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Rustafjaell photographs

Rustafjaell photographs. Also photographs of carved wooden door panels from the El Muallaqa (Hanging) church in Cairo and now in the British Museum, with note by Crum.

Note on envelope states that these manuscripts have been published by Budge.

Vat. 58, 60-2, 64-6, 68

(a) Vat. 58, 178-194 - Basle
(b) Vat. 58, Martyrdom of Dorothea
Cf. W. E. Crum, ‘A Nubian Prince in an Egyptian Monastery’ in R. K. Glanville (ed.) Studies Presented to F. Ll. Griffith (London, 1932) p. 139.
(c) Vat. 58, 123-178
(d) Vat. 58, 1 ff. - James the Persian
(e) Vat. 60, 86 ff. J. Khame
(f) Vat. 61 , 199-214 - Amphilochius
(g) Vat. 61, Simeon Stylites
(h) Vat. 61, Peter of Alexandria
(h ii) Vat. 61, 215-221 verso Chrysostom text Vat. 58 160
(i) Vat. 62 , 143 ff.
(j) Vat. 62 , Martyrianus
Published by M. Chaine.
(k) Vat. 64, Historia Lausiaca
(l) Vat. 65 , Bennofer
(m) Vat. 66, Pesynthius Bohairic
See Guide Coptica 1906
(n) Vat. 68, Labaron
Edited H. Hyvernat & G. Balestri, Acta Martyrum (Paris 1866).
(o) Vat. 68, 163-177 Chrysostom on the prodigal P.G. 59, 515
(p) Vat. 68, 177 P.G. 62, 741

P. 8502

P. 8502 (Photostats): Berlin Gnostic text. See Notebook 88 which has complete copy by Crum.

Golenischeff collection

88A. Photographs from the collection of Golenischeff (literary and non-literary).
Mostly published by von Lemm.
88B. Golenischeff - 6 plates.

Ostraca from Deir el Bahari

Photographs of ostraca from Deir el Bahari (M.M.A. excavations circa 1929, photographed by Burton).

Note on envelope: Photographs taken by Burton of ostraca found in Naville's dumps at Deir el-Bahri by Winlock and (originals) received in Bath in June 1929 and then read and slipped, but not copied. (Sgned) W.E. Crum.

MS. 136

Photographs 136.
Published W. H. Worrell, ‘Coptic Magical and Medical Texts’, <i>Orientalia</i> 4 (1935) pp. 1-37, 184-194.


Photographs of various ostraca:
Ashmolean 1892 523
Fitzwilliam 506-515 (1 only)
Aberdeen Univ. o.25
Vienna 7 ostraca sent by Till, 1930
Cairo ostracon with note “Winlock ‘69”
Turin unnumbered

Stelae and Graffiti

Photographs of stelae and graffiti:
Lyons: (a) various stelae from Musée Guimet
Lyons: (b) stela published Re. XXIII
Boston: stela 4347; stela 4348; stela 5055; stela 5054
Alexandria: stela 110. Published M. Cramer: Die Totenklage bei den Kopten (Wien, 1941), 14, Pl. 4
Stela from Henaton. Published Lefébure.
Stela from Debêra (Sudan)
Stela from Philae
Graffiti from St. Simeon, Aswân. Published Rev. XXXVII 41.
Graffiti from Dakhla Oasis
Graffiti from Aswân

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