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Notebook Černý MSS 17.130

Various New Kingdom texts:

  • monuments from Uppsala, Victoriamuseet för Egyptiska fornsaker
  • hieratic text in Tura quarries
  • a group of records created from older notes including objects seen with dealers in Berlin, Akhmim and Cairo
  • copied from publications
  • copied from A. H. Gardiner's notes
  • note with a query concerning a graffito from Thebes

Jaroslav Černý Collection

  • Černý MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1918-1988

Notebooks, notes, card indexes, copies of inscriptions, a corpus of transcribed hieratic ostraca and papyri, photographs, correspondence, and personal items.

  • Series 1 to 4, 6, 7 contain photographs, copies, transcriptions and translations of Egyptian texts, and photographs of objects and sites.
  • Series 5 contains articles and lectures, some unpublished.
  • Series 5 and 10 contain notes on Egyptian history.
  • Series 8, 14, 22, 24, 26 contain notes and indexes on lexicography and grammar and card indexes for a late Egyptian and general hieroglyphic dictionary.
  • Series 17 contains notebooks with transcriptions of texts from ostraca, graffiti, papyri and other monuments. There is a card index of ostraca with references to notebooks in series 28.
  • Series 18 and 23 contain Coptic notes and a card index for Coptic grammar.
  • Series 25 contains data on Egyptian personal names.
  • Series 33 is an etymological card index.

Černý, Jaroslav

Yates Negatives Collection

  • Yates MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1890s

118 glass stereoscopic plate negatives. Most show sites in and around

  • Cairo, in and around
    • General views of Cairo
    • Street views
    • Tombs of the Caliphs
    • Tombs of the Mamelukes
    • Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Hasan
    • Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Barquq
    • Tomb of Abouseer
    • Mosque of Khat Bey
    • Al-Hakim Mosque
    • Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha
    • The Citadel
  • Other sites in Egypt
    • 'Tombs at Thebes'
    • 'Rocks of Abusir', Second Cataract
    • 'Arab village'
  • Outside Egypt, mostly Israel and Palestine:
    • Bethlehem
    • Jacob's Well
    • Mount Tabor

Yates, Miss ?

John Gardner Wilkinson Collection

  • Wilkinson J. G. MSS
  • Coleção

Journal 1841-1842 and some correspondence.

Wilkinson, (Sir) John Gardner

Merchandise pamphlet

Merchandise pamphlet for the 'Treasures of Tutankhamun' exhibition at the British Museum in 1972.

  • 1 printed, gatefold pamphlet with a list of merchandise, some items illustrated with line drawings

"A Dream comes to Tutankhamen"

  • Comic postcard.
  • "A Dream comes to Tutankhamen."
  • Image signed: "H.S."
  • Published by Gaddis & Seif, Luxor.
  • Not mailed.

"Tutankamen in the Case with Cleopatra again!"

  • Comic postcard.
  • "What do yer think, Bill? —when I opened up this morning, there was Tutankamen in the Case with Cleopatra again!".
  • Issued by Micks Comics.
  • 110.
  • Published by E. A. Eden (Offset) Ltd, [London].
  • Printed in England.
  • Not mailed.

"Tu tanks have just arrived"

  • Comic postcard.
  • "Tu tanks have just arrived!".
  • Issued by Inter-Art Co., London.
  • "Comique" Series no. 4491.
  • Mailed on Thursday, 27 May 1926.
  • Postcard sent by R. Wilman to Miss D. Dixon, 7 Victoria Buildings, Morecambe.

Lantern slides

Howard Carter's lantern slides featuring Harry Burton's photographs taken during the excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb.

  • A twelve-drawered wood chest containing over 600 glass lantern slides
  • Belonging to Howard Carter.
  • The lantern slides were made from Harry Burton's images.
  • Used by Carter in his lectures.

Burton, Harry

Ten photograph albums

Ten albums containing original photographic prints made by Harry Burton [TAA i.6.1-10].

  • Arranged by chamber and by object type
  • Annotated headings and negative numbers, probably by Harry Burton or his wife Minnie B.
  • Howard Carter's set of albums

Originally belonging to Howard Carter.

Burton, Harry

Burton negatives - small glass plate

Harry Burton's small glass plate negatives

Howard Carter's negatives

Later film negatives, made from original Burton photographs

  • Some are original Harry Burton negatives.
  • Carter's negatives are views of the area around the tomb entrance and the outer sealed doorway when the tomb was found in 1922 and before Burton joined the Tutankhamun excavation team in December 1922.
  • Glass and film negatives.
  • Approximately 1000 negatives (400 glass and 600 film)
  • Number ranges 1-2024 and i-xcvii
  • The negative number ranges comprise both the small and large negatives (large, see TAA i.5)
  • A few original negatives in this series were created by Howard Carter, see above.
  • Many of the negatives were made later in the Ashmolean Museum photographic studio from photographs supplied by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, following an exchange of images in the 1950s.
  • Includes modern film negatives made in the Ashmolean Museum photographic studio from the original Harry Burton photographic prints in the Tutankhamun Archive, Griffith Institute.

Burton negatives - large glass plate

Harry Burton's large glass plate negatives.

  • Taken by Harry Burton during the excavation, clearance and recording of Tutankhamun's tomb
  • Approximately 860 negatives
  • Number ranges 1-2024 and i-xcvii
  • The negative number ranges comprise both the small and large negatives (small, see TAA i.6)

Burton, Harry

Drawings of objects found on Tutankhamun's body, created by Howard Carter

Howard Carter's "autopsy" drawings, recording objects in situ on Tutankhamun's body and within the body wrappings.

  • 18 annotated pencil drawings of groups of objects found in the body wrappings and on the body of Tutankhamun, recorded during the autopsy of the King's body, 11-19 November 1925
  • All by Howard Carter

Carter, Howard

Chariots: Tutankhamun excavation documentation - Carter's notes for planned publication

Chariots. Howard Carter's collected notes for the intended scientific publication of Tutankhamun's tomb.

  • Includes Carter's drawings with reconstructions of the chariots and harnesses, comparisons with chariots from other tombs and depictions of chariots from temple and tomb wall scenes.
  • An essay on Tutankhamun's chariots (TAA i.3.8.10-17), based on Howard Carter's notes, probably edited by Mrs Jane Waley in 1946-1947. Mrs Waley worked for the Griffith Institute and created the first catalogue for the Tutankhamun records.

Carter, Howard

Canopic equipment: Tutankhamun excavation documentation - Carter's notes for planned publication

Canopic equipment. Howard Carter's collected notes for the intended scientific publication of Tutankhamun's tomb.

  • Carter's eight annotated typewritten pages with a description of the equipment and two scale drawings:
    • Carter's typewritten report on the canopic equipment;
    • Carter's typescript notes on the miniature gold coffin from the north-east receptacle;
    • Carter's drawing, the canopic canopy (266), shrine (266a), and chest (266b), plan with orientation, position of the goddess statues, scenes on shrine noting goddesses and genii, etc.;
    • Carter's drawing, section showing the canopic canopy (266), shrine (266a), and chest (266b).

Carter, Howard

Seal impressions: Tutankhamun excavation documentation - Carter's notes for planned publication

Seal impressions. Howard Carter's collected notes for the intended scientific publication of Tutankhamun's tomb.

  • i. Letters from James Henry Breasted to Howard Carter, 1923, on an article in Harpers Magazine, and Tutankhamun's seal impressions.
  • ii. James Henry Breasted's manuscript report on the eight types of seal impression found in Tutankhamun's tomb and 2 letters from Breasted to Carter dated 03-01-1923 and 15-02-1923.
  • iii, iv. Two folders marked "Seals A-H" and "Seals I-S", Carter's annotated typewritten reports with his draft and finished pencil drawings of each type of seal impression, with some manuscript and a few typewritten notes.
  • v. One record card with notes on seals, extracted from a letter from Breasted, dated 16-03-1923, copied by A. C. Mace.
  • Later typed note, dated 1960, with A. H. Gardiner's translation for Seal C.
  • Annotated photograph (Burton (sic) P0274b), almost certainly taken by Carter, of the outermost doorway showing the blocking intact with seals.

Breasted, James Henry

Howard Carter's diary for 1922

Howard Carter's appointment diary for 1922

  • Letts's - No. 46 - Indian and Colonial - Rough Diary - 1922
  • Carter's activities in Egypt include departures and arrivals, lunch appointments, meetings with officials and colleagues, and his excavations
  • Contains the first records on the tomb of Tutankhamun and its discovery
  • Significant dates include:
    • 4th November 1922: "First steps of tomb found"
    • 5th November 1922: "Discovered tomb under tomb of Ramses VI Investigated same & found seals intact."
    • 26th November 1922: "Open second doorway about 2 4 5 pm. Advised Engelbach."

Carter, Howard

Journal: 1922-1925 (1st to 3rd seasons)

Tutankhamun excavation journal 1922-1925, and miscellaneous notes

  • 148 numbered pages
  • Manuscript entries, with some drawings and pages with affixed newspaper cuttings

Howard Carter's excavation journal for the tomb of Tutankhamun, 1922-1925, covering the first-third seasons

  • Most entries are by Carter
  • Entries between December 5th and 27th, 1922 (pages 43 to 47) are by Arthur Mace

Also, Carter's miscellaneous notes on Tutankhamun and other subjects:

  • Notes on Synopsis
  • The Legend of Osiris
  • Nomenclature of certain Districts of the Theban Necropolis
  • Records of Royal Tomb Robberies
  • The First Theban Kingdom
  • Protocol of Tut-Ankh-Amen

Newspaper cuttings

  • The Times
    • 31 May 1923
    • 23 July 1923
    • 24 July 1923
    • 5 January 1924
    • 7 January 1924
    • 12 February 1924
    • 14 February 1924

Carter, Howard

Object cards: compiled by Howard Carter and others

Tutankhamun object cards with accompanying photographs, notes (some group notes listed below) and letters, compiled by Howard Carter and other members of the excavation team [TAA i.1.1-620]

  • Most cards are manuscript records, as well as many original typescript records
  • Many cards are illustrated with drawings of objects, or details of objects, by Howard Carter and A. C. Mace

    The object cards record:

    • Object number, main description of the object, location in the tomb, measurements, description of the object - Howard Carter and A. C. Mace (1922-1925)
    • Hieroglyphic inscriptions, transcriptions and translations - Mostly Alan H. Gardiner and P. E. Newberry, but some inscriptions are transcribed by Carter
    • Conservation records - Alfred Lucas and A. C. Mace (1922-1925)
    • Botanical and textile notes - P. E. Newberry
    • Photographic documentation - Harry Burton

    Other groups of notes filed with the object cards include:

    • Notes on the [ancient] robberies, by Howard Carter, Alfred Lucas and Lord Carnarvon
    • Notes on various aspects of the Annexe by Howard Carter (1-4, 10-43, 47-64), Alfred Lucas (5-9, 44-6) and A. H. Gardiner (41)
    • Notes and memoranda on various aspects of the tomb by Alfred Lucas
    • Notes on the contents of baskets by Howard Carter
    • Note on a wooden docket by A. H. Gardiner
    • Two letters from Howard Carter to A. H. Gardiner

Tutankhamun Archive

  • TAA
  • Coleção
  • 1922-2014

Notebooks, negatives, photographs, maps, and drawings made during the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun. For other material, refer to the catalogue.

Carter, Howard

Archibald Henry Sayce Collection

  • Sayce MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1872-early 1930s

Notes, photographs, squeezes, correspondence, and offprints. Contain, amongst others, references to Assyriological, Greek, Cypriot, and Egyptological material. Includes notes made by Petrie which were with Sayce at the time of his death.

Sayce, (Revd) Archibald Henry

Arthur Ferdinand Rowley Platt Collection

  • Platt MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1896

Ferdinand (Ferdy) Platt's correspondence relates to two excursions to Egypt, in 1896 and 1907-1908.

  • First group: eighteen letters and postcards, sent during Platt's first independent visit to Egypt in early 1896, when he initially travelled with a friend. Dating between 26 January and 19 April, the letters are addressed to Platt's mother. They record meeting Flinders Petrie and other notables.
  • Second group: thirty-one letters sent during Platt's second trip to Egypt in 1907-1908, when he accompanied the eighth Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, their relations Lord and Lady Gosford with their daughter Lady Theo, Sir Charles Cradock-Hartopp. Dating between 4 November 1907 and 8 February 1908, they are addressed to Platt's wife, Mabel (May). They record Platt's encounters with Winston Churchill, Alan Gardiner, James Quibell, George Reisner, Archibald Sayce and Arthur Weigall, among others. The letters also mention a meeting with Howard Carter when the latter was still earning a living as an artist, producing paintings for tourists; the letters provide important insights into Carter's life just before he began his partnership with Lord Carnarvon.

Arthur Ferdinand Rowley Platt

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