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-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.93 Model tank with steps. Many such were found in the temple.
-K.94 Ptolemaic chapel near S. gate
-K.101 Detail of K 100.
-K.95 Interior shrine of chapel.

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-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.113 Colossal red granite head of Caracalla
-K.114-6 Limestone stele of the customs dues imposed at Koptos on arrivals from the Red Sea. Under Lucius Antistius Asiaticus, eparch. [K.116 Reversed]
-K.115 Grenfell taking a squeeze.
-K.116 Reversed

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-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-501 Primitive granite statue Memphis (catalogue No 1.)
-502 Head of Hesi (cat. 2)
-503 Head of Hesi. (catalogue 2)
-504 Head of Hesi.

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-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-513 Wife of the "Wooden Man" (cat 35)
-514 Statue of Menkaura: (diorite) (cat 40)
-515 Statue of Userenra red granite (cat 39)
-517 Part of alabaster vase of Pepy / Alabaster cup of Merenra (cat 58) (in glass case)

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-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-519-520 Granite statue of Sedenmat. (Cat. 76)
-521-2 Granite statue of the dd-mer Maa-nefer [E17-K1:N36-U1-F35-f:r]. (not in catalogue, old no. 926.)

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-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-531-2 Statue of Ata [i-t-i]. (not in cat. old no. 6944)
-533 Two statues. Salle 7
-534 Corn grinder. Salle 7 (in glass case)

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-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-569 Group of heads of "Hyksos" type. Tanis. (cat. 138)
-564 Stele painted & partly engraved. Salle 25
-571 Painted limestone, Amenhotep I (under glass) (cat. 538)
-572. Fragment of stele, Amenhotep I. cat 693. (in glass case)

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-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-593-4 Alabaster head of a king [Horemheb ? (crossed out)]. In glass case. (Cat 689)
-595 Back of chair, Senezem. (cat. 522) (in glass case)
-590 [sic = 596] Stele of Ptah du. [p:t-H-D37:D40] near no. 179

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-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-609 Black granite head of Taharka? (cat. 164)
-610 Nitakert offering to Amen & Khousu (cat. 260)
-611 Stele of Nekau Stele 37th yr of Sheshenk IV (cat 1079 1080)
-612 Psamtik adoring. Salle 32

[485] Step pyramid of Sakkara, from S.W.

Saqqara (Saqqâra), Step Pyramid of Neterikhet (Djoser).
Caption reads:
'Step pyramid of Sakkara, from S.W.
Shewing the deepest part now seen.
The smaller stones on the bottom of the south face belong to an older part covered by enlarging the pyramid.'

There are also two arrows labelled 1 and 2 pointing to 'earlier casings'.

Notes on the Pyramid of Sakkara

Saqqara (Saqqâra). Step Pyramid of Neterikhet (Djoser).
Notes read:
'The Pyramid of Sakkara has been thought to be of the first dynasty by Mariette, but without any proof; its being so much like the pyramid of Medum, and unlike any other, makes it most likely at least to belong to a time before the fourth dynasty.
The finished coats of casing inside the structure are very important, shewing repeated additions; the innermost now visible is almost in the middle of the South face, and shews the pyramid to have been mainly added to on the West and North, and to have been not half the size at first that it is now; yet as the chamber is under the middle, that seems to have been made later than the pyramid.
None of the final casing remains visible, & all the earlier casings are seen in section.'

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