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Henry Salt Collection

  • Salt MSS
  • Collection
  • 1815-1825

1) Negatives and prints of drawings of Egypt by Henry Salt (1815-25), property of Lady Salt, Shillingstone House, Dorset.
2) Photocopies of a portfolio of coloured drawings of Egypt by Henry Salt at the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum, London.

Salt, Henry

Oliver Robert Gurney Collection

  • Gurney MSS
  • Collection
  • 1940s-1990s

Correspondence and notes relating to the geography of the Hittite Empire, Babylonian music, decipherment, and various other topics.

Gurney, Oliver Robert

Press cuttings

Press cuttings collected by Howard Carter, some mentioning Carter's archaeological work, including Tutankhamun, and Carter manuscript note from original housing.

  • Carter MSS vi.7.1.1
    • The Times Educational Supplement
    • 6 July 1929
    • Pages 307-8
    • 'Side Windows on history' (from a correspondent)
    • Mentions Carter
  • Carter MSS vi.7.1.2
    • Liverpool Post
    • 20 June 1929
    • 'A cosmetic 3,000 year old'
    • Cosmetic specimen from Tutankhamun's tomb (see following)
  • Carter MSS vi.7.1.3
    • Daily Chronicle
    • 20 June 1929
    • 'Cosmetic from Luxor Tomb. | Shown to women in London. | After 3,300 years.'
    • Cosmetic specimen from Tutankhamun's tomb, analysed by Mr A. Chaston Chapman and Dr H. J. Plenderleith (see preceding)
  • Carter MSS vi.7.1.4
    • Morning Post
    • 8 January 1929
    • 'The King's Epiphany gifts
    • Not obviously related to Egypt or Carter
  • Carter MSS vi.7.1.5
    • The Times (?)
    • Summer 1930
    • 'The Royal Academy | I.—Pictures and the public | A varied exhibition (By our Art Critic)'
    • Not obviously related to Egypt or Carter

Tutankhamun excavation journal: inventory of Tutankhamun objects sent to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, 1922-1929

Tutankhamun journal with an inventory of objects sent to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, between 1922 and 1929

  • Pages 1-17
    • Arthur Mace's manuscript records
    • Mace's heading on the title page (page 0), "Tut-Ankh-Amun"
    • Mace's heading on page 1, "Catalogue of objects sent to Cairo Museum. Season 1922-1923"
    • Mace's final entry, "34 packages containing 89 boxes", and signed by A.C.M. (Arthur C. Mace) and H.C. (Howard Carter), dated "12 May 1923."
  • Page 18
    • Unidentified hand, manuscript notes, French
    • French manuscript heading, "Liste des Caisses parties de la Vallée des Rois le 1er Avril, a 10 h. 15 a.m."
    • Carter's manuscript annotation at top of the page, "Cases and antiquities removed by the Service des Antiquities Spring 1924 from No. 15 and No. 4 Biban el Maluke"
  • Pages 19-21
    • Carter's manuscript records
    • Carter's final entry, "Nineteen cases handed over to M. Baraize for transport to Cairo March 31st 1925. Howard Carter [signature]. These cases were carried by hand and(?) to River Early morn of the 1st April"
  • Page 22
    • Carter's manuscript column headings, but no entries
  • Page 23
    • Carter's manuscript records
    • Carter's final entry, "The above objects enclosed in sixteen cases (one of which No. 16 to be brought by Mr. Carter). Howard Carter [signature] April 16th 1927."
  • Page 25
    • Typewritten list affixed to page
    • Cases "XXIII" to "XXXVIII"
    • All objects are from the Treasury
    • Not dated
  • Pages 26-32
    • Carter's manuscript records
    • Objects are from the Treasury and Annexe
    • "List of cases of antiquities sent to the Cairo Museum March [day not entered] th., 1929."
    • Carter's final entry, "Ninety cases of antiquities as for above list. delivered to the Chief Inspector for transport March ... 1929. H.C."

Tutankhamun excavation journal: objects arranged by type

Howard Carter's notes listing categories of objects from the Antechamber, Tutankhamun's tomb

  • Howard Carter's manuscript list of objects, arranged in categories, listing Carter object numbers with brief descriptions. All objects were found in the Antechamber,
  • Supplement to Carter notebook, see TAA i.2.14
  • List of categories is arranged as follows:
    • Botanical specimens
    • Nome standards
    • Sandals
    • Boxes
    • Headrests
    • Amulets
    • Jewellery
    • Necklaces
    • Miscellaneous
    • Ushabtis
    • Shrine
    • Implements
    • Vases
    • Stone vessels alabaster
    • Baskets
    • Statues
    • Couches
    • Chariot parts
    • Weapons
    • Arrows and quivers
    • Bows
    • Gloves
    • Textiles
    • Sticks
    • Chairs
    • Stools
    • Footstools
    • Hassocks
    • Bedsteads

Publication draft: Notes. Egyptian Art - Origin, History, Intention and Interpretation

Howard Carter's annotated draft typescript, for an article titled 'Notes. Egyptian Art - Origin, History, Intention and Interpretation', not published and no mention of Tutankhamun's tomb.

  • Carter numbered most of the pages: "1" to "29"
  • The typescript contains the following headings:
    • [title page] Notes. Egyptian Art - Origin, History, Intention and Interpretation
    • Introductory
    • Origin
    • Generation
    • Deterioration
    • History
    • The Art of the Middle Kingdom, 2160 - 1780 B.C.
    • The Art of the New Empire, First and Second Period - 1580-1350-1150 B.C.
    • Intention
    • Interpretation. Cause of certain effects in delineation
    • Renaissance

Glass: proposed article

Howard Carter's proposed article on glass with references to pieces in the Carnarvon collection.

  • a 15-page typescript, with notes in pencil made by R. Bethell
  • an accompanying colour plate illustrating a Cypriote vessel in Egyptian opaque glass, supplied by Mr White, The Studio (magazine), London
  • 1 page of related notes

Publication draft: Art during the reign of Tutankhamun

Howard Carter's annotated typescript, the draft for an unpublished article on art during the reign of Tutankhamun, with references to objects found in all four rooms of the king's tomb, including:

  • Throne (Carter object 91)
  • Small gold shrine (Carter object 108)
  • Decorated casket or box (Carter object 540 and 551)
  • Stick(s) with a figure of the king (Carter objects 235a and 235b)
  • Painted box (Carter object 21)
  • Statues of the canopic goddesses (Carter object 266)
  • Statue(s) of the king on a leopard (Carter objects 289a and 289b)
  • Ka statues (sentinel or guardian statues) (Carter objects 22 and 29)
  • Mask (Carter 256a)

Glass: notebook with notes on glass and draft of proposed article

Howard Carter's notebook, manuscript notes on glass and other subjects. The notebook forms part of Carter's records on glass.

  • Heading on the first page, "Notes on glass"
  • 2 loose pages with notes on two magical figures, almost certainly from Tutankhamun's tomb
  • Notes on general glass-making techniques and decoration, extracted from publications
  • Notes on 'Red Jungle Fowl'
  • Draft of Carter, Howard 1923. 'An ostracon depicting a red jungle-fowl (the earliest known drawing of the domestic cock)'. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 9 (1/2), 1-4 (OEB 136396)
  • Manuscript draft of a proposed article on glass, for the typescript of this article see Carter MSS vi.5.3

Notes on hieroglyphic texts: copied from publications

Howard Carter's notebook, containing 118 pages, manuscript notes on hieroglyphic inscriptions, some accompanied by drawings, copied primarily from Lacau, Pierre 1904-1906: Sarcophages antérieurs au Nouvel Empire (OEB 142822), as well as other publications.

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