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Quibell, James Edward - correspondence

Correspondence from James Edward Quibell (1867-1935) relating to his excavation work in Egypt and referring to other Egyptologists and their work including Flinders Petrie, Howard Carter, Victor Loret, Archibald Sayce, Wilhelm Speigelberg and Jacques de Morgan.

Includes correspondence relating to: a painted tomb found by F.W. Green; travel in Egypt; measurements of the Ramasseum; finds at El Kab including flat alabaster dishes and the relationship between Libyans and the Old Kingdom population; relationship between Egyptologists; death of Miss Yuill; finds in 1897 including a slate palette; life in Berlin and his colleagues; work at the Egyptian museum; job as Inspector of the Antiquities Service in Egypt shared with Howard Carter; Palermo stone and Breasted's work on it (1922).

Also includes letter to Mrs Helena Newberry bidding her farewell (1896).

Also includes letter from Newberry on behalf of the Archaeological Institute, University of Liverpool requesting the concession at Cheikh Abd el-Gournah (1923).

MSS 38/5 is also numbered A.304
MSS 38/6 is also numbered A.234
MSS 38/9 is also numbered A.300
MSS 38/10 is also numbered A.270
MSS 38/11 is also numbered A.255
MSS 38/14 is also numbered A.257
MSS 38/15 is also numbered A.274
MSS 38/17 is also numbered A.368
MSS 38/18 is also numbered 27
MSS 38/19 is also numbered 28
MSS 38/20 is also numbered 42
MSS 38/21 is also numbered 39
MSS 38/22 is also numbered 37
MSS 38/25 is also numbered 26
MSS 38/26 is also numbered 27
MSS 38/27 is also numbered A.307
There is a letter without Dawson reference which is numbered 59.

Roeder, Günther - correspondence

Correspondence from Günther Roeder (Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim) relating to travel to England and visiting Newberry.

Two letters are in German.

MSS 38/89 is also numbered 55
MSS 38/90 is also numbered A.75
MSS 38/91 is also numbered A.75a
MSS 38/92 is also numbered A.75b
MSS 38/95 is also numbered 9

Sampson, John - correspondence

Correspondence from John Sampson (Librarian, Liverpool University) including a letter on the benefits of having the books from Lord Amherst's collection at Liverpool University (1907) and referring to the publication of a new journal (1909).

MSS 39/7 is also numbered A.50
MSS 39/8 is also numbered 280
MSS 39/9 is also numbered 327

Sanborn, Ashton - correspondence

Correspondence from Ashton Sanborn (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) including relating to a photograph of the Nofer stela showing the shell palette requested by Newberry.

MSS 39/13 is also numbered A.373
MSS 39/14 is also numbered A.374

Scarleti, P.W.[?] - correspondence

Letter from P.W. Scarleti [the signature is uncertain] (Private Secretary) making appointment for Newberry to meet the High Commissioner in Cairo.

This letter is also numbered A122

Sethe, Kurt - correspondence

Correspondence from Kurt Sethe including relating to corrections to the inscriptions of the tomb of Rekhmara [1 letter in German]. Also includes notice of Sethe's death in 1934.

Also includes draft letter from Newberry to Sethe regarding some philological questions and the Hebrew Yah (1909)

MSS 40/10 is also numbered A 35

Smith, Sidney - correspondence

Correspondence from Sidney Smith (British Museum) relating to: ancient building materials; the Sed festival; 5th or 6th dynasty fragment found at a dealers in Paris; purchases for the British Museum; Steindorff and repression of Jews in Germany (1939); a Note by Newberry on box wood; Newberry's corrections to a publication by Smith (1942).

MSS 40/68 is also numbered A.306

Spiegelberg, Wilhelm - correspondence

Correspondence from Wilhelm Spiegelberg including relating to: research; his marriage (1898); excavation plans (1898); thanking Newberry; political situation in Egypt (1898); publications; work on inscriptions; arranging to visit Newberry and having Newberry to stay; life after the First World War including restrictions on travel, work, and family news (1921); comments on papers by Newberry; teaching Mr Bellairs Egyptology (1928); management of the Egyptian museum, Cairo (1930).

MSS 41/31 includes a watercolour sketch, which is a self portrait of Spiegelberg working at a desk surrounded by papers and books (1902).

MSS 41/34 is a letter to Lord Carnarvon relating to a chapter for publication and thanking him for the time working for him (1911).

Also includes two picture postcards, one of 17 Daniel Hirtz Strasse, Strasbourg and one of the Piramidi di Terra sul Renon.

MSS 41/12 is also numbered A 232
MSS 41/13 is also numbered A 361
MSS 41/14 is also numbered A 262
MSS 41/15 is also numbered 54
MSS 41/17 is also numbered 55
MSS 41/18 is also numbered 44
MSS 41/19 is also numbered 46
MSS 41/20 is also numbered 45
MSS 41/21 is also numbered 53
MSS 41/22 is also numbered 52
MSS 41/23 is also numbered 49
MSS 41/24 is also numbered 48
MSS 41/25 is also numbered 47
MSS 41/26 is also numbered 50
MSS 41/27 is also numbered 45
MSS 41/32 is also numbered 322
MSS 41/37 is also numbered A.317
MSS 41/41 is also numbered 40
MSS 41/43 is also numbered 32

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