42 Head of Min (temp. Amenemhat I)
-K.43 Figure of Nekheb [lower part of IX.2]
-K.44 Figure of Bast [upper part of IX.2]
-[K.43 and 44: From door-jamb of Usertesen I]

Page 12

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.45 Granite jamb of Usertesen I
-K.48 Usertesen I, from a scene with Min.
-[K.47 Detail of head]

Page 16

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.56 Tahutimes III ? Sandstone.
-K.61 Limestone lion head from spout of temple XVIII ? dyn.
-K.62 Limestone head. Found by steps of temple. XVIII dyn
-K.67 Face of Nebhat from triad

Page 17

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K. 63-6 Red granite Triad of Ramessu II with Isis & Nebhat. 6 ft high, 5 ft wide. Found on temple steps.

Page 25

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.97 Inner E side of chapel
-K.96 E side door of chapel
-K.98 Inner W. side of chapel
-K.99 W side of door of chapel

Page 29b

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-Handwritten by W. M. Flinders Petrie.
-'Photographs from the Ghizeh Museum'
-'This museum is not only shamefully perilous, in view of a fire occurring, but it is also altogether unsuitable for a collection. There is but one hall where any top light can be obtained for sculpture; and everywhere else side lights, often of most inappropriate kinds, make it difficult to see sculptures, & almost hopeless to photograph them. The insecurity of the cases makes it needful to keep them screwed up & pad locked, so that it is very troublesome to open any case.
-These photographs are very far from being what they should be; but their defects are largely due to the miserable light, & the need of frequently photographing through glass cases.
-I have to thank the curator, Brugsch Bey, for granting me permission to photograph whatever I desired. These were done in the course of three days.'

Page 41

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-547 Uaset.ankh [M13-t-S34] Salle 2
-548 Boatmen (under No 93 cat.)
-549 Fight of boatmen. (Cat. 94)
-550 Man seized by baboon. (over 93 cat.)

Page 42

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-551 Sculptors (cat. 83)
-553 Stele of [i-d-A17-i-i] (old no. 6963).
-554 Stele of Neternefer. [R8-F35-f:r]. (cat 63)
-555 Altar with sculpture of tank in which is the depth of water stated for different seasons. Inscriptions in tank [1-1-.-1-1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-?-M8F(?) / 1-1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-r-? / 1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-n-?]

Page 43

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-556 Carved wooden head. (Cat 908) called "Saitic", but pobably XII dyn. (in glass case)
-557 Black stone bowl with figures in boat. (in glass case) Salle 70
-558 Mummy of Ament priestess of Hathor, with original bead necklace. (in glass case) (Cat 115) She has original tattoo lines across the stomach, like a modern Sudanic.
-559 Remains of the stele of king Antef & dogs. (Cat 112)

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