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Robert Ludwig Mond Collection

  • Mond MSS
  • Coleção
  • c.1901-1926

Prints and negatives of scenes in Theban tombs, notebook and notes (some by W. B. Emery and E. J. H. MacKay).

Mond, (Sir) Robert Ludwig

John Gardner Wilkinson Collection

  • Wilkinson J. G. MSS
  • Coleção

Journal 1841-1842 and some correspondence.

Wilkinson, (Sir) John Gardner

Charles Gordon Jelf Collection

  • Jelf MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1909-1910
  1. Notebook containing notes on work in Theban tombs, financed by Sir Robert Mond, 1909-1910.
  2. Printout of the booklet "Charles Gordon Jelf. Born June 8, 1886. Killed in Action October 13, 1915" (printed for private circulation, 1915); from Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford copy [].

Jelf, Charles Gordon

Peter Webb and Ron Davey Collection

  • Webb-Davey MSS
  • Coleção

Notes, colour transparencies and photographs of shabtis, monuments and other objects.

Webb, Peter

Henry Solomon Wellcome Collection

  • Wellcome MSS
  • Coleção

Journals, excavation records (Abu Geili, Jebel Moya, Saqadi, Dar el-Mek, etc.), indexes, maps, plans and photographs.

Wellcome, (Sir) Henry Solomon

Geoffrey Thorndike Martin Collection

  • Martin MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1966-2022

Complete working papers, including notebooks, notes, card indexes, drawings of scenes and inscriptions, plans, slides, photographs, and correspondence.

Research papers
Includes relevant notes, concordances, photocopies, letters, emails, negatives, photographs, and small-scale tracings.

  • Scarabs and seals.
  • Brooklyn Museum scarabs and seals.
  • New Kingdom reliefs.
  • Valley of the Kings.
  • El-Lisht.
  • Tutankhamun shabtis.
  • Amarna Royal Tomb/Necropolis.
  • Research for articles.
  • Photographs, letters and newspaper cuttings.
  • Miscellaneous papers.
  • Three photograph albums.

10,000+ slides, the majority created by Martin, 1960s onwards. They include archaeological sites in Egypt, reliefs and objects, rephotographed publication illustrations, and commercially-produced slides.

Framed watercolour
Watercolour painting, perhaps by Annie Quibell. The upper part of an angel is probably inspired by (or copied from) one of the paintings in the Monastery of Apa Jeremias at Saqqara.

KV57: tomb of Horemheb, Valley of the Kings
Includes research papers, a small box of photographs, and Martin's epigraphic drawings of Horemheb's sarcophagus.

Original epigraphic drawings and scanned reductions of originals

  • Epigraphic drawings of loose Memphite blocks used for Vols. I and II of Martin's Corpus of Memphite Blocks. Vol. I, published. Vol. II, in preparation (info. August 2022).
  • Reduced line drawings of reliefs from published Memphite New Kingdom tombs, including the tomb of Horemheb and possibly the tomb of Maya.
  • Drawings without labels, not yet identified—some Amarna.

Large photographs
Includes the Step Pyramid complex and Unas Causeway, some taken from the summit of the Step Pyramid, or perhaps aerial photographs. Some show tomb reliefs.


  • PhD dissertation, G. T. Martin (two bound volumes on scarabs and seals. The second volume has been published. The first volume is not published).
  • Brooklyn Museum manuscript (bound unpublished manuscript for scarabs and seals in the Brooklyn Museum).
  • Three photograph albums (photographs of sites, buildings and street scenes mostly in and around Cairo in 1942. The albums were given or bequeathed to Martin).
  • Manuscript ("The Memphite Tomb of Horemheb. A Palaeography (Catalogue of Signs)". Unfinished).
  • Photocopied line drawings (these are probably duplicates of a published set of line drawings from a known New Kingdom Memphite tomb or are from Vol. I of Martin's Corpus of New Kingdom Memphite Blocks).
  • Three bound volumes (miscellaneous postcards, photographs, etc.).
  • Amarna Royal Tomb Project (selected material, copies of graffiti, ostraca, etc., represents a small section of the information gathered by the team when Martin was Field Director).
  • Memphite New Kingdom Prosopography (card index with the names and other details of known tomb owners and other officials mentioned in reliefs, paintings, statuary, etc., in or from around the Memphite cemeteries).
  • Photographs, newspaper cuttings, letters etc. (including a letter from Lord Mountbatten of Burma, also newspaper cuttings from international papers, primarily referring to the discoveries of Horemheb and Maya and the relationship of these officials to Tutankhamun).

Geoffrey Almeric Thorndike Martin

Howard Carter Collection

  • Carter MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1899-1939

Notebooks, loose notes, maps, plans, drawings, newspaper cuttings, watercolours, and a silver desk-set. The documentation was created during Carter's career between 1899-1939. This material excludes material connected with the tomb of Tutankhamun, see the Tutankhamun Archive.

Carter, Howard

Édouard Naville Collection

  • Naville MSS
  • Coleção

Original drawings for The Temple of Deir el Bahari.

Naville, (Henri) Édouard

Elise Jenny Baumgartel Collection

  • Baumgartel MSS
  • Coleção
  • c.1960-1975

1) Two typescripts with pages from the published edition, and handwritten notes and editing marks, together with a small box of glass negatives of plates marked 'Plates for Part 2'. Both titled ''Egypt's Beginnings', being the third edition of The Cultures of Prehistoric Egypt by Elise J. Baumgartel.' Also notes on the manuscript by Barry Kemp, dated 1975.
2) Collected notes and photographs relating to Predynastic material in The Brooklyn Museum. Two reports: one a copy of 'Report of Henry de Morgan on his researches in the Nile Valley between Esneh and Gebel-Silsilèh, during the winter of 1907-1908'; the other, no title or date, addressed 'To A. Augustus Healy, Esq., President of the Brooklyn of Arts & Sciences' [sic].
3) Seven card index boxes:
a) Naqada and Ballas Site Index [4 boxes]: Identified contents of grave groups from numbered tombs in Predynastic cemetery at Naqada, also Naqada town site, and Ballas (excav. Petrie, 1895), with current museum location; arranged by tomb number and cross referenced to Naqada and Ballas (London, 1896). The card index was created by Elise J. Baumgartel as the basis for her Petrie's Naqada Excavation. A Supplement (London, 1970); subsequently maintained and updated by Joan Crowfoot Payne, ‘Appendix to Naqada Excavations Supplement’, JEA 73 (1987), 181-9.
b) Petrie’s Naqada Site Records [2 boxes] (sketches of numbered graves showing disposition of bodies and grave goods): photocopies of the entries in site notebooks, filed by tomb number.
c) Petrie’s Ballas Site Records [1 box] (sketches of numbered graves showing disposition of bodies and grave goods): photocopies of the entries in site notebooks, filed by tomb number.

Baumgartel, Elise Jenny

George Alexander Hoskins Collection

  • Hoskins MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1832-1833 and 1860-1861

3 albums containing watercolours and sketches.

Hoskins, George Alexander

Norman de Garis and Nina Davies Collection

  • Davies MSS
  • Coleção
  • c.1900-1940

Papers, including notebooks, notes, tracings and squeezes, made in Theban tombs and elsewhere, photographs, collection of coloured hieroglyphic signs, indexes of scenes in Theban tombs, etc.

Davies, Norman de Garis

Leonie Zuntz Collection

  • Zuntz MSS
  • Coleção

Hittite index. Non-Egyptological.

Zuntz, Leonie

Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards Collection

  • Edwards I.E.S. MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1938-1996

Notes, notebooks, photographs, negatives, proofs, transparencies, xeroxes, and correspondence.

Edwards, Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen

Edward William Lane Collection

  • E. W. Lane MSS
  • Coleção

Drawings, notebooks, notes and correspondence.

Lane, Edward William

Metropolitan Museum of Art Photographs Collection

  • Coleção
  • 1900s-1940s
  • Thebes, private tombs: one incomplete set of Series T photographs [15 boxes] and a few duplicate photographs of the same [2 boxes], there are also some glass negatives of some of the same [1 box]
  • Thebes, Valley of the Kings, royal tombs: an incomplete set of photographs [1 box]
  • Thebes. Valley of the Queens, the tomb of Nefertari (QV 66), photographs [1 folder, in the same box as Valley of the Kings]
  • Deir el-Bahari (Deir el-Bahri), Temple of Hatshepsut, incomplete set of photographs [1 box]

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Jacobus Johannes Janssen Collection

  • Janssen MSS
  • Coleção

Transcribed hieratic documents, photographs, annotated photocopies, notes on Deir el-Medina, unpublished material, etc.

Janssen, Jacobus Johannes

Joseph Bonomi Collection

  • Bonomi MSS
  • Coleção
  • c. 1824-1870s

1) Bonomi drawings and paintings: 52 handmade ‘portfolios’ containing pencil and pastel drawings, watercolours, tracings and commercial prints, almost certainly arranged by Bonomi, some later rearrangement was done by Bonomi's descendants [Bonomi MSS 1-52].
2) Typescript of diary: carbon-copy(?) typescript of extracts from Joseph Bonomi’s diary, entries for periods in Egypt dating between 25th March 1829 to 26th May 1834 [Bonomi MSS 53].

Bonomi, Joseph

John Williams Rubbings Collection

  • Wiliams MSS
  • Coleção
  • Between 1830-1840

4 albums containing rubbings mainly of objects in the British Museum, and also other museums and private collections including those in the J. Lee collection.

Williams, John

John Gordon Ross Photographs Collection

  • Ross MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1960s-1990s

Slides, colour transparencies, 35 mm black & white and colour film slides, variously sized black & white negatives, black & white and colour photographs, 19th Century photographs, antique and modern postcards, and project folders containing working notes, photocopies and correspondence.

Ross, John Gordon

Coptic dictionary slips

Coptic word index, handwritten, compiled for and informing the publication Crum, W. E. 1929-1939. A Coptic dictionary: compiled with the help of many scholars. Oxford: Clarendon Press (OEB 263575).

Terence DuQuesne Collection

  • DuQuesne MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1970s-2014

Complete papers, including manuscripts, photographs and digital files.

DuQuesne, Terence

Harry Burton Negatives Collection = TAA i.5

  • H. Burton MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1922-1933

Photographic records made during the excavation of the Tomb of Tutankhamun, consisting of approximately 1400 black and white glass negatives. 10 albums of original prints made from these negatives for Carter, and original prints made for and kept with the object card index for the excavation.

Burton, Harry

Frederick William Green Collection

  • Green MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1897-1899

Original painting of the 'Painted Tomb' (or Tomb 100) at Hierakonpolis.

Green, Frederick William

Somers Clarke Collection

  • Clarke MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1880s-1926

Notebooks, notes, maps, plans, drawings, photographs, and correspondence. There is a small amount of material amongst these papers relating to Westminster Abbey (correspondence).

Clarke, Somers

Arthur Rhoné Collection

  • Rhoné MSS
  • Coleção
  • 1880s

Rhoné, Arthur

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