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Percy Edward Newberry Collection Inglés
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Cook, Beatrice - correspondence

Correspondence from Beatrice Cook to Newberry and Mrs Newberry including on the health of Mrs Newberry; travel in Egypt; auctions.

MSS 9/72 is also numbered 219a
MSS 9/75 is also numbered 219
MSS 9/76 is also numbered A.70

Crum, Walter Ewing (1865-1944) - correspondence

Correspondence from Walter Ewing Crum including on: Crum's research; requesting Newberry to look out for Coptic items to purchase; Griffith's obituary.

Also includes postcard sent to Walter Ewing Crum c.1913 relating to a passage in an arabic text and the form of the name of a village called Dimokrat near Arment.

MSS 10/44 is also numbered A.127
MSS 10/45 is also numbered A 363
MSS 10/46 is also numbered 13
MSS 10/47 is also numbered 59
MSS 10/52 is also numbered A 197

Dattari, Giovanni (d. 1923) - correspondence

Correspondence from Giovanni Dattari (d. 1923) including: arranging to show Newberry his collection; Dattari's publication on coins; requesting Newberry's help with the translation of a seal including sketch.

MSS 11/17 is also numbered A 260

Davies, Norman de Garis (1865-1941) - correspondence

Correspondence from Norman de Garis Davies (1865-1941) including on: excavation at Meryra; arranging for Newberry to bring certain things with him when he visits; trees in the garden of Akhenaten; the tomb of Mentu-her-khepeshef; travel plans to Egypt; shrine at the tomb of Puyemre; identification of Ay; publications; tomb of User; tomb of Rekhmire; dealings with Bayoumi and Droiton; death of Mrs Griffith; news of Steindorff in Germany (1938); World War Two.

MSS 11/27 is also numbered 19
MSS 11/28 is also numbered 28
MSS 11/29 is also numbered 17
MSS 11/30 is also numbered 44
MSS 11/31 is also numbered 43
MSS 11/32 is also numbered 60
MSS 11/33 is also numbered 56
MSS 11/37 is also numbered 357
MSS 11/38 is also numbered 374
MSS 11/41 is also numbered 260
MSS 11/42 is also numbered 311
MSS 11/55 is also numbered 226
MSS 11/56 is also numbered 201
MSS 11/73 is also numbered A 108

Edwards, Iowerth Eiddon Stephen - correspondence

Correspondence between Iowerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards (British Museum) and Newberry, and to Mrs Newberry, including arranging visits and discussing various books and articles, news from the British Museum and the Egypt Exploration Society, donation of Newberry's artefacts to the British Museum.

El Salam, Abd - correspondence

Correspondence from Abd El Salam relating to the health of his Father and requesting financial assistance.

MSS 1/2 is also numbered A.113
MSS 1/3 is also numbered A 113a

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