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Jaroslav Černý Collection
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Middleton, Russell - correspondence

1 letter from Middleton, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý to Middleton.
Consanguineous marriage in antiquity and some papyrological questions. For the latter, Černý recommended contacting Claire Préaux.

Miller, John Innes - correspondence

2 letters from Miller, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý's secretary sent in his absence.
Miller's studies of the spice trade, Egyptian words denoting cassia and cinnamon.

Nevinson, J. L. - correspondence

1 letter from Nevinson, 3 carbon copies of letters from Černý to Nevinson.
Černý's participation in the UNESCO mission in Nubia, includes a brief report from the 1956 season.

Nobel Prize Committee - correspondence

2 letters from the Nobel Prize Committee, 2 carbon copies of letters from Černý to the Nobel Prize Committee.
Nobel Prize Committee asking for Černý's nominations for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1964 and 1966. For 1964, Černý proposed Jean-Paul Sartre; in 1966, he declined, citing extensive fieldwork preparations as a priority.

Piankoff, Alexandre - correspondence

8 letters from Piankoff, 6 carbon copies of letters from Černý to Piankoff.
Book exchange, Černý's work on ostraca, as well as personal matters.

Pinero, Enrique J. - correspondence

5 letters from Pinero, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý's secretary, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý to Pinero.
Correspondence with an Argentinian Egyptologist.

Poellnitz, F. - correspondence

1 letter from Poellnitz, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Barbara Sewell (Griffith Institute secretary), sent in Černý's absence.
Book exchange and a visit to Oxford by Poellnitz.

Polotsky, Hans Jacob - correspondence

7 letters from Polotsky, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý's secretary to Polotsky, sent in Černý's absence.
Professional as well personal matters:
-Coptic etymologies
-travels of Polotsky and Černý
-1968, an oblique reference to the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia

Rutherford, Adam - correspondence

3 letters from Rutherford.
Mapping of Wadi Hammamat (TopBib vii.328-337), inscriptions from the Persian period, and a study of Egyptian units of measurement.

Hlouškovi family - correspondence

2 letters from the Hlouškovi family to Černý'.
The Hlouškovi family, who lived in Boskovice (Moravia), were related to Marie Sargant (Černý's future wife).
Personal matters.

Sargant, Anna - correspondence

1 note from Anna Sargant (future step-daughter of Černý), on an envelope of a letter from Marie Sargant (future wife of Černý).

Scamuzzi, Ernesto - correspondence

6 letters from Scamuzzi, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý to Scamuzzi.
-objects in the Museo Egizio, Turin
-Černý's planned visits
-exchange of publications

Schott, Siegfried - correspondence

6 letters from Schott, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý to Schott.
Book and off-print exchange and professional matters; congratulations on Černý's seventieth birthday.

Sewell, Barbara - correspondence

10 letters from Barbara Sewell, Assistant Secretary, Griffith Institute.
Departmental matters at the Griffith Institute, which Sewell reported to Černý during his absences, contents of correspondence that arrived when Černý was outside Oxford; personal matters.

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