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[814] [Statuette of Tahuti an official of Hatshepsu.]

-Lower part of a seated statuette of Djehuty in block statue pose, with cartouches of Thutmose III and Hatshepsut (Thebes, Deir el-Bahari?; Petrie Museum, University College UC14351; New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty).
-No caption.

749 has been crossed out and replaced with 814.

This photograph is in a section titled 'X Kom Ombo. Philae.'.

[669] Tomb of Paheri. Fishing, &c. El Kab.

-el-Kab, tomb of Paheri, west wall: offering-bringers before deceased prince Wadjmes (upper; partly); relations seated and offering-bringers before deceased and wife in kiosk (upper; partly); fishing and fowling, and preparing fish and fowl (lower parts).
'Tomb of Paheri. Weighing & boats. El Kab'.

This photograph is in a section titled 'V El Kab'.

[650] East side in line of S face.

-El-Kula: one of the small southern pyramids (3rd Dynasty - early 4th Dynasty), east side.
'East side in line of S face.'.

-Also arrow pointing at 'S face'.

This photograph is in a section titled 'IV Esneh. El Kula.'.

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