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Demotic texts from Hammamat

Demotic texts from Hammamat traced from Plate V (nos. 8, 9, 10) in Saulcy, F. de, 'Lettre à M. Letronne sur les actes d'adoration, ou proscynèmes, rédigés en langue égyptienne et tracés en écriture démotique', in Revue archéologique 1 (1844), 735-747, 785-809 (OEB 149298).

Description and hand-copies of texts

-1: Stela of Baki in Turin, Museo Egizio 1549 (TopBib i2.717).
-2: Stela of Penamun in Turin, Museo Egizio, 1552 (provenance not known). Fabretti, A., F. Rossi and R. V. Lanzone, Regio Museo di Torino: antichità egizie (1882-1888) (OEB 139337), p. 151 [1552].

Draft review of Peet, Thomas Eric: The great tomb-robberies of the twentieth Egyptian dynasty

Draft review of Peet, Thomas Eric 1930. The great tomb-robberies of the twentieth Egyptian dynasty: being a critical study, with translations and commentaries, of the papyri in which these are recorded. Oxford: Clarendon Press (OEB 146846). Published in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 17 (1931), p. 258-259.

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