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[205] Brick galleries around the Ramesseum.

-Brick buildings (storehouses).
'Brick galleries around the Ramesseum.
Wilkinson thinks them early Christian, but Maspero says
they are of XIX dyn. As they are arranged symmetrically
round the Ramesseum, and I found early blue ring in
the mortar, they are Ramesside, and for garrison?. XIX'

[254] Queen Tausert

-Valley of the Kings.
-KV14, Tausert, wife of Seti (Sethos) I, usurped by Setnakht.
-Corridor A.
-Upper part of Queen offering ointment in scene 2.
-TopBib i2.529(3).
'Queen Tausert
In Siptah's tomb in valley of Kings tombs.

[96] Isis, Horus, and Nebhat(?)

-El-Siririya (El-Sirîrîya; el-Saririya).
-Rock-chapel of Hathor of Akhwi.
-Three rock-cut statues of Hathor with a king and queen(?).
-TopBib iv.127(5).
'Isis, Horus, and Nebhat(?)
on back of small rock cut temple at the quarries
Es Shereriyeh. temp. Ramses III.'

[257] Ramessu VI

-Valley of the Kings.
-KV9, Ramses (Ramesses) VI.

'Ramessu VI
From his tomb in valley of Kings tombs. The design
has been altered, & the plaster falling shews two hands'

[91] Quarries at Nezlet Shekh Hassan.

-el-Sheikh Hassan (near Oxyrhynchus).
-Roman mud-brick buildings.
'Quarries at Nezlet Shekh Hassan.
Cracks in the rock are left untouched in a wall of rock;
these walls dividing the quarries into courts, which are
connected by a neat cut slit through them.'

-With arrows pointing to entrance:
'↑entrance slit

Inside front cover

Inside the front cover of the album.

On the left reads:
'W.M. Flinders Petrie,
8 Crescent Road,

A piece of paper has also been inserted and reads:
'As some friends have desired to have copies of these photographs (which at present I have no time to prepare myself) I have placed the plates in the hands of Mr. R.C. Murray, 37 Dartmouth Park Hill NW; and arranged with them to supply copies to order (not less than 6 at once) at 3d per print, post free. Only the numbers need be mentioned, but a list of the titles should be retained.
There is far more detail in the negatives than can be transferred to a print; and any one wishing to refer to them for scientific purposes will please to apply to me. Prints on glass are almost as good as the original negatives for examination, and can be easily supplied, as well as enlargements to any scale.
W.M. Flinders Petrie.'

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