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Arabic texts

(a) British Library Or. 5660 fol. 50b
(b) British Library Or. 1331 fols. 8b, 9a Ibu al-‘ Assâl
(c) British Library Or. 5019
(d) Fuhrer Rainer 725
(e) Synaxarium - Bib. Theol. Laur. MS. Ar. 189, fols. 50-51

Architectural design

Architectural design:
-pencil sketch with watercolour (blue) on paper
-15.2 x 35.9 cm
-[on sketch] 'B / B' (pencil note)

Architectural drawings of the Temple of Olympian Zeus at Agrigento, Sicily (Italy), with measurements

Architectural drawings of the Temple of Olympian Zeus at Agrigento, Sicily (Italy), with measurements:
-blue ink sketches on tracing paper
-49.4 x 44.2 cm
-[on sketch] 'Plan of half the Temple of Jupiter Olympius at Agrigentum.' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Length of side 369.5' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Length of End 182.8' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Windows' / 'Profile' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Centre not roof?' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Elevation within the Centre or nave.' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Section of outer wall Large scale.' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Elevation Large scale.' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Restoration of the Temple of Jup. Olympius Agrigentum' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'with comparison of relative scale of Temple of Concord at Agrigentum & Parthenon at Athens.' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Temple of Concord Agrigentum.' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Parthenon at Athens.' (ink note)

Asyut, Eurasian oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus)

Eurasian oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus) at Asyut:
-mounted, together with Lloyd MSS 033
-17.4 x 12.1 cm
-[on mount] 'Shot near the Nile.' (ink note)
-[on mount] encircled '32' (pencil note)
-[on verso of watercolour] 'Shot near Siut on the Nile. / '22 April 1843' (pencil note)
-[on verso of watercolour] 'It has webbed feet and / the beak is very singular. / The size is about half as / large again as the Sterna / Nilotica' (pencil note)

Athens, no date

Letter from T. E. Peet to Lawrence W. Grensted. Athens, no date (no envelope). Comments on literature (Shakespeare, novels); reference to his work on Cycladic and Mycenaean period.

Author A-B

Material relating to:
Ainalof: Vyz Vrewm IX138 on Strygowsky
Ainalof: Vyz Vrem IX152 on de Buck
Bell / Thompson: “A Greek/Coptic Glossary to Hosea and Amos” JEA XI (1925), 151 ff.
Bouriant: Rec. XI132-135

Author H-L

Material relating to:
Hall: “Two Coptic Acknowledgements of Loans” PSBA XXXIII
Heer: “Neue Griechische Koptische Evangelien Fragmente”
Jernsted: “Die Koptischen Papyri des Asiatischen Museums”
Krall: “Neue Koptische und Griechische Papyrus”
Lopareff: review: The Christian East - the Patriachate of Alexandria I
Lange: “Ein Faijumischer Beschwörungstext” Studies Presented to F. Ll. Griffith, 162ff.
Munier: “Les Actes du Martyre de Saint Isidore” BIF XIV pp. 97 ff.
Libri: Mons. Inédits 1862 XXXIX

Author P-T

Pellegrini “Piccoli Testi Copto-sa’îdici del Museo Archeologico di Firenze” Sphinx X
Piehl “Ostracon Piehl no. 1” Sphinx VI p.60
Reitzenstein: “2 Religionsgeschichtliche Fragen”
St. Paul Girard: “Ostracon from Mazoura” ASAE. XXVII 62
Schmidt: “Das Koptische Didache - Fragment des British Museum” ZNTW XXIV (1925) 81 ff.
Schmidt: “Die Paulusacten” Neue Heidelberger Jahrbücher VII (1897) 117 ff.
Till: “Zu Wiener koptischen Zaubertexten” Orientalia IV (1935) 195 ff.

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