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[33] High Nile from my tomb.

-View of the Nile Valley during the flood at Giza, towards modern Cairo, showing Muhammad Ali's mosque and some minarets in the background.
'High Nile from my tomb.
Shewing Mehemet Ali's mosque and minarets.'.
-With arrow pointing at Muhammad Ali's mosque.

[517] The convent of Kalemsha from N.

-View from the north of the convent of Kalemsha (Deir el-Naqlun, also known as Deir al-Malak Ghubriyal, south of Medinet el-Faiyum? Or Deir Abu Ishaq, also known as Deir al-Hamam or the Monastery of the Holy Virgin, near el-Lahun?).
'The convent of Kalemsha from N.'.

[286] Sakiyeh at Luxor

-A saqiya (mechanical water lifting device) in use in the area of Luxor.
Caption reads:
'Sakiyeh at Luxor
The bullocks in going round, driven by a boy seated behind,
turn a horizontal wheel which gears in a vertical wheel,
this latter raises an endless band of waterpots.'.

[949] all Gurob XVIII-XIX

-Kom Medinet Ghurab ("Gurob"): objects made of 'faience' or glass.
-Main caption:
'all Gurob XVIII-XIX'.

-Items have been labelled around the photograph as follows:
'blue & yellow glass'
'blue bowl'
'blue kohl tubes'
'glazed inlay'
'wood inlayed with cut gems & gilding.'
'blue jar'
'monkey & captive'
'blue gazelle bowl'
'blue jar'
'blue pot with ducks'.

[958] Wall painting, Kahun.

-el-Lahun, town ('Kahun'): wall painting depicting a house with tables, vases and a servant before a seated man.
'Wall painting, Kahun.'.

This photograph is in a section titled 'Kahun & Gurob Views 1890 953-962'.

[918] Same canal, & blocks

-Hawara: canal cutting through the funerary temple of Amenemhat III (the so-called Labyrinth), with blocks from the monument.
'Same canal, & blocks looking NW'.

-With an arrow pointing at blocks.

This photograph is in a section titled 'Hawara Canal 917-930'.

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