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The Stories of Khamuas - Demotic papyri in Cairo and British Museum

The Stories of Khamuas - Demotic papyri in Cairo and British Museum.

  1. Addenda and Corrigenda to Griffith, F. Ll., Stories of the high priests of Memphis: the Sethon of Herodotus and the demotic tales of Khamuas (1900), 2 vols (OEB 140799).
  2. Stories of Khamuas - Grammatical sketch - Grammar and Vocabulary - The verb - Participles and relatives, etc.

Ptolemaic Papyri

-Griffith MSS 3.28-31: Transliteration of Papyri Berlin 3096, 3089, 3109.

  • Griffith MSS 3.32-40: Translation and transliteration of: Louvre Berger, 2428, 2434, 2437, 2426, 2424, 2441, 2433, 2443; British Museum Papyrus Hay No. 2.

Letter from Spiegelberg

Letter from Spiegelberg (March 1925) with photograph of ostracon, Roman Period, in Munich, together with transliteration. Notes by Griffith and Thompson.

Spiegelberg, Wilhelm

Hand-copies of Coptic texts by Oscar Lemm

Hand-copies of Coptic texts by Oscar Lemm, including two letters and two postcards from Lemm to Griffith (1907-1908).
The group includes copies of Paris Copte 131.3 folio 3-14, Paris 132.1 folio 15-16, and British Museum No. 259 (Or. 3581 A(85)). Correspondence also refers to Paris 129.18 folio 118-120 and other texts.

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