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Pyramids of Sakkara Lisht etc.

Small portfolio or file entitled 'Pyramids of Sakkara Lisht etc.'.
Blue ink note at top right corner: '1' encircled in pencil (reference to previous arrangement, almost certainly introduced by Dr Moss).

Alexandria, Cairo

Portfolio entitled 'Alexandria, Cairo. / JB.'
Pencil notes: 'Modern Egypt / Not Complete.'.
Pencil notes: '7 / 1'.


Portfolio entitled 'Designs / JB'
Pencil notes: 'Complete / Sketches / Complete'.

Drawings Various

Portfolio entitled 'Drawings / Various / JB.'
Pencil notes: 'Designs & Mottos / Not Complete / Vol 2'
Pencil note: 'Perspective etc.' (almost certainly by Dr Moss).

Journal 3

Journal covering the period from 26 February to 6 March 1876.
Black cover, 17.8 x 11.5 x 0.8 cm, 22 pages.

Petrie Journal 1906 to 1907 (Giza)

  • Journal letters.
  • December 13, 1906, to March 24, 1907.
  • Handwritten.
  • Site: Giza.
  • Pages 1-4 and 9-15 are photocopies of originals held at the Petrie Museum of Archaeology, University College London.
  • Page 12 is a typewritten copy of a letter.

Petrie Journal 1893 to 1894 (Koptos)

  • Journal letters.
  • November 27, 1893, through to February 23, 1894.
  • Handwritten.
  • Petrie is at Koptos for the whole season where he was assisted by James Edward Quibell and Bernard Pyne Grenfell. Petrie discovered three temples and found evidence of constant occupation at the site, from the Predynastic period through to the Roman era. Petrie also discovered three Predynastic colossal statues of Min beneath a Ptolemaic pavement, one statue is now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the other two are in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Petrie's excavations at this site initiated the formation of the highly-regarded Egyptian workforce specialising in archaeological excavation and referred to as "Quftis".
  • Site: Koptos (Coptos; Qift; Quft).

Charles Gordon Jelf. Born June 8, 1886. Killed in Action October 13, 1915 (printed for private circulation, 1915)

Printout of the booklet "Charles Gordon Jelf. Born June 8, 1886. Killed in Action October 13, 1915" (printed for private circulation, 1915); from Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford copy [http://solo.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/primo-explore/fulldisplay?docid=oxfaleph013761443&context=L&vid=SOLO&search_scope=LSCOP_ALL&tab=local&lang=en_US].

Calling cards

Photographs or calling cards of members of Newberry's extended family. Some are named on the back by Newberry with a note on genealogy. Includes photographs of: Newberry's mother Sarah Newberry, 1905; Newberry's Uncle F.J. Newberry; Newberry's Grandfather F.W. Newberry; Mrs Sarah Pine born Kenward (1790-?); Mrs Thomas Kenward; William Munk; James Newberry (1781-); Elizabeth Newberry (1791-); Thomas Kenward (1788-); Mrs James Newberry born Dixy. Also includes receipt for 12 calling cards, 1867.

Drawings of Sudan (between the 2nd and 3rd Cataracts of the Nile)

Portfolio entitled 'Drawings Egypt. / JB / Above the 2nd Cataract'
Pencil note: 'Above the 2d Cataract'
Pencil note: '11 (second 1 added over 6)'
Ink table of contents (not complete) on piece of paper glued to cover:
-'1 Boats above the 2d Cataract'
-'2 Sketches above 2nd Cataract'
-'x (pencil) - 3 Sketches above 2nd Cataract'
-'4 Ditto'
-'5 Ditto'
-'x (pencil) - 6 Ditto'
-'x (pencil) - 7 Ditto' - 'Daal' (pencil)
-'8 Boat of region above 2d Cataract'
-'9 Kalabsha'

Antiques Various

Portfolio entitled 'Antiques Various JB.'
Pencil note: '2'
Ink table of contents (not complete) on piece of paper partially glued to cover:
-'1 Halicarnassus frieze part of / CL'
-'2 Tracing from Halicarnassus frieze part of / CL'
-'3 Tracing from Halicarnassus frieze / CL'
-'4 Halicarnassus frieze part of / CL'
-'7 Camera lucida drawing of an antique figure at Malta'
-'8 Camera lucida sketch Elgin frieze / two figures'
-'9 Camera lucida sketch Elgin frieze'
-'10 Camera lucida Townley [cariatedes (crossed out)] canefora'
-'11 Camera lucida. Profile of the the Townley basket bearer'
Pencil / inked pencil notes partially covered by piece of paper glued to cover: 'Antique Dress / Not Complete / Vol.'.

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