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Savage, Spencer - correspondence

Correspondence from Spencer Savage (Assistant Secretary, The Linnean Society of London) relating to Newberry's paper On some African species of Olea and the original home of the cultivated Olive Tree.

Sayce, (Rev.) Archibald Henry - correspondence

Correspondence from Rev. Archibald Henry Sayce (1845-1933) including relating to: owners of tombs at Sheikh Abd el-Qurna; publication of the Song of the Harper in the tomb of Neferhotep; application for a concession north of Esna (1904); discovery of a cemetery by a Mr Fischer; arrangements for excavation work including cheque for £75; work with Garstang and news of finds (1904-5); obelisk uncovered by Reginald Engelbach with copy of inscription (1924).

Also includes letter of thanks to Mrs Newberry (1912).

MSS 39/21 is also numbered A.89
MSS 39/22 is also numbered A.85a and A 88
MSS 39/23 is also numbered A.88
MSS 39/24 is also numbered A 85
MSS 39/25 is also numbered 301
MSS 39/26 is also numbered A.85.b
MSS 39/29 is also numbered A.339
MSS 39/30 is also numbered A.54a
MSS 39/32 is also numbered 314

Steindorff, Georg - correspondence

Correspondence mostly to Essie Newberry with some correspondence to Newberry including relating news of his family in the period around and during the Second World War. Also includes reference to other Egyptologists in Germany, excavation work at Aniba, and work on a Coptic Grammar.

Also includes draft reply from Newberry on what he did during the Second World War and damage from bombs (1946).

Several letters are in German.

Also includes photograph of Steindorff at his home in California (1946).

MSS 42/2 is also numbered A.218
MSS 42/3 is also numbered A.231
MSS 42/4 is also numbered A.254
MSS 42/5 is also numbered 21
MSS 42/6 is also numbered 18
MSS 42/8 is also numbered 33
MSS 42/12 is also numbered A.118
MSS 42/13 is also numbered A.119
MSS 42/14 is also numbered A.117
MSS 42/15 is also numbered A.115

Thompson, (Sir) D’Arcy Wentworth - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson including relating to his research on the Great Frigatebird; an Egyptian dog like a greyhound; philology; comments on Newberry's paper on the Shepherd's Crook.

Also includes draft reply from Newberry referring to Thompson's question about dogs in ancient Egypt, war work and the crane dance (1942).

MSS 43/45 is also numbered A.100

Thorpe, Jocelyn - correspondence

Correspondence from Jocelyn Thorpe including relating to his nomination by Newberry to the Burlington Fine Arts Club (1923) and apologising for not using an article by Newberry (1938).

Turrill, William Bertram - correspondence

Correspondence from William Bertram Turrill (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) including referring to Newberry's trip to Morocco, Newberry's paper on the olive, and requesting botanical specimens. Also includes draft letter from Newberry on Euphorbia resinifera.

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