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Garstang, John - correspondence

Correspondence from John Garstang including relating to excavation work in Egypt and Jericho, and collaboration with Newberry on publications.

Includes correspondence relating to inscriptions, Beni Hasan, Garstang's forthcoming marriage, Liverpool University, scarabs and seals including sketches and a draft reply from Newberry.

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MSS 19/66 is also numbered A.162

Page 29b

-Giza Museum.
-Handwritten by W. M. Flinders Petrie.
-'Photographs from the Ghizeh Museum'
-'This museum is not only shamefully perilous, in view of a fire occurring, but it is also altogether unsuitable for a collection. There is but one hall where any top light can be obtained for sculpture; and everywhere else side lights, often of most inappropriate kinds, make it difficult to see sculptures, & almost hopeless to photograph them. The insecurity of the cases makes it needful to keep them screwed up & pad locked, so that it is very troublesome to open any case.
-These photographs are very far from being what they should be; but their defects are largely due to the miserable light, & the need of frequently photographing through glass cases.
-I have to thank the curator, Brugsch Bey, for granting me permission to photograph whatever I desired. These were done in the course of three days.'

Page 30

-Giza Museum.
-501 Primitive granite statue Memphis (catalogue No 1.)
-502 Head of Hesi (cat. 2)
-503 Head of Hesi. (catalogue 2)
-504 Head of Hesi.

Page 31

-Giza Museum.
-505 Detail of panel of Hesi.
-506 Painting of geese Medum. (cat. 3) (under glass)
-507 Fresco of geese. Medum.
-508 Fresco of geese (cat. 3)

Page 32

-Giza Museum.
-509 Sam of throne of Khafra. (cat. 64)
-510 Sam on throne of Khafra (cat. 64)
-511 Sam on throne of basalt Khafra. (cat 42)
-512 Sam on throne of basalt Khafra. (cat 46)

Page 33

-Giza Museum.
-513 Wife of the "Wooden Man" (cat 35)
-514 Statue of Menkaura: (diorite) (cat 40)
-515 Statue of Userenra red granite (cat 39)
-517 Part of alabaster vase of Pepy / Alabaster cup of Merenra (cat 58) (in glass case)

Page 34

-Giza Museum.
-519-520 Granite statue of Sedenmat. (Cat. 76)
-521-2 Granite statue of the dd-mer Maa-nefer [E17-K1:N36-U1-F35-f:r]. (not in catalogue, old no. 926.)

Page 35

-Giza Museum.
-523-4 Nameless statue of limestone, remarkable for detail of shoulders. Salle 2
-525-6 Statue of Anskha (circumcised) [D35-s-M12-H8-A]. Cat. 20.

Page 36

-Giza Museum.
-527-8 Statue of a scribe found in 1893 at Sakkara. (in glass case)
-529-30 Kneeling figure. (cat. 89) (in glass case)

Page 37

-Giza Museum.
-531-2 Statue of Ata [i-t-i]. (not in cat. old no. 6944)
-533 Two statues. Salle 7
-534 Corn grinder. Salle 7 (in glass case)

Page 38

-Giza Museum.
-535 Seated figure, found 1893. (in glass case)
-536 Statue of Atep. (cat. 21) [i-t:p]
-537 Group of family - Salle 2 - man [h-t:n-A50A-s-i] wife [O10-n:D28-D28:D28] boy [R11-A50A-A50A-p-w-A]
-538 Head of Ptahshepses. Salle 2.

Page 39

-Giza Museum.
-539 Nameless granite statue. Salle 39
-540 Small hard stone statue. (old nos 516 3911) (in glass case)
-541 Statue of Nefert nef. [F35-r-t:n:f]
-542 Figure of Apa [i-p-i], with open work. (cat 82)

Page 40

-Giza Museum.
-543 Stela of [H-w-O7-O7-U33] and [k:t-i-s-n]. Salle 2
-544 Hotepheres [R4:(t*p)-Hr:r-s] & Ahat her daur. Ahat [i-H-A-t] & Sitmert [G39&t-U6-r:t] (Cat 23)
-545 Heknu and Ata performing. Stele of Ahat. (Cat 23)
-546 Lower part of stela of Shery [S:r-i-i] (rest of tomb at Florence & Oxford) (Cat.13)

Page 42

-Giza Museum.
-551 Sculptors (cat. 83)
-553 Stele of [i-d-A17-i-i] (old no. 6963).
-554 Stele of Neternefer. [R8-F35-f:r]. (cat 63)
-555 Altar with sculpture of tank in which is the depth of water stated for different seasons. Inscriptions in tank [1-1-.-1-1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-?-M8F(?) / 1-1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-r-? / 1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-n-?]

Page 43

-Giza Museum.
-556 Carved wooden head. (Cat 908) called "Saitic", but pobably XII dyn. (in glass case)
-557 Black stone bowl with figures in boat. (in glass case) Salle 70
-558 Mummy of Ament priestess of Hathor, with original bead necklace. (in glass case) (Cat 115) She has original tattoo lines across the stomach, like a modern Sudanic.
-559 Remains of the stele of king Antef & dogs. (Cat 112)

Page 46

-Giza Museum.
-569 Group of heads of "Hyksos" type. Tanis. (cat. 138)
-564 Stele painted & partly engraved. Salle 25
-571 Painted limestone, Amenhotep I (under glass) (cat. 538)
-572. Fragment of stele, Amenhotep I. cat 693. (in glass case)

Page 47

-Giza Museum.
-573 Enigmatical inscription of Tahutmes I. (cat 159)
-574 Queen of Pun (cat 236) (now placed about 7 feet high)
-575 Trial piece of Tahutmes III. &c. Salle 55
-576 Colossal red granite head. Court 26.

Page 48

-Giza Museum.
-577-8 Black granite bust of a King (XVIII dynasty ?) (in a dark corner).
-579 Glazed vase of Amenhotep III (in glass case) (cat. 747)
-580 Glazed ushabti of Ptahmes. (in glass case) (cat. 891)

Page 50

-Giza Museum.
-583-4 Head of a king in sandstone painted. (? Tutankhamen or Ay ?)
-586 Sculptor chiselling a shrine. (Cat. 169)
-587 Funeral of Hor Min. (Cat 172)

Page 51

-Giza Museum.
-588 Butler, & girl dancing (after tasting the wine?) cat. 171
-589 Zay & Naia: late XVIII dyn. (cat 179)
-590-1 Head of Zay, a perfect example of the refined type of the XVIIIth dynasty. (but in an atrocious light) (cat. 179)

Page 52

-Giza Museum.
-593-4 Alabaster head of a king [Horemheb ? (crossed out)]. In glass case. (Cat 689)
-595 Back of chair, Senezem. (cat. 522) (in glass case)
-590 [sic = 596] Stele of Ptah du. [p:t-H-D37:D40] near no. 179

Page 54

-Giza Museum.
-600-1 Painted wooden door of Sennezem. (cat. 467) (taken askew to obtain room for the camera) [repeated]
-603 Scribe Amenhotep. painting on limestone. (cat. 544)
-604. Anubis, on limestone. (cat. 525)

Page 55

-Giza Museum.
-605 Ramessu IV & his lion, chasing Syrians, outline on limestone. (cat. 527)
-606 Dog hunting a lion. Red outline on limestone (cat. 528)
-607 Glazed inlays of Ramessu III Tell el Yehudiyeh. (cat. 472)
-608. "Fragments d'autels (?)" or tops of palm leaf capitals inverted.? Restored. In glass case. (cat. 463)

Page 56

-Giza Museum.
-609 Black granite head of Taharka? (cat. 164)
-610 Nitakert offering to Amen & Khousu (cat. 260)
-611 Stele of Nekau Stele 37th yr of Sheshenk IV (cat 1079 1080)
-612 Psamtik adoring. Salle 32

Page 60

-Giza Museum.
-623 Stela of Alexander Aegus. dedicated by Ptolemy I. (cat. 283)
-624 [626 in pencil] Porphyry colossus of a Roman Emporer. Alexandria. (cat. 298)

Page 44

-Giza Museum.
-560 Nefert, queen of Usertesen II. (cat 122)
-561 Nefert. broken statue (cat. 122)
-562 Nefert: broken statue. (cat. 122)
-563 Sphinx of Sebekhotep III, & statues of XII dyn. (cat. 144)

Page 41

-Giza Museum.
-547 Uaset.ankh [M13-t-S34] Salle 2
-548 Boatmen (under No 93 cat.)
-549 Fight of boatmen. (Cat. 94)
-550 Man seized by baboon. (over 93 cat.)

Page 45

-Giza Museum.
-566 Head of "Hyksos" from Bubastis (cat 124)
-565 Head of "Hysos" Bubastis (cat. 124)
-567-8 Granite statue from Medinet Fayum. "Hyksos". cat. 137.

Page 49

-Giza Museum.
-581 Granite head of a king (Seti I ??) (in glass case, by no. 693) [like Nekhtnebf L.D 301] [Horemheb see Prisse 38]
-582 Stela of Akhenaten.
-585 Head of a regnant queen. (cat 553) painted on limestone. (? Hatshepsut)
-592 Statue of a scribe. (cat. 205)

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