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[319] Queen Thiti.

-Valley of the Queens.
-QV52, Queen Tyti.
-Caption reads:
'Queen Thiti. [<-ti-i-i-t:Z4->] (Konigsb. 527)
In her tomb in valley of Queens.

[151] Figure of a Queen.

-Tomb 3, Ahmosi.
-Thickness, upper part of Ahmosi with hymn.
-TopBib iv.214(4).
'Figure of a Queen.
on side of doorway of tomb (148)
Tel el Amarna.'

[258] Meneptah I.

-Valley of the Kings.
-KV8, Merneptah (Merenptah).
-Merneptah before Re-Harakhti.
-TopBib i2.507(3).
'Meneptah I.
In his tomb in valley of Kings' tombs.

[231] Court of temple of Medinet Habu

-Medinet Habu.
-Great Temple of Ramesses III.
-View of the northern side of the second court with columns of a Coptic church in the foreground.
'Court of temple of Medinet Habu,
with columns of early Christian church.'

[270] Rameses III leading captives

-Medinet Habu.
-Great Temple of Ramesses III.
-Pavilion (East Fortified Gate).
-Ramses (Ramesses) III leading Libyan and Asiatic captives.
-TopBib ii2.484(14).
'Rameses III leading captives;
on side of the Western flank, leading
to the tower'

[224] Brick arches at El Assassif

-ʿAsâsîf (Asasif).
-View showing the brick superstructures of tombs including that of Pabasa (TT279).
'Brick arches at El Assassif,
in front of Deir el Bahari (see 215, p. 7)
Arabian mountains in distance.'

-Also three arrows:
'221 ↑', '↑ B 220', and 'A ↑'.

[101] Shrine at Tehneh

-Tihna (Ṭihna; Tēnis; Acōris; Tehna; Tihna el-Gebel; Tehna el-Gebel).
-A rock-cut shrine.
-TopBib iv.129-30.
'Shrine at Tehneh,
in cliff above the inscription, (No 102)'

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