Predynastic Egypt (Percy Newberry Collection)



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Predynastic Egypt (Percy Newberry Collection)

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Predynastic Egypt (Percy Newberry Collection)

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Predynastic Egypt (Percy Newberry Collection)

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Predynastic Egypt

This group of material relates to predynastic Egypt and in particular Newberry’s research on nome ensigns and examples of predynastic pottery which feature nome ensigns on the mast heads of boats. It includes several unpublished drafts, plates for...

Religion, cults and totemism

Folder titled 'Religion: Introduction' containing notes and drafts on religion, cults and totemism.Includes:Draft titled 'The Egyptian Belief in a Future Life'Notes on cult objects and the geographical distribution of cults, po...

Religion and predynastic cults

Folder titled 'Religion. Cults' containing notes, drawings relating to deities and religion.Also includes notes on religion in the archaic period and on the relationship between nome ensigns and early cults including their geographical d...

Cuttings of predynastic ivory carvings

Folder titled 'Predynastic Ivory Carvings' containing cuttings of carved ivory objects from predynastic Egypt.This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Special Subjects 3'.

Nome ensigns

Folder titled 'Drawings Ensigns' containing notes, correspondence, photographs, rubbings, tracings and drawings relating to nome ensigns or standards (also referred to as cult ensigns).Includes:Section of a draft and notes on the pomegra...

Dynasty I Pot marks, Cairo Museum

Folder titled 'Predynastic. History' although this has been crossed out containing another folder titled 'First Dynasty Potmarks - Cairo Museum'.Loose material:Photographs of line drawings of predynastic objects from a publicat...


Folder titled 'Egypt. Nomes. Lower Egypt' containing notes on places and nomes in Egypt.Includes:Notes on the Nile and bibliographic references to the NileEnvelope containing notes on Ta-Seti and Aswan including tracing and drawing of a ...

Predynastic Egypt

Folder titled 'Predynastic Kings names Palermo and Cairo fragments' containing material relating to Predynastic Egypt.Includes:Drafts on the history of Predynastic EgyptNotes on 'paleolithic implants' in EgyptTyped notes on the...

Narmer and Menes

  • NEWB4/08
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1938? - c.1948 This date is approximate based on the date of publications which have been referenced
  • Parte dePercy Edward Newberry Collection

Folder titled 'Menes label of Narmer - (7) - Narmer-Menes identification' containing three envelopes.Envelope 1 includes:Typed draft titled 'The Votive Palette of Narmer' on the Narmer Palette (Cairo Museum, JE 14716) with hand...

Research notebook

Notebook titled on inside page '1908-9 - Percy E. Newberry - University of Liverpool - c/o Thomas Cook and Sons - Cairo or Luxor'. It has also been labelled during previous archival processing 'Miscellaneous - Mainly sealings and ot...

Notebook on Cairo Palette 14328

Notebook titled by John Harris 'Notes on Olive - Cairo Palette 14238 ??nw - The hieroglyph [S17]'. Roughly half of the notebook has been used. Notebook relates to the Cairo Palette also known as the Tehenu or Libyan Palette (Cairo Museum...

Notebook on Tehenu

Notebook with handwritten title on front cover 'TEHENU'. There is an index inside the front cover.Notes relating to Tehenu (also known as Temehu) including: discussion of hieroglyphs, millstones, throw sticks, the county name initial, bo...

Notes on nomes

Ringbound notebook containing mostly handwritten notes on nomes, with some additional loose notes, some of which appear to have been cut from other notebooks. First half of the notebook is on nomes in Lower Egypt and the second half on Upper Egypt...

Leeds, Edward Thurlow - correspondence

Correspondence from Edward Thurlow Leeds (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) including corrections to Newberry's list of nome signs (1916), relating to relocating material during the war including two predynastic bowls belonging to Newberry, Newberry ...

Mace, Arthur Cruttenden - correspondence

Correspondence from Arthur Cruttenden Mace (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) including relating to: excavation work in egypt, 1901; decorated predynastic pottery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York including sketches of boats with ens...

Lansing, Ambrose - correspondence

Correspondence from Ambrose Lansing (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) including inviting Newberry to visit, reference to Georg Steindorff, dating scarabs, and in response to an enquiry from Newberry on standards on predynastic pots.Also inclu...

Honey, William Bayer - correspondence

Correspondence from William Bayer Honey (Victoria & Albert Museum, London) including relating to glass fragments on loan from Newberry and the date of three predynastic Egyptian pots for an exhibition.

Cooney, John D. - correspondence

Correspondence between John D. Cooney (Brooklyn Museum) and Newberry including on: predynastic pottery with boats; requesting information from Newberry on items in the Amherst collection to be auctioned as well as other sale catalogues; purchase o...

Clark, Charlotte R. - correspondence

Correspondence from Charlotte R. Clark (Metropolitan Museum, New York) informing Newberry of the death of Frances Winlock, and in response to Newberry relating to Predynastic pots with boats and ensigns.

Derry, Douglas - Correspondence

Letter from Douglas Derry to Newberry relating to the Predynastic period and the origins of ancient Egyptians, 13 January 1914.There are notes by Newberry on the back of the letter on inscriptions on granite statues of Ramesses II.

Green, F. W. - correspondence

Correspondence from F. W. Green (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) including relating to a sale at Sothebys; photos of a stelae of Tyty; bequest from Sir Herbert Tompson and candidates for a position in demotic and coptic; and standards on boat mast ...

Garnot, Jean Saint Fare - correspondence

Correspondence from Jean Saint Fare Garnot (École des Hautes Études, Paris) relating to a Congress of Orientalists in Paris, a collection of photographs he is compiling and a bibliography of Newberry's publications.Also includes draft replies...

Glanville, Stephen Ranulph Kingdon - correspondence

Correspondence from Stephen Ranulph Kingdon Glanville (British Museum) relating to his work at the British Museum, Egypt Exploration Society and University College London, and referring to several contemporary Egyptologists.Includes correspondence...