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Notebook 37

Notes on British Library Or. 8664 (Shenoute).
W. E. Crum, Short Texts from Coptic Papyri and Ostraca (London, 1921) - numerical equations.

Notebook 44

Copies of Rustafjael ostraca in British Library ([Or.] 44720-44822).
List of numerical equation from publication and list of place names.

Notebook 57

Michigan 6558 - 6867 (non-literary) copies; most of these since published in Worrell, Coptic Texts.

Notebook 62

Tracings of White Monastery MSS in the British Museum.
Copies of Hieroglyphic texts.

Notebook 64

Copies of British Library Or. 4920-8, mostly published in W. E. Crum, Catalogue of the Coptic manuscripts in the British Museum (London, 1905).

Notebook 68

Collations of British Library Bohairic O.T. MSS.
Various notes for Catalogue of the Coptic Manuscripts in the British Museum (London, 1905).

Notebook 73

British Library Fayyum MSS. copies for Catalogue of the Coptic Manuscripts in the British Museum (London, 1905).

Notebook 76

Copies of a few pages from A. Chester Beatty’s Manicheaen Collection (since published).

Notebook 80

Lantschoot no. 88, copy.
Vatican Arabe 155, analysis.
Paris Arabe 294, 303, 153, analysis.
Numerous copies and notes of Zoega, Borgia MSS.

Notebook 97

Copy of Fayyumic fragments of St. Mark published by Lemm in Studies Leemans pp. 95ff.

Notebook 111

(a) Paris Arabe 4888, Apollo and Abib, analysis
(b) Vat. 62 fol 144-185, Theophilus, analysis
(c) Paris Arabe 4889 fols 1-32, Theophilus, analysis.
(d) Vat. 172 fols 110-213, Story of Martyr Mari, analysis.
(e) Paris Arabe 4882 fols 1-12, analysis.
(f) Paris ARabe 4793 fols 2-10, Life of Andreas, analysis.
(g) Paris Arabe 4895 fols 42-52, analysis.
(h) Life of Pesynthius, analysis of Sahidic, Bohairic and Arabic text.

Rustafjaell photographs

Rustafjaell photographs. Also photographs of carved wooden panels with note by Crum.

Note on envelope states that these manuscripts have been published by Budge.

Vat. 58, 60-2, 64-6, 68

(a) Vat. 58, 178-194 - Basle
(b) Vat. 58, Martyrdom of Dorothea
Cf. W. E. Crum, ‘A Nubian Prince in an Egyptian Monastery’ in R. K. Glanville (ed.) Studies Presented to F. Ll. Griffith (London, 1932) p. 139.
(c) Vat. 58, 123-178
(d) Vat. 58, 1 ff. - James the Persian
(e) Vat. 60, 86 ff. J. Khame
(f) Vat. 61 , 199-214 - Amphilochius
(g) Vat. 61, Simeon Stylites
(h) Vat. 61, Peter of Alexandria
(h ii) Vat. 61, 215-221 verso Chrysostom text Vat. 58 160
(i) Vat. 62 , 143 ff.
(j) Vat. 62 , Martyrianus
Published by M. Chaine.
(k) Vat. 64, Historia Lausiaca
(l) Vat. 65 , Bennofer
(m) Vat. 66, Pesynthius Bohairic
See Guide Coptica 1906
(n) Vat. 68, Labaron
Edited H. Hyvernat & G. Balestri, Acta Martyrum (Paris 1866).
(o) Vat. 68, 163-177 Chrysostom on the prodigal P.G. 59, 515
(p) Vat. 68, 177 P.G. 62, 741

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