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Jaroslav Černý Collection
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Notebook Černý MSS 17.126

Hieroglyphic texts from objects in various museums including:
-inscription of Esiemkhebi
Copies of hieratic graffiti, most taken from publications. Some graffiti collated later with the originals.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.129

Various XIth Dynasty texts, including objects in:
-Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum
-Berkeley, Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology
-Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
-Kraków, Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie, MNK-XI-999 (TopBib v.164)

Notebook Černý MSS 17.13

Transcriptions of hieratic graffiti from the Pyramid of Djoser, Saqqâra.
Published by Firth, C. M. and Quibell, J. E. in The Step Pyramid, i (1935) (OEB 139530), based on B. G. Gunn and Černý material.
Transcriptions of hieratic graffiti from Saqqâra.
Published by Jéquier, G. Deux pyramides du Moyen Empire (1933), 13-14 (OEB 141955).

Notebook Černý MSS 17.130

Various New Kingdom texts:

  • monuments from Uppsala, Victoriamuseet för Egyptiska fornsaker
  • hieratic text in Tura quarries
  • a group of records created from older notes including objects seen with dealers in Berlin, Akhmim and Cairo
  • copied from publications
  • copied from A. H. Gardiner's notes
  • note with a query concerning a graffito from Thebes

Notebook Černý MSS. 17.132

Various Middle Kingdom texts including a text from a boundary stela of Sesostris III from Uronarti, now in Khartoum, Sudan National Museum, 451 (see TopBib vii.143).

Notebook Černý MSS 17.133

Transcriptions of papyri including a Demotic papyrus in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, JE 56283.
Magical texts from hieratic papyri in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, and other museums, from the tombs of Priests and Priestesses of Amun etc.

Notebook Černý MSS. 17.134

Various XXI-XXVI Dynasty texts, most from publications, including:
-Nile levels at Karnak
-building inscriptions from Napata
-inscription of Montuemhat
-adoption stela of Nitocris
-Serapeum stela, in Paris, Musée du Louvre, 239, etc.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.138

Descriptions and texts from tombs at Thebes:
-Royal Tomb KV 17, Sethos I
-TT 63, Sebkhotp (including hieratic graffiti)
-TT 68, [Per?]enkhmun
-TT 139, Pairi (hieratic graffito)
-TT 341, Nekhtamun
-TT 367, Paser (including Coptic graffiti)

Notebook Černý MSS 17.139

Texts from temples and tombs. Some of the notes were created by A. H. Gardiner.
Thebes. Temples:
-Deir el-Medîna, placement of Coptic graffiti on temple walls with an index of names
-Medînet Habu (including graffiti)
-Mi'alla, Ankhtifinakht, texts with translations (copied with B. Grdseloff and H. W. Fairman)
Other temples:

Notebook Černý MSS 17.14

Transcriptions of Ostraca Carnarvon, most now in Cairo, Egyptian Museum. With index. There are also enclosed tracings of some of the ostraca.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.141

Deir el-Medîna.
Objects in museums, most of the copies were transcribed from publications but many were then collated later with the originals:
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum
-Geneva, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire
-Oxford, Queen's College
-Paris, Musée du Louvre
-Strasbourg, Institut d’Égyptologie
-Vatican, Museo Gregoriano Egizio
-Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

Notebook Černý MSS 17.142A

Gîza. Concordances for Mariette and Wreszinski publications:
-Mariette, A., Les Mastabas de l'Ancien Empire. Fragment du dernier ouvrage de A. Mariette (1889) (OEB 144519)
-Wreszinski, W., Atlas zur altägyptischen Kulturgeschichte iii (1923-1936) (OEB 152922)
Papyri in Turin, Museo Egizio. Page concordances for publications:
-Pleyte, W. and Rossi, F. Papyrus de Turin. Vol. i. Texte (1869-1876) (OEB 147627)
-Fabretti, A., Rossi, F. and Lanzone, R. V., Catalogo generale dei musei di antichita. Vol. ii. Regio Museo di Torino (1888) (OEB 139337)
Concordance for:
-Gayet, E., Musée du Louvre. Stèles de la XIIe dynastie, 3 vols. (1886-1889) (OEB 140214)

Notebook Černý MSS 17.142B

Gîza. Concordances for Mariette, TopBib and Cairo, Egyptian Museum objects:
-Mariette, A., Les Mastabas de l'Ancien Empire. Fragment du dernier ouvrage de A. Mariette (1889) (OEB 144519)
-Topographical Bibliography iii (1931) (OEB 216589)
-objects in Cairo, Egyptian Museum

Notebook Černý MSS 17.144

-Thebes, plans of graffiti locations (see enclosures)
-Luxor Temple, hieratic graffito (see enclosure)
-Thebes, texts from tombs
-texts from objects with dealers
Ostraca in:
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum
-Leipzig, Ägyptisches Museum
Objects in Russian Museums.
Text of Wenamun, reference material.
Commodity prices, reference material (see enclosure).

Notebook Černý MSS 17.145

Transcriptions of hieratic papyri with a table of contents at the back of the notebook. Some translations and working notes, see enclosures.
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58035-58096 (some omissions).
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58037 recto
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58038 (Boulak 17)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58039A-F (Boulak 6)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58041 (Boulak 13)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58043 (Boulak 8)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58045
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58050
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58051
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58052
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58053
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58054
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58055
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58056
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58057
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58058 (Boulak 16)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58059 (Boulak 14)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58060 (Boulak 15)
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58061
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58070
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58073
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58074
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58075
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58076
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58077
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58078
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58079
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58080
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58081
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58082
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58083
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58084
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58085
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58086
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58087
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58088
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58089
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58091
-Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58096 (Boulak 19)

Notebook Černý MSS 17.147

Transcription of hieratic papyrus in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, JE 86637, Calendar of Lucky and Unlucky Days.
Text from a wooden knob, inscribed for Nebenmaet (TT 219), in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, Temp. No., TopBib i2.749.
Some translations (see enclosures).

Notebook Černý MSS 17.149

Nubia. Texts and graffiti from:
-Abahûda (TopBib vii.119-21)
-Abû Simbel (TopBib vii.95ff.)
-Amada (TopBib vii.65-73)
-Gebel el-Shems ( TopBib vii.122-3)
-Kasr Ibrîm (TopBib vii.92-4)
-Toshka (TopBib vii.95)
-Es-Sebua (TopBib vii.53-64)
Coptic parchment leaf belonging to Tano (antiquities dealer).

Notebook Černý MSS 17.15

Transcriptions of papyri, in Turin, Museo Egizio, including Stato civile, with corrections and additions to previous publications:
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 1900
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 1903
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 1932 + 1939
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 2015
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 2018
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 2034
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 2053/50 + 2028 + 1914 + 2053/49
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 2057/58 + 2106/396
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 2072/142
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 2075
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 2077/197 + 2024/178 + 2052/297

Notebook Černý MSS 17.150

Turin, Museo Egizio. Transcriptions of hieratic papyri and an ostracon.

[published in Pleyte, W. and Rossi, F., Papyrus de Turin, 2 vols. (1869-1876) (OEB 147627)]:
-pl. 32
-pl. 33 (Černý's copy includes an unpublished continuation)
-pl. 61
-Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 2161

Notebook Černý MSS 17.151

Turin, Museo Egizio. Transcriptions of hieratic papyri.
Published in Pleyte, W. and Rossi, F., Papyrus de Turin 2 vols. (1869-1876) (OEB 147627):
-pl. 1
-pl. 2
-pl. 4
-pl. 5
-pl. 11
-pl. 12
-pl. 13
-pl. 20
-pl. 21
-pl. 22
-pl. 23
-pl. 24
-pl. 25
-pl. 26
-pl. 27
-pl. 28
-pl. 29
-pl. 31
-pl. 64
-pl. 78
-pls. 79-82
-pl. 84
-pl. 85
-pl. 86
-pl. 87
-pl. 88
-pl. 89
-pl. 118
-pl. 119
-pl. 120
-pl. 121
-pl. 122
-pl. 123
-pl. 124
-pl. 125
-pl. 135
-pl. 136
-pl. 146
-pl. 147
-pl. 154A
-pl. 154B

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