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-Giza Museum.
-Handwritten by W. M. Flinders Petrie.
-'Photographs from the Ghizeh Museum'
-'This museum is not only shamefully perilous, in view of a fire occurring, but it is also altogether unsuitable for a collection. There is but one hall where any top light can be obtained for sculpture; and everywhere else side lights, often of most inappropriate kinds, make it difficult to see sculptures, & almost hopeless to photograph them. The insecurity of the cases makes it needful to keep them screwed up & pad locked, so that it is very troublesome to open any case.
-These photographs are very far from being what they should be; but their defects are largely due to the miserable light, & the need of frequently photographing through glass cases.
-I have to thank the curator, Brugsch Bey, for granting me permission to photograph whatever I desired. These were done in the course of three days.'

Page 30

-Giza Museum.
-501 Primitive granite statue Memphis (catalogue No 1.)
-502 Head of Hesi (cat. 2)
-503 Head of Hesi. (catalogue 2)
-504 Head of Hesi.

Page 31

-Giza Museum.
-505 Detail of panel of Hesi.
-506 Painting of geese Medum. (cat. 3) (under glass)
-507 Fresco of geese. Medum.
-508 Fresco of geese (cat. 3)

Page 32

-Giza Museum.
-509 Sam of throne of Khafra. (cat. 64)
-510 Sam on throne of Khafra (cat. 64)
-511 Sam on throne of basalt Khafra. (cat 42)
-512 Sam on throne of basalt Khafra. (cat 46)

Page 33

-Giza Museum.
-513 Wife of the "Wooden Man" (cat 35)
-514 Statue of Menkaura: (diorite) (cat 40)
-515 Statue of Userenra red granite (cat 39)
-517 Part of alabaster vase of Pepy / Alabaster cup of Merenra (cat 58) (in glass case)

Page 34

-Giza Museum.
-519-520 Granite statue of Sedenmat. (Cat. 76)
-521-2 Granite statue of the dd-mer Maa-nefer [E17-K1:N36-U1-F35-f:r]. (not in catalogue, old no. 926.)

Page 35

-Giza Museum.
-523-4 Nameless statue of limestone, remarkable for detail of shoulders. Salle 2
-525-6 Statue of Anskha (circumcised) [D35-s-M12-H8-A]. Cat. 20.

Page 36

-Giza Museum.
-527-8 Statue of a scribe found in 1893 at Sakkara. (in glass case)
-529-30 Kneeling figure. (cat. 89) (in glass case)

Page 37

-Giza Museum.
-531-2 Statue of Ata [i-t-i]. (not in cat. old no. 6944)
-533 Two statues. Salle 7
-534 Corn grinder. Salle 7 (in glass case)

Page 38

-Giza Museum.
-535 Seated figure, found 1893. (in glass case)
-536 Statue of Atep. (cat. 21) [i-t:p]
-537 Group of family - Salle 2 - man [h-t:n-A50A-s-i] wife [O10-n:D28-D28:D28] boy [R11-A50A-A50A-p-w-A]
-538 Head of Ptahshepses. Salle 2.

Page 39

-Giza Museum.
-539 Nameless granite statue. Salle 39
-540 Small hard stone statue. (old nos 516 3911) (in glass case)
-541 Statue of Nefert nef. [F35-r-t:n:f]
-542 Figure of Apa [i-p-i], with open work. (cat 82)

Page 40

-Giza Museum.
-543 Stela of [H-w-O7-O7-U33] and [k:t-i-s-n]. Salle 2
-544 Hotepheres [R4:(t*p)-Hr:r-s] & Ahat her daur. Ahat [i-H-A-t] & Sitmert [G39&t-U6-r:t] (Cat 23)
-545 Heknu and Ata performing. Stele of Ahat. (Cat 23)
-546 Lower part of stela of Shery [S:r-i-i] (rest of tomb at Florence & Oxford) (Cat.13)

Page 42

-Giza Museum.
-551 Sculptors (cat. 83)
-553 Stele of [i-d-A17-i-i] (old no. 6963).
-554 Stele of Neternefer. [R8-F35-f:r]. (cat 63)
-555 Altar with sculpture of tank in which is the depth of water stated for different seasons. Inscriptions in tank [1-1-.-1-1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-?-M8F(?) / 1-1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-r-? / 1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-n-?]

Page 43

-Giza Museum.
-556 Carved wooden head. (Cat 908) called "Saitic", but pobably XII dyn. (in glass case)
-557 Black stone bowl with figures in boat. (in glass case) Salle 70
-558 Mummy of Ament priestess of Hathor, with original bead necklace. (in glass case) (Cat 115) She has original tattoo lines across the stomach, like a modern Sudanic.
-559 Remains of the stele of king Antef & dogs. (Cat 112)

Page 46

-Giza Museum.
-569 Group of heads of "Hyksos" type. Tanis. (cat. 138)
-564 Stele painted & partly engraved. Salle 25
-571 Painted limestone, Amenhotep I (under glass) (cat. 538)
-572. Fragment of stele, Amenhotep I. cat 693. (in glass case)

Page 47

-Giza Museum.
-573 Enigmatical inscription of Tahutmes I. (cat 159)
-574 Queen of Pun (cat 236) (now placed about 7 feet high)
-575 Trial piece of Tahutmes III. &c. Salle 55
-576 Colossal red granite head. Court 26.

Page 48

-Giza Museum.
-577-8 Black granite bust of a King (XVIII dynasty ?) (in a dark corner).
-579 Glazed vase of Amenhotep III (in glass case) (cat. 747)
-580 Glazed ushabti of Ptahmes. (in glass case) (cat. 891)

Page 50

-Giza Museum.
-583-4 Head of a king in sandstone painted. (? Tutankhamen or Ay ?)
-586 Sculptor chiselling a shrine. (Cat. 169)
-587 Funeral of Hor Min. (Cat 172)

Page 51

-Giza Museum.
-588 Butler, & girl dancing (after tasting the wine?) cat. 171
-589 Zay & Naia: late XVIII dyn. (cat 179)
-590-1 Head of Zay, a perfect example of the refined type of the XVIIIth dynasty. (but in an atrocious light) (cat. 179)

Page 52

-Giza Museum.
-593-4 Alabaster head of a king [Horemheb ? (crossed out)]. In glass case. (Cat 689)
-595 Back of chair, Senezem. (cat. 522) (in glass case)
-590 [sic = 596] Stele of Ptah du. [p:t-H-D37:D40] near no. 179

Page 54

-Giza Museum.
-600-1 Painted wooden door of Sennezem. (cat. 467) (taken askew to obtain room for the camera) [repeated]
-603 Scribe Amenhotep. painting on limestone. (cat. 544)
-604. Anubis, on limestone. (cat. 525)

Page 55

-Giza Museum.
-605 Ramessu IV & his lion, chasing Syrians, outline on limestone. (cat. 527)
-606 Dog hunting a lion. Red outline on limestone (cat. 528)
-607 Glazed inlays of Ramessu III Tell el Yehudiyeh. (cat. 472)
-608. "Fragments d'autels (?)" or tops of palm leaf capitals inverted.? Restored. In glass case. (cat. 463)

Page 56

-Giza Museum.
-609 Black granite head of Taharka? (cat. 164)
-610 Nitakert offering to Amen & Khousu (cat. 260)
-611 Stele of Nekau Stele 37th yr of Sheshenk IV (cat 1079 1080)
-612 Psamtik adoring. Salle 32

Page 60

-Giza Museum.
-623 Stela of Alexander Aegus. dedicated by Ptolemy I. (cat. 283)
-624 [626 in pencil] Porphyry colossus of a Roman Emporer. Alexandria. (cat. 298)

Page 44

-Giza Museum.
-560 Nefert, queen of Usertesen II. (cat 122)
-561 Nefert. broken statue (cat. 122)
-562 Nefert: broken statue. (cat. 122)
-563 Sphinx of Sebekhotep III, & statues of XII dyn. (cat. 144)

Page 41

-Giza Museum.
-547 Uaset.ankh [M13-t-S34] Salle 2
-548 Boatmen (under No 93 cat.)
-549 Fight of boatmen. (Cat. 94)
-550 Man seized by baboon. (over 93 cat.)

Page 45

-Giza Museum.
-566 Head of "Hyksos" from Bubastis (cat 124)
-565 Head of "Hysos" Bubastis (cat. 124)
-567-8 Granite statue from Medinet Fayum. "Hyksos". cat. 137.

Page 49

-Giza Museum.
-581 Granite head of a king (Seti I ??) (in glass case, by no. 693) [like Nekhtnebf L.D 301] [Horemheb see Prisse 38]
-582 Stela of Akhenaten.
-585 Head of a regnant queen. (cat 553) painted on limestone. (? Hatshepsut)
-592 Statue of a scribe. (cat. 205)

Page 53

-Giza Museum.
-597-8. Colossal head of Ramessu II (cat 166)
-599 Heads of Asiatic & Negro, altar of Ramessu II. (cat 699)
-602 Rushwork stand, baskets &c. In glass case. (cat. 508)

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