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Walter Ewing Crum Collection
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Notebook 62

Tracings of White Monastery MSS in the British Museum.
Copies of Hieroglyphic texts.

Notebook 61

Michigan [..damage to photocopy..]yrien - copy of French text (from published work).
Copy of papyrus “Demotic - Magic[…])
Bibliography of Crum’s works, see JEA 25 (1939), 134-8.

Notebook 60

Copies of papyri and ostraca:
(a) British Museum ostraca, mostly published Coptic and Greek texts of the Christian Period from Ostraka, Stelae, etc. in the British Museum (London, 1905) [see also CRUM MSS 11.39 and Notebook 22]
(b) Papyri: Colin Campbell.
(c) Ostraca: Colin Campbell.
(d) Ostraca from Evelyn-White (now Bodleian).
(e) Papyri at Alexandria published Wintedt and de Ricci in Sphinx X.
(f) Bodleian inscriptions 9, 11, 12, 13, 79.
(g) Further ostraca of Colin Campbell.
(h) Tax receipts from Crum and Thompson and N. de G. Davies (now in Bodleian).
(i) Ostraca from Evelyn-White (now in Bodleian).
(j) Jéquier’s ostraca (mostly published W. E. Crum, Short Texts from Coptic Papyri and Ostraca (London, 1921)) [see also CRUM MSS 11.32 and Notebooks 37, 51, and 93]
(k) Petrie’s ostraca, mostly published W. E. Crum, Coptic ostraca (London, 1902) [see also CRUM MSS 11.25-6 and Notebook 3]
(l) Steindorff’s ostraca, mostly published W. E. Crum, Coptic ostraca (London, 1902) [see also CRUM MSS 11.25-6 and Notebook 3]
(m) Brussels ostraca.
(n) R. Mond ostraca (now in Bodleian) mostly published W. E. Crum, Coptic ostraca (London, 1902). [see also CRUM MSS 11.25-6 and Notebook 3]
(o) University College London ostraca.
(p) N. de G. Davies ostraca (now in Bodleian).
(q) Ayrton’s ostraca.

Notebook 59

Classified notes etc. on: Theology; History and Biography; Geography - Egyptian and non-Egyptian; Chronology; Philology; Palaeography and scribes; Bibliography; Archaeology; Miscellaneous.

Notebook 58

British Library Or. 4723 (Arabic), translation of fols 23b - 40a and notes on fols 45b & 46b.
British Library Or. 686 (Ethiopic), analysis of fols 258b - 266b.
British Library Or. 692 (Ethiopic), analysis of fols 116a - 126b. Copy of Paris Arabe 251 fol 323 ff.
Various notes for W. E. Crum, The canons of Athanasius of Alexandria. The Arabic and Coptic versions (London, 1904).

Notebook 57

Michigan 6558 - 6867 (non-literary) copies; most of these since published in Worrell, Coptic Texts.

Notebook 53

Crum’s copy of text published by Schmidt: 1. Festbrief in Göttinger Nachrichten 1898 pp. 167 ff.

Notebook 51

Copies of ostraca mostly published in W. E. Crum, Short Texts from Coptic Papyri and Ostraca (London, 1921) as ‘Crum - Wessely’ [and W. C. Till, Die koptischen Ostraka der Papyrussammlung der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek (Wien, 1960).

Notebook 49

List of books slipped by various scholars for Dictionary.
Expenses for Dictionary.

Notebook 47

Miscellaneous notes for Crum, ‘Coptic Documents in Greek script’.
List of Fayyumic located texts.

Notebook 46

Coislin 126ff. 244-311 analysis (Apophthegmata).
Burney 50 analysis.
Paris 43, sequence of pages.

Notebook 45

Greek words in Coptic texts CSCO 43 (Hyvernat & Balestri, Acta Martyrum) [see also CRUM MSS 11.43 and Notebook 4].
Budge, Coptic Homilies [see also CRUM MSS 11.11].
Missoin Francaise IV pt. II.

Notebook 44

Copies of Rustafjael ostraca in British Library ([Or.] 44720-44822).
List of numerical equation from publication and list of place names.

Notebook 40

Copies of MSS at Innsbruck (literary).
Pesynthian letters in RE IX & X analysis = E. Revillout, 'Textes coptes. Extraits de la correspondence de St. Pesunthius, évêque de Coptos, et de plusieurs documents analogues (juridiques et économique)', Revue d'Égyptologie 9 (1900) 133-177) and 10 (1902), 34-47 [no notes on 14 (1914), 22-32].

Notebook 4

Balestri/Hyvernat, Acta Martyrum.
Notes on Schwartze’s copies of Lee MSS. and whereabouts of these MSS.

Notebook 38

Extracts from ‘Book of Governors’.
Certain words in C. Butler, The Lausiac History of Palladius.
Certain Greek words from Oxyrhynchus Papyri and PSI.

Notebook 37

Notes on British Library Or. 8664 (Shenoute).
W. E. Crum, Short Texts from Coptic Papyri and Ostraca (London, 1921) - numerical equations.

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