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Percy Edward Newberry Collection
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Pratt, A. T. Camden - correspondence

Correspondence from A. T. Camden Pratt (Editor of “The Globe”) relating to contributions from Newberry.

MSS 35/69 incomplete and MSS 35/70 includes notes and calculations on the back.

MSS 35/69 is also numbered 12a
MSS 35/70 is also numbered 12
MSS 35/71 is also numbered 12

Quibell, Annie A. - correspondence

Correspondence from Annie A. Quibell (neé Pirie, wife of James Edward Quibell) (d.1927) including relating to a fragment of Mentuemhat with copy of the inscription, family news including of her husband James Edward Quibell, congratulations on Newberry's marriage (1907), introducing a Mrs Cox, and buying ink (1900).

MSS 38/1 is also numbered A.271
MSS 38/2 is also numbered 4
MSS 38/22 is also numbered 37

Rylands, William Harry - correspondence

Correspondence from William Harry Rylands (1847-1922) relating to contributions from Newberry to the Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology.

MSS 38/104 is also numbered 40
MSS 38/105 is also numbered 41

Seligman, Charles Gabriel - correspondence

Correspondence Charles Gabriel Seligman including relating to his and Newberry's research from research. Includes correspondence on: totemism and animal cults (1912); Faragab (1915); the Sed festival (1923 and 1933); iron (1924); wearing of the rahat and wedding ceremonies in Sudan (1927); milk customs (1927); E. E. Evans-Pritchard and his appointment as Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Egyptian University, Cairo (1931); Ritchie's analysis of Newberry's collection of ancient Egyptian glass; gardening and sending seeds; Newberry's paper on olives and his reference to a camel stick (1938).

Also includes two letters from Seligman's wife, Brenda, on the practise of incision and the health of 'Sligs' (1926).

MSS 39/66 is also numbered 39
MSS 39/67 is also numbered 249
MSS 39/70 is also numbered 247
MSS 39/73 is also numbered 207

Shaw, Mary Stout - correspondence

Correspondence from Mary Stout Shaw including relating to travel, research on shabtis and persea wood, and requesting an article for inclusion in a book on Egyptian gardens with draft reply from Newberry.

Smith, (Sir) Grafton Elliot - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Grafton Elliot Smith (1871-1937) including relating to research on Akhenaton and the 18th Dynasty.

Also includes correspondence relating to Newberry's wish to endow an annual lecture, administered by the Royal Society, on eugenics and the problems of inheritance including extract of a letter from Professor Elliot Smith and letter introducing Newberry to Dr. Dale (Medical Research Council).

MSS 40/58 is also numbered A.377
MSS 40/60 is also numbered A.79
MSS 40/61 is also numbered 6
MSS 40/67 is also numbered A.110

Spencer, (Lady) Sarah Isabella - correspondence

Correspondence from Lady Sarah Isabella Spencer (d.1919) (Daughter of 4th Earl Spencer) including relating to a book she is writing on Thomas Carlyle, the health of her brother and asking about the source of various quotes.

MSS 41/5 is also numbered A.338

The Editor of Nature - correspondence

Correspondence from the Editor of Nature relating to the publication of Newberry's presidential address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1923), and obituaries of Sir Robert Mond (1938) and Howard Carter (1939).

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