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George A. Hoskins Squeeze - Hieroglyphic Signs

Hieroglyphic inscription consisting of two slim columns, and including remains of several original colours and details. On the lower right side is part of the leg and arm of a figure, possibly seated, and likely facing in the same direction as the text:

  • squeeze
  • mounted
  • 19.5 by 42.5 cm

George A. Hoskins Drawing - Dahshur

View of the remains of the pyramid of Amenemhet III at Dahshur:

  • pencil drawing
  • mounted
  • [on recto, bottom right corner] '29 [...] No. 11. [...] 11'. (pencil notes)
  • [on mount, top edge] 'Dashur field' (ink note)
  • 28.5 by 20.9 cm

George A. Hoskins Drawing - Mit Rahina

View of the south gate at Mit Rahîna, including the in-situ colossus of Ramesses II:

  • pencil drawing
  • mounted
  • [on recto, bottom left corner] 'Fragment of colossal statue at Metrahenny - ancient Memphis'. (ink note)
  • 29.6 by 24.2 cm

George A. Hoskins Drawing - Thebes, West Bank. Deir el-Medina

Relief scene from the south sanctuary area of the Hathor temple at Deir el-Medina of the weighing of the heart, also known as the judgement, with a male individual followed by the goddess Maat. Above is part of two registers of seated deities with a kneeling figure at both far left ends of the register:

  • pencil drawing
  • mounted
  • 20.0 by 23.0 cm

George A. Hoskins Drawing - Abu Simbel

Drawing of a Hathor pillar from the hallway of the small temple at Abu Simbel, with a rough sketch of two figures next to the bottom of the pillar:

  • pencil drawing
  • mounted
  • [on recto, bottom edge] 'Pillastre small temple Ebsamboul'. (ink note)
  • 13.0 by 27.2 cm

George A. Hoskins Drawing - Kom Ombo

Drawing of a column from the outer hypostyle area of the Temple of Haroeris and Sobek Triads at Kôm Ombo:

  • pencil drawing
  • mounted
  • [on recto, lower edge] 'Com Ombos [...] one of the columns of the portico. (pencil note)
  • 12.9 by 27.2 cm
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