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"Old King Tut Was a Wise Old Nut"

  • Commercially produced printed sheet music.
  • "Old King Tut Was a Wise Old Nut".
    • Lyric by Roger Lewis, Music by Lucien Denni.
    • Kansas City, MO: J. W. Jenkins Sons Music Co.
    • 1923.
  • 6-pages.

"The Murder of King Tut"

  • A complete set of 5 comic books, including two copies of #1 featuring alternative cover illustrations
  • James Patterson, The Murder of King Tut.
    • Adaptation of the novel The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson and Martin Dugard, set in the time of Tutankhamun and follows Howard Carter's search for the King's tomb.
  • IDW Publishing, San Diego.

"Tu tanks have just arrived"

  • Comic postcard.
  • "Tu tanks have just arrived!".
  • Issued by Inter-Art Co., London.
  • "Comique" Series no. 4491.
  • Mailed on Thursday, 27 May 1926.
  • Postcard sent by R. Wilman to Miss D. Dixon, 7 Victoria Buildings, Morecambe.

"Tut" game, Tutankhamun-related

  • "Tut" boxed game containing:
    • 1 wood three-tiered tower
    • 28 counters: 4 squidgers (1 of each: blue, red, white, yellow) and 24 winks (5 blue, 6 red, 7 white, 6 yellow)
    • Printed instruction sheet

"Tut-Ankh-Amen (in the Valley of the Kings)"

  • Commercially produced printed sheet music.
  • "Tut-Ankh-Amen (in the Valley of the Kings)".
    • Song, Lyric and Music by Carlo and Sanders.
    • New York & Detroit: Jerome H. Remick & Co.
    • 1923.
  • 6-pages.
  • 2 copies: 1 complete and one incomplete (cover+page 2).

"Tutankamen in the Case with Cleopatra again!"

  • Comic postcard.
  • "What do yer think, Bill? —when I opened up this morning, there was Tutankamen in the Case with Cleopatra again!".
  • Issued by Micks Comics.
  • 110.
  • Published by E. A. Eden (Offset) Ltd, [London].
  • Printed in England.
  • Not mailed.


  • Commercially produced printed sheet music.
  • "Tutankhamen".
    • Written and Composed by Hebe Mack.
    • London: G. J. Cramer & Co. Ltd.
    • 1923.
  • 6-pages.

'Egypt in Tears'. Kneeling woman holding a flower in front of Pyramid complex at Giza

'Egypt in Tears'. Encircled design of kneeling woman holding a flower in front of Pyramid complex at Giza, and studies of hands, flower, column and legs:

  • pencil sketches, pencil and brown watercolour drawing (woman) and inked sketch (hands) on paper
  • loose
  • 18.4 x 22.6 cm
  • [on sketches] 'Au' (pencil note)
  • [on verso] 'EGYPT IN TEARS' (pencil note)

'Heretic Family' (Amarna Period)

Howard Carter's manuscript and typescript records on the 'Heretic Family' (Amarna period kings), part of Carter's records on the royal genealogy of the late 18th Dynasty. This group includes:

  • Typewritten genealogical table (folding) for Amenophis III (Amenhotep III), Amenophis IV (Amenhotep IV; Akhenaton; Ikhnaton), Smenkhkare, and Tutankhamun. Accompanied by 5 typewritten pages of accompanying notes, incorporating the comments of Dr Douglas Derry and Carter
  • Typewritten table with dates of accession and death for 18th Dynasty kings, excluding Neferneferuaten and Haremhab (Horemheb). - Accompanied by several pages of manuscript notes on regnal years, relevant bibliography, and miscellaneous notes
  • Letter to Carter from H. E. Winlock, dated 20-12-1925, regarding a discussion on Tutankhamun's parentage
  • Notes on dated monuments of Amenophis IV (Amenhotep IV; Akhenaton; Ikhnaton)
  • Letter to Carter from P. E. Newberry, dated 20-12-1931, responding to Carter's enquiry whether Amenophis III (Amenhotep III) had a son named Thutmose, off-print enclosed of Newberry, Percy E. 1928. 'The sons of Tuthmosis IV'. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 14 (1/2), pp. 82-85 figs pl. xii (OEB 146401).

'It is our father who writes'

Material for projected book on It is our father who writes: Orders from the Archimandrite’s office at the Monastery of Apollo at Bawit.
Manuscript with photocopies of illustrations, correspondence concerning papyrus Jonathan Byrd 36.2 and other papyri, and annotated photocopied articles.

'Tutankhamun: Excavating the Archive' exhibition, Weston Library, 2022–2023: related material

  • 'Tutankhamun: Excavating the Archive' exhibition at the Weston Library, Oxford, 13 April 2022 – 5 February 2023.
  • Featuring material from the Tutankhamun Archive and other collections in the Griffith Institute.
  • Posters, flyers, display materials, merchandising products, ephemera, and other memorabilia.
    1. Textile poster.
    2. Five text panels ('Introduction', 'Timeline', 'Griffith Institute', 'Curators’ Audio Highlights', 'Howard Carter portrait'), both textile and board.
    3. Caption texts for all sixteen showcases.
    4. Three textile banners.
    5. Image facsimiles, both original size and enlargements.
    6. QR codes for the audio guide.
    7. Reduced copy of Carter’s portrait.
    8. Replica of wreath placed on the forehead of the king’s outer coffin, made by The Garden of Oxford (Covered Market) and used in a ceremony held on 4 November 2022, where it was laid down by Ahdaf Soueif.
    9. Materials used in a 'Touch Tour' for the Blind and Partially Sighted / Visually Impaired on 13 October 2022.
    10. Free standing showcase cover design.
    11. Folder/package of posters, flyers, and other memorabilia and ephemera.
    12. Selection of merchandising products: bag, fridge magnets, postcards, book mark, and notebook.

And Seven Shall Die

  • Wolf, Victoria.
  • And Seven Shall Die.
  • Translated by Dora H. Demuth.
  • Hammond, Hammond and Company Ltd., London, 1943.
  • Fiction novel based on the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.
  • 295 pages.

The Times Tutankhamun photographs, contact prints

  • Set of contact prints made from The Times Tutankhamun photographs.
  • Most of the photographs were taken by The Times photographer.
  • There are also a significant number of copies of Harry Burton's photographs within this group.
  • Many of the contact prints are made from 35mm film, as well as a variety of larger prints.

The Tomb of Tut-ankh-amen: statement with documents

  • P. E. Newberry's copy of The Tomb of Tut-ankh-amen: Statement with documents, as to the events which occurred in Egypt in the Winter of 1923-24 leading to the ultimate break with the Egyptian Government.
  • "Published for private circulation only by Cassell and Company, London, etc. 1924."
  • Incorporates Howard Carter's original documentation, see TAA ii.21.

Carter, Howard

The Tomb of Tut-ankh-amen: statement with documents: original documentation used for

  • Letters and documents relating to Howard Carter's dispute with the Egyptian Government after the European team members' wives were barred from entering the tomb to view the contents of Tutankhamun's sarcophagus after the lid had been lifted (12 February 1924).
  • The dispute on the following day, 13 February 1924, eventually resulted in Howard Carter and the rest of the team being locked out of the tomb until 13 January 1925.
  • Includes correspondence between Sir Alan Gardiner and the Foreign Office, Egyptologists and others in 1924.
  • Referred to as the "Carter Affair" or "Tutankhamun Affair".

Trésor de Toutankhamon

  • Trésor de Toutankhamon
  • Paris: Laboratoires Dausse, [1965].
  • Photographs by F. L. Kenett – © George Rainbird Ltd 1963, Vie et mort d’un pharaon, Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt, Hachette.
  • Set of colour plates featuring objects from the tomb.
  • From an original set of 20, full set except for nos. 1, 2, and 20. There are two copies of no. 9.
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