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Research material relating to Theban tombs

Material relating to Theban tombs collated during previous archival processing.

-Tracings of Tyi and Amenhotep III depicted during the heb-sed festival at Soleb and copy of text from Lepsius, R., Abtheilung der Äegyptischen Alterthümer : Beschreibung der Wandgemaelde III, Band 5, plates 84-85 (OEB 143571), c.1919
-List titled 'List of the Sheikh Abd el Gurneh Tombs' numbers 1-82
-Photocopy of list titled 'List of the Sheikh Abd el Gurneh Tombs' numbers 1-82 including an additional page listing Kings and tombs
-Two handwritten pages titled 'Report on some excavations in the Sheikh Abd El Kurneh during the Winters of 1900-1901 by Percy E. Newberry'
-Two pages of Theban graffiti, including one of Rameses, High Priest of Amun
-One page of notes from the tomb of Any, High Priest of Amun, at Dra' Abu el-Naga
-One page of notes with corrections and restorations to a hieroglyphic text

Research material on Theban private tombs

Folder of loose notes on Theban private tombs. Notes have been organised by Diana Magee according to tomb number. The folder has been re-used and there is a list inside the front cover which does not relate to the contents.

-Notes on tomb TT131 User (TopBib i.245) including description, sketch of exterior, and copy of text
-Copies of inscriptions and sketches of objects from tomb TT86 Menkheperra'sonb (TopBib i.175)
-Notes and copy of text from tomb TT71 Senenmut (listed by Newberry as 110) (TopBib i.139)
-Notes and copy of text from tomb TT64 Hekerneheh (TopBib i.128)
-Notes and copy of text from tomb TT81 Ineni (TopBib i.159)
-Notes on tomb TT40 Amenhotep called Huy (TopBib i.75) including diary notes 16 and 21 November 1900 on work and finds, drawings of stone jamb and stela of Mermes, (items originally from tomb TT383 Merymosi, TopBib i.436), and funeral cone, sketch plan of the tomb and copy of text
-Notes and copy of text from tomb TT83 Amethu (TopBib i.167)
-Notes and copy of text from tomb TT82 Amenemhet (TopBib i.163)
-Notes on tomb TT100 Rekhmire (TopBib i.206), including cuttings from Newberry, P.E., The life of Rekhmara, vezîr of Upper Egypt under Thothmes III and Amenhetep II (circa B.C. 1471-1448), (Westminster, 1900) (OEB 146373) with annotations, tracing, cuttings from Virey, P., Le tombeau de Rekhmara, Préfet de Thébes sous la XVIIIe Dynastie, (Paris, 1889) (OEB 151820)
-Notes and copy of text from tomb TT85 Amenemhab (TopBib i.170), and cutting titled 'The Biographical Inscription'
-Copy of text from tomb TT353 Senenmut (TopBib i.417)
-Notes on tomb TT99 Senufer (TopBib i.204)
-Copy of names and titles from tomb TT59 Ken (TopBib i.120)
-Copy of text from tomb TT66 Hepu (TopBib i.132)
-Copy of text from tomb TT39 Puimre (TopBib i.71)
-Copy of text from tomb TT263 Piay (TopBib i.344)
-Copy of text from tomb TT78 Haremhab (TopBib i.152)

Research folder on Theban private tombs

Folder titled 'Theban Private Tombs (Notes) - cf. Gardiner-Weigall: Topographical Catalogue - Porter-Moss: Bibliography'. Contains brief notes on inscriptions and decoration of Theban private tombs, and sketches. Notes are organised numerically by tomb number. It appears that the notes on tombs 63, 65 and 226, and some notes on tomb 62, may have been added to this folder during previous archival processing.

Includes notes on the following tombs:

TT13 Shuroy (TopBib i.25)

TT14 Huy (TopBib i.26)

TT16 Panehesi (TopBib i.28)

TT17 Nebamun (TopBib i.29)

TT19 Amenmosi (TopBib i.32)

TT22 Wah (TopBib i.37)

TT24 Nebamun (TopBib i.41)

TT44 Amenemhab (TopBib i.84)

TT54 Huy (TopBib i.104)

TT55 Ramosi (TopBib i.105)

TT57 Kha'emhet (TopBib i.113)

TT62 Amenemwaskhet (TopBib i.125)

TT63 Sebkhotp (TopBib i.125)

TT65 Nebamun (TopBib i.129)

TT72 Re (TopBib i.142)

TT73 Amenhotp (TopBib i.143)

TT74 Thanuny (TopBib i.144)

TT75 Amenhotp-si-se (TopBib i.146)

TT76 Thenuna (TopBib i.149)

TT78 Haremhab (TopBib i.152)

TT79 Menkheper (TopBib i.156)

TT91 Name lost (TopBib i.129)

TT104 Dhutnufer (TopBib i.217)

TT105 Kha'emopet (TopBib i.218)

TT106 Paser (TopBib i.219)

TT107 Nefersekheru (TopBib i.224)

TT108 Nebseny (TopBib i.225)

TT109 Min (TopBib i.226)

TT110 Dhout (TopBib i.227)

TT121 Ahmosi (TopBib i.235)

TT139 Pairi (TopBib i.252)

TT143 Name lost (TopBib i.255)

TT147 Name lost (TopBib i.258)

TT148 Amenemopet (TopBib i.259)

TT149 Amenmosi (TopBib i.260)

TT150 Userhet (TopBib i.261)

TT151 Hety (TopBib i.261)

TT154 Tati (TopBib i.262)

TT155 Antef (TopBib i.263)

TT161 Nakht (TopBib i.274)

TT166 Ra'mosi (TopBib i.277)

TT172 Mentiywy (TopBib i.279)

TT175 No name (TopBib i.281)

TT176 [Amen]userhet (TopBib i.281)

TT177 Amenemopet (TopBib i.283)

TT178 Neferronpet (TopBib i.283)

TT179 Nebamun (TopBib i.285)

TT181 Nebamun (TopBib i.286)

TT182 Amenemhet (TopBib i.289)

TT183 Nebsumenu (TopBib i.289)

TT184 Nefermenu (TopBib i.290)

TT189 Nekht-Dhout (TopBib i.295)

TT190 Esbanebded (TopBib i.297)

TT191 Wehebre-Nebpehti (TopBib i.297)

TT192 Kharuef (TopBib i.298)

TT200 Dedi (TopBib i.303)

TT201 Re (TopBib i.304)

TT226 Name lost (TopBib i.327)

TT229 Name lost (TopBib i.328)

TT241 Ahmosi (TopBib i.331)

TT247 Simut (TopBib i.333)

TT248 Dhutmosi (TopBib i.335)

TT251 Amenmosi (TopBib i.336)

TT253 Khnemmosi (TopBib i.337)

TT255 Roy (TopBib i.339)

TT256 Nebenkemet (TopBib i.340)

TT257 Neferhotep (TopBib i.341)

TT258 Menkheper (TopBib i.258)

TT260 User (TopBib i.343)

TT261 Kha'emweset (TopBib i.344)

TT278 Amenemhab (TopBib i.355)

Draft on Theban dynasties and the tombs of Theban Kings

Draft of an unpublished book on Theban dynasties and the tombs of Theban Kings including typed sections, typed and handwritten notes, sketches and extracts from other publications including Belzoni, G.B., Narrative of the operations and recent discoveries within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs and Excavations in Egypt and Nubia, (London, 1820) (OEB 134077). There is a draft contents page as follows:


Chapter I Thebes and its history

II The Theban Necropolis

III The Royal Tombs and their inscriptions

IV The Funeral Furniture

V Records of the Tomb Robberies in Ancient Times

VI Modern Exploration in the Royal Necropolis

Appendix. List of Pharoahs buried at Thebes with notes on their tombs and on the antiquities that have been found in them.



This material has been divided between two archival folders for preservation.

Research material on the Royal Annals of Egypt

Rubbings, tracings, drawings, cuttings of the Palermo Stone (1028, Palermo Museo archeologico), Cairo fragments (Cairo Museum, JE 44859; JE 39735; JE 39734; JE 44860), London fragment (Petrie Museum, UC 15508), and notes.

Also includes diagrams reconstructing the Royal Annals of Ancient Egypt, and showing suggested positions of surviving fragments.

Research notes on early Egyptian history

Typed and handwritten notes on the history of Egypt including <i>smsw-Hr</i> or 'Followers of Horus', 'the Scorpion King', early kingdoms and predecessors of Menes.

Also includes:
-Typed notes on Breasted, J.H. 'The Predynastic Union of Egypt', Bulletin de l'Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale 30 (1931), pp. 709-724 (OEB 135364)
-Typed copy of Phythian-Adams, 'Aiguptos: a derivation and some suggestions', in <i>The Journal of The Palestine Oriental Society</i>, 1922 (OEB 147278)

Research notes on the White Crown

Research notes and tracings on the white crown of Upper Egypt [S1] or hedjet and crown insignia. Also includes letter from John Linton Myers relating to a boar-tusk helmet, 5 November 1924.

Research notes on viziers

Envelope containing notes on viziers including on the title vizier, lists of viziers, officials of the vizier, the ceremony to install a vizier, and the history of the position.

Also includes cutting of Spiegelberg, W., 'The Viziers of the New Empire', in Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, Vol. XV. 23rd Session, pp.522-526, (1893) (OEB 150895).

Research material on King lists

Research material relating to King lists and the chronology of the Kings of ancient Egypt.

-Notes on the Turin King List including tracing and copy
-Notes on Manetho
-Notes on the Karnak King list (Louvre Museum, E 13481)
-Notes on the Saqqara King list including photograph (Cairo Museum, CG 34516) (TopBib iii.666)
-Notes on the Abydos King lists from tomb of Ramesses II (British Museum, EA 117) and Temple of Seti I
-Notes on the Marseille stela (Marseille Museum, Inventory Number 204) (TopBib i.743)
-Copy of cartouches from burial chamber TT10 Penbuy (TopBib i.21(6))

Research material on Second Intermediate Period royal families and officials

Research material on Second Intermediate Period royal families and officials with some references to Kings as well as the 12th and 18th Dynasties.

-Offprint of Newberry, P.E., 'The Base of a Statuette of the Lady Duat-nefret, mother of Queen Nubkhaes', in Annales du Service des antiquités de l'égypte, Vol. 29, 1929 (OEB 146345)
-Notes on Queen Nubkhas and family
-Notes on Vizier Iymeru
-Notes on Vizier Ankhu
-Notes on Steward Nebankh including two draft letter to Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards, 15 December 1948 and 6 January 1949, relating to Nebankh and his heart scarab
-Notes on Amenemhat Sobekhotep
-Copy of text from stela of Sihathor (TopBib i.807) (British Museum, 1348) as published in Newberry, P.E., 'Extracts from my Notebooks - 41. A Stela dated in the reign of Ab-aa' in Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, Vol.25, 1903, pp.130-4 (OEB 187707)
-Drawing, rubbing and photograph of inscriptions from a heart scarab
-Cuttings and drawings of scarabs and seals including cylinder seal of Herteptaui (Newberry, P.E., Scarabs, Plate 7, no.2, 1906 (OEB 146355)), cylinder seal of Amenemhet III (Newberry, P.E., Scarabs, Plate 6, no.19, 1906 (OEB 146355)), scarab of Amenemhet IV (Petrie, F., Scarabs and cylinders with names, plate 14, no.12.7, 1917 (OEB 147186))
-Comparison of texts on four scarabs including one of Nebenekh and Sobekemsaf
-Notes on Queen Iuhetibu (mother of Sobekhotep III)
-Cutting of drawing and inscriptions of green jasper human-headed heart-scarab of Sobekemsaf II set in gold mount (British Museum, EA 7876)
-Cutting of memorial cone of the scribe Sebekhetep from A guide to the Egyptian collections in the British Museum, Plate XXIX, (London, 1909) (OEB 135870)

Research material on Second Intermediate Period Kings

Research material on Second Intermediate Period Kings, mainly 13th Dynasty but also references to the 12th and 18th Dynasties.

-Material relating to the Turin King List (also known as the Turin Royal Canon) including copied sections and groupings of Kings by Newberry
-Letter from Alan Gardiner relating to fragments 76 and 78 of the Turin King List, 9 May 1928
-Notes on Khutawyre Wegaf including draft letter to William Edgerton on Georges émile Jules Daressy's readings of the Cairo Demotic Papyrus (Cairo Museum, CG 31169)
-Notes on Sekhemkare Amenemhat Sonbef
-Notes on Sekhemrekhutawy Pantjeny (including rubbing of cartouches from stela of Prince Djehuti-aa (British Museum, 630) (TopBib v.45)
-Notes on Lufni
-Notes on the Sobekhotep Kings
-Rubbings of prenonem of Sedjefakare Kay Amenemhat VII from stand for sacred bowl (Cairo Museum, JE 51900) (TopBib v.145)
-Notes on Amenemhat Sobekhotep and two letters from E. Lowry Whyte, 10-17 August 1902, and enclosed tracing of cartouche of Amenemhat Sobekhotep from limestone fragment at Sothebys
-Envelope with reference PEN/G.X/E.C containing rubbings, tracings, drawings, and draft relating to Khendjer, and draft letter to Jaroslav Cerný
-Notes on Sobekhotep III and letter from Rosalind Louisa Beaufort Moss, Griffith Institute relating to stela of Sobekhotep III (TopBib vii.277), 13 April 1949
-Envelope sent from James Breasted to Newberry and labelled by Newberry 'Hyksos' containing notes by Breasted on 'On the Hyksos Question' by William Spiegelberg (OEB 150922) and 'New Material for the History of the Hyksos' by William M. Müller (OEB 145820). Also includes draft titled 'The Second Intermediate Period'.

Research material relating to the Scorpion and Narmer maceheads

Research material relating to the Scorpion macehead (Ashmolean Museum, AN1896.1908.E.3632) (TopBib v.194) and the Narmer macehead (Ashmolean Museum, AN1890.1908.E.3631).

-Cuttings, tracings, drawings and photograph of the Narmer macehead
-Notes on the scorpion, the scorpion king and the scorpion macehead
-Rubbings, tracings and cuttings of the scorpion macehead
-Photographs of the scorpion macehead
-Correspondence between Iowerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards, Ashmolean Museum and Miss Sewell, Griffith Institute, on Myrtle Broome's drawing of the Hierakonpolis macehead made for a lecture by Newberry c.1948, 9-11 December 1958

Also includes photograph of a scene showing Ptolemy IV hacking the ground from the Temple of Horus, Edfu (TopBib vi.137(117-118)).

Research material on nomes and standards

Research material on nomes and ensigns or standards. Folder contains a range of loose notes not specific to a particular nome or standard. The notes include a number of references to Newberry's other notebooks.

-Notes relating to the geographical distribution of nomes
-Sketch maps of nomes
-Table of nome ensigns and variations in the predynastic period, protodynastic period and Old Kingdom
-Cutting of an image of statue of a Nome triad: King, Hathor Mistress-of-the-Sycamore and Jackal-nome goddess (Cairo Museum, JE 40679) from the pyramid complex of Menkaurec (TopBib iii.28)
-Notes on Anubis
-Notes on flint knives
-Notes on governors of nomes
-Notes on guinea fowl including sketch of predynastic pot and a guinea fowl
-Notes on Poseidon
-Cutting of golden emblem of Anubis

Also includes a collection of photographs of predynastic pots featuring standards on the mast heads of boats.

Research material relating to the sand dune symbol

Research material relating to the sand dune symbol [N25].

-Photograph of a pot from the MacGregor collection featuring a boat with the symbol for sand dunes on the mast head [N25]
-Notes, drafts, cuttings and tracings on the sand dune symbol [N25], occurences of the symbol on predynastic pots, the bull kingdom or 6th nome of Lower Egypt and the God Ha
-Notes on the geographic distribution of the sand dune cult

Research material relating to Neith

Notes and parts of drafts relating to Neith. Includes notes on the figure of eight shield with crossed arrows, single and compound ensigns featuring bows and crossed arrows, the Minoan-Mycenaean Goddess of the Bow, and different forms of bow and arrows.

-Draft titled 'The Minoan-Mycenaean Goddess of the Bow'
-Tracings of stone bead seals
-Notes on the form of bows and depictions of bow like objects
-Part of draft and notes on Neith and the bow of Neith
-Notes on Athena
-Notes relating to Libya
-Reprint of Hogarth, D.G. 'The Zakro Sealings', in Journal of Hellenic Studies, Volume XXII, (1902)

Notes also include reference to 'NB [Notebook] Sais and Folder'.

Research material relating to symbols of Neith

Research notes, tracings and drawings relating to symbols of Neith including bows, shields, crossed arrows, as well as boats with these symbols on their mast head.

Also includes:
-Photograph of a predynastic pot in the British Museum featuring crossed arrows on the mast head
-Beginnings of a draft titled 'The Ensigns of Neith. (1) The Crossed Arrows'
-Plates prepared for article (not published)

Research material relating to Andjety and Bat/Hathor

Research material relating to Andjety, Bat/Hathor and the symbol of the 7th nome of Upper Egypt, including material relating to a hypothesis by Newberry that the symbol of Hathor is a cow's uterus, and that the symbol of Andjety is a goat's uterus.

-Photograph of statue of nome triad: King, Hathor Mistress of the Sycamore and bat-fetish nome goddess (Cairo Museum, JE 46499) (TopBib iii.28)
-Photographs of a predynastic pot featuring dancing figures with headresses bearing the 'cow horn' symbol (British Museum, EA 35502)
-Drawings and tracings of a cow's uterus
-Rubbing, drawing and tracing of the 'Gerzeh palette' featuring Bat symbol (Cairo Museum, CG 34173)
-Drawings showing the head dress of Andjety and the similarity to the shape of a female goats uterus
-Drawings of symbols of Bat and the similarity to the shape of a cow's uterus
-Letter from L. Pugh, Department of Agriculture, relating to the reproductive organs of a goat, 5 Aug 1921
-Notes relating to the symbol representing the bicornate uterus of animals [F45]
-Notes relating to the sistrum
-Draft, notes and draft correspondence on the symbol of the 7th nome of Upper Egypt
-Notes on identification of symbol believed by Victor Loret to be the standard of the 7th nome of Upper Egypt and the symbol of Hathor
-Notes on the standard or ensign as it appears on predynastic pottery
-Notes on shepherds
-Notes on the girdle tie and Tjet amulet also known as the Isis knot
-Notes on 'split totems' or the worship of parts of animals
-Cutting of Griffith, F., 'Notes on Mythology: Eileithyia in Egypt. The God of Busiris. Hermes Trismegistus', in Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, (1899) (OEB 140774)
-Notes on Astarte

Notes include reference to NB [Notebook] 35, NB 38, and NB 41.

Research material on the ntr pole

Research notes on the cult of the ntr pole [R8] or emblem of divinity and draft and offprint of Newberry, P.E., 'The cult of the [ntr]-pole', in Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, Volume 33, (1947) (OEB 230).

Notes include reference to NB [Notebook] 29.

Research material on the pomegranate tree and pomegranate ensign

Research notes on the pomegranate tree and ensign identified by Newberry as the branch of a pomegranate tree.

-Copies of Newberry, Percy, 'The Tree of the Herakleopolite Nome', in Zeitschrift für Ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde, Volume 50, pp. 78-9 (OEB 146413)
-Tracings and drawings of depictions of the pomegranate tree or <i>ncr</i>-tree
-Tracings of ensigns from Morgan, J. de, 'Recherches sur les Origines de l'Egypte', (1897) (OEB 145679)
-Drawing of a pot with a boat and pomegranate ensign
-Notes on the pomegranate as the gift of Athena

Research material relating to throw sticks and boomerangs

Research notes, tracings and drawings relating to throw sticks and boomerangs, and the associated ensigns and cults. Includes tracings of a boomerang on the mast head of a boat.

-Draft titled The Cult of the Boomerang
-Notes relating to occurrences of the boomerang and throw stick ensigns on Predynastic pottery
-Cutting of Eggers, H., 'A Study of the Boomerang', in Proceedings of United States National Museum, (1888), pp.363-367
-Photographs of throw sticks including man holding two throw sticks

Research material on the harpoon and harpoon ensign

Research material relating to the harpoon and the harpoon ensign representing the 7th and 8th nomes of Lower Egypt. Includes notes on the use of the harpoon for hunting including hunting hippos, lists of occurences of the harpoon ensign on predynastic pottery and compound ensigns which include the harpoon and notes on the harpoon shaft including tracings.

Research material on the thunderbolt ensign

Research material relating to the thunderbolt ensign representing Min and the 9th nome of Upper Egypt including tracings of occurrences of the ensign on predynastic pottery and draft plates for Newberry, P.E., 'The Egyptian Cult-object [R22] and the Thunderbolt', in Annals of Archaeology and Anthropology, Volume 3, pp.50-2 (1910) (OEB 146356).

Research material on the Bull Kingdom

Research material relating to the 6th nome of Lower Egypt, also known as the Bull Kingdom.

-Photograph of a graffito of a boat with the bull ensign
-Cuttings of bulls and bull ensign
-Notes on cattle including bulls and cows
-Notes titled 'The King as a Bull in the Archaic Period and later'
-Notes on compound ensigns which include the bull
-Copies from publications of bull ensigns and flint knives
-Notes on the location of the Bull Kingdom

Drafts on the predynastic period, nomes, ensigns and emblems

Drafts relating to the predynastic period, nomes, ensigns and emblems.

-Two versions of a contents page for a publication to be titled ‘The Cults of Predynastic Egypt’, one of which includes the sub-heading ‘A study of the Cults of Predyn[astic] Eg[ypt] As shown in the Decorated Pots of the Second Civil[isation] of Predyn[astic] Eg[ypt] fully illustrated by slides of the ensigns fig[ured] at the mast heads of boats of the period the Scorpion King s Macehead and on Slate Palettes and maps to show their foreign distribution’.
-Several versions of drafts relating to Dr Elise Baumgartel's disagreement with Newberry’s identification of the harpoon ensign in Baumgartel, Elise J. 1947. The cultures of prehistoric Egypt. Oxford: Griffith Institute; Oxford University Press (OEB 18)
-Two handwritten drafts titled ‘The Harpoon Ensigns’ as well as tracings and draft plates
-Draft relating to Scharff, 'Some Prehistoric Vases in the British Museum', in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology XIV (1928) (OEB 14965)
-Handwritten draft on boats in predynastic Egypt including a table showing occurences of nome ensigns or standards. Also includes reference to a rock drawing of a sailing vessel, published in Winkler, H. A., Rock-Drawings of Southern Upper Egypt, Volume 1, plate viii., 1939 (OEB 152765).
-Draft titled 'Cult-signs of the Predynastic Period' with details of occurrences of the signs, also includes traced map showing distribution of predynastic cults, tracings of Andjety and notes on his link to the goat, and notes on the pomegranate tree
-Draft on an ensign on a small pot figured in Morgan, J. de 1896. Recherches sur les origins de l'Égypte: l'âge de la pierre et les métaux, plate ix, no.3. Paris: Ernest Leroux (OEB 145678) and other similar examples which according to Newberry are inaccurate
-Cutting of abstract of Newberry, P.E., 'Remarks on some early Egyptian cults', in Transactions of the Third International Congress for the History of Religions, (Oxford, 1908) (OEB 146392)
-Draft titled 'Ensigns figured on pots of the Second Civilisation of the Predynastic Period' with notes
-Drafts relating to the geographical distribution of cults
-Sections of drafts relating to the Tehenu or Libyan Palette (Cairo Museum, CG 14328)
-Revised draft of 'The Petty-Kingdom of the Harpoon and Egypt's earliest Mediterranean Port', in Annals of Archaeology and Anthropology, Volume I, pp.17-22 (1908) (OEB 146389)
-Draft plates for Newberry, P.E., 'The Egyptian Cult-object [R22] and the Thunderbolt', in Annals of Archaeology and Anthropology, Volume 3, pp.50-2 (1910) (OEB 146356)

Neith and Athena

Folder titled '[R24+R12] and Minoan-Mycenaean goddess' containing material on Sais, Neith, Athens and Athena.

Includes notes on Neith's connection with Athena and Libya, symbols of Neith, shields including the figure of eight shield and the shield cult, Athena and cultivation of the olive.

Also includes cuttings and tracings of shields and symbols of Neith including plate II from Newberry, P.E., 'To what race did the founders of Sais belong?', in Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, Volume 28, pp.68-75 (1906) (OEB 146410).

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 3'.

Sais and Neith

Folder titled 'Sais (8)' containing material relating to Sais and the goddess Neith.

-Tracing of soldier stringing a bow from scene at Beni Hasan
-Notes on symbols of Neith
-Notes on shields including the figure of eight shield
-Notes on the temple of Neith [TopBib iv.46A]
-List of names compounded with Neith
-Notes on Uzahorent or Uzahor-Resenet, the King's physician and responsible for the King's navy
-Notes relating to Athena
-Copy or reprint of Newberry, P.E., 'Note on the Hieroglyph ', in <i>Zeitschrift für ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde</i>, Volume 73, (1937) (OEB 146379)
-Notes on bows, crossed bows and the composite bow
-Notes on textiles from Sais
-Tracings of a fragment found by Émile Amelineau at Abydos published in Keimer, L. 'Pendeloques en forme d'insectes faisant partie du colliers Egyptiens', in <i>Annales du Service des antiquités de l'Égypte</i>, Volume XXXI, plate II, (1931) (OEB 142417)

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 3'.


Folder titled 'Yahweh the God of Israel' containing notes, parts of drafts relating to Yahweh, including the Egyptian origin of Yahweh. Also includes extract from The Literary Guide titled 'The Erodus and Modern Criticism', 1 February 1911.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 3'.

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