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Percy Edward Newberry Collection
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Meyer, Eduard - correspondence

Correspondence from Eduard Meyer including an invitation to dinner [in German], and relating to whether the Egyptian Museum of Berlin would like to purchase the 'Mena tablet'.

Griffith, Francis Llewellyn - correspondence

Correspondence from Francis Llewellyn Griffith including relating to Newberry's work at Beni Hasan; comparison of Newberry's copies of inscriptions with Hay's work by Blackden; publication of Beni Hasan and El Bersheh; Rekhmara inscriptions; corrections to the publication of text from the tomb of Nebamun; readings and corrections of texts.

Correspondence includes notes on inscriptions in Beni Hasan tomb 2 belonging to Amenemhat [known as Ameny], tomb 13 belonging to Khnumhotep, tomb 14 belonging to Khnumhotep I, tomb 15 belonging to Baqet III, tomb 21 belonging to Nakht, tomb 23 belonging to Netjernakht, tomb 26, and tomb 33 belonging to Baqet II.

Also includes:
-Correspondence from Newberry to Griffith relating to arrangement for Blackden at Beni Hassan and M de Morgan’s refusal to allow him to work at Tel el Amarna
-Correspondence from Griffith to Newberry’s brother John E. Newberry reporting news from Beni Hasan and on available work
-Copy of letter sent to Selima Harris relating to acquiring her father Anthony Charles Harris’ papers

MSS 21/1 is also numbered 149
MSS 21/2 is also numbered 148
MSS 21/3 is also numbered 128
MSS 21/4 is also numbered 130
MSS 21/5 is also numbered 146
MSS 21/6 is also numbered 134
MSS 21/7 is also numbered 121
MSS 21/8 is also numbered 129
MSS 21/10 is also numbered 153
MSS 21/11 is also numbered 152
MSS 21/12 is also numbered 120
MSS 21/13 is also numbered 142
MSS 21/14 is also numbered 21
MSS 21/15 is also numbered 21a
Letter without Dawson reference numbered 22
MSS 21/16 is also numbered 141
MSS 21/17 is also numbered 119
MSS 21/18 is also numbered 126
MSS 21/19 is also numbered 132
MSS 21/20 is also numbered 155
MSS 21/21 is also numbered 142
MSS 21/22 is also numbered 127
MSS 21/23 is also numbered 117
MSS 21/24 is also numbered 137a
MSS 21/25 is also numbered 154
MSS 21/27 is also numbered 136
MSS 21/28 is also numbered 123
MSS 21/29 is also numbered 58
MSS 21/30 is also numbered 58
MSS 21/31 is also numbered 37
MSS 21/32 is also numbered 62
MSS 21/25 is also numbered 25
MSS 21/36 is also numbered 23
MSS 21/38 is also numbered 27
MSS 21/40 is also numbered A.225
MSS 21/41 is also numbered A.259
MSS 21/42 is also numbered 56
MSS 21/45 is also numbered 58
MSS 21/47 is also numbered 43
MSS 21/49 is also numbered 12
MSS 21/57 is also numbered 44
MSS 21/63 is also numbered A.155
MSS 21/64 is also numbered A.145
MSS 21/66 is also numbered A.174
MSS 21/67 is also numbered A.175

Griffith, Francis Llewellyn

Newton, Francis Giesler - correspondence

Letter from Francis Giesler Newton relating to excavation work for the Egypt Exploration Society and discovery of a palace north of El-Til.

This letter includes notes by Newberry including a sketch possibly of a palace façade, and a name, possibly of a vizier, written in hieroglyhs.

Edwards, Iowerth Eiddon Stephen - correspondence

Correspondence between Iowerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards (British Museum) and Newberry, and to Mrs Newberry, including arranging visits and discussing various books and articles, news from the British Museum and the Egypt Exploration Society, donation of Newberry's artefacts to the British Museum.

Rothenstein, William - correspondence

Correspondence from William Rothenstein (1872-1945) regarding a lecture given by Newberry at the Royal College of Art.

The letters are also numbered A.305 (10/02/1923) and A.305a (18/01/1923)

Notes on objects

Notes, rubbings, copies of inscriptions and drawings of objects, some of which have been identified during previous archival processing and sorted according to Topographical Bibliography volume numbers.

Includes copies of inscriptions from the following:
-Stick of Harmosi, Servant in the Place of Truth (TopBib i.749)
-Pen-case of Teti, Scribe of the Lord of the Two Lands
-Statue of Djehutmosi from TT32 Djehutmosi (TopBib i.50)
-Statue of Teti-soneb (TopBib i.788) (Hanover Kestner Museum, 1935.200.106)
-Statue of Espekashuti (TopBib i.790) (British Museum, EA1225)
-Block Statue Minmosi (TopBib ii.283) (Cairo Museum, CG 638)
-False door from TT397 Nakht (TopBib ii.294)
-Stela of Thonufer (TopBib ii.395) (British Museum, EA56921)
-Canopic jar of Psammethek-sineit (TopBib iii.772) (Louvre Museum, N2975-8)
-Statue of Ptahmosi (British Museum, EA1119)
-Statue of Amenhotep, Vizier temp. Amenophis III (TopBib iv.31) (Cairo Museum, CG 590)
-Fragment of Sarcophagus of Pairkap (TopBib iv.48)
-Object from Abydos in Marseille Museum (TopBib v.102A)
-Stela of Haremhet in Turin Museum (TopBib v.103A)
-Sealing of Peribsen (TopBib v.81A)
-Stelae from Umm el-Qa’ab, Abydos (TopBib v.89A)
-Statuette of Sebekhetep in Marseilles Museum (TopBib vii.193A)
-Steatite bowl of Panufer (TopBib vii.139)
-Stela of Semtu-tefnakht [rubbing] (TopBib vii.418)
-Text of Djehutardais on a statue of a baboon in a garden at Mellawi
-Unidentified object of Siesi, baker of cakes of Osiris (called no. 31)
-Sandstone squatting statue of Iabu (TopBib viii.394) (Louvre Museum, E 10974)
-Palette fragment of Nebueteru
-Vessel bearing the name of Ria
-Stela of Iuenamun
-Stela of Ipepi (Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 24031) (TopBib viii.206)
-Text of a statue of Mentuhotep
-Block from tomb of Iyemi’atib
-Coffin lid of Zeesesankh
-Palette of Djehuti
-Top of bronze trumpet with Abdel Megid inscribed
-Slate pencase of Ra’hotep
-Stela of Amosis (Hanover Kestner Museum, 1935.200.209)
-Mummy case of ‘Ankh-Khons
-Stela of Zeheres’ankh
-Titles from objects in the Leyden Museum
-Wooden coffin of Djeesesankh
-Pyramidion of Roy
-Fragmentary statue of Pedemihos (National Archaeological Museum of Naples, 1064)
-Stela of Amennakht (Bologna Museo Civico Archeologico, 1904)
-Statue of Senebhenaf (Bologna Museo Civico Archeologico, 1839)
-Stela of Menkh-sobek (Bologna Museo Civico Archeologico, 1910)
-Stela of Bebi (Bologna Museo Civico Archeologico, 1927)
-Stela of Iki (Bologna Museo Civico Archeologico, 1921)
-Stela of Mentuhotep-Ressenbu (Bologna Museo Civico Archeologico, 1930)
-Statue base with name of Pesesh (Leiden Museum, F.1938/7.26)
-Statuette of Rensoneb, Chief of the Tens
-Base of statue of Amenemhet, son of Djehout
-Stela of Sebkiri (Bologna Museo Civico Archeologico, 1933)
-Stela of Amosis (Hanover Kestner Museum, 1935.200.209)
-Statuettes of Bakt (Hanover Kestner Museum, 1935.200.107-8)
-Scarab of Ini (Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 9079)
-Scarab of Khyan (Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 18653)
-Scarab of Nebu (Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 16395)
-Scarab of Sehetepibre (Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 15367)
-Scarab of Soneb (Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 1273)
-Scarab (Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 14949)

Also includes tracings of papyri and one page on standards of boats on Naqada II pottery from the Hague Scheurleer Museum.

Percy Edward Newberry Collection

  • NEWB
  • Collectie
  • 1629-1999

The Percy Newberry Collection has been listed thanks to a cataloguing grant from the The National Archives in 2015. The collection comprises a wide range of material on topics including Predynastic Egypt, Theban tombs, Egyptian flora and fauna, early Egyptian travellers, ancient Egyptian religion and culture, as well as Newberry's genealogy. Formats include notebooks, research notes, photographs, tracings, rubbings and neswpaper clippings.

The collection has been divided into 5 series: Biographical Material; Correspondence; Research Notebooks; Subject Files and Research Material.

The following key subject terms collate material on the same subject which have been listed in different series:
<a href="">Nome Ensigns</a>
<a href="">Flora and Fauna</a>
<a href="">Predynastic Egypt</a>
<a href="">Scarabs and Seals</a>

Newberry, Percy Edward

Paterson, Emily - correspondence

Correspondence from Emily Paterson (Secretary, Egypt Exploration Fund) relating to Newberry's work for the Egypt Exploration Fund including payment of his salary. Includes correspondence relating to the work of Naville at Deir el Bahari, publication of Beni Hasan, work at Tell el Amarna and communication with Jean-Jacques de Morgan, work by Howard Carter.

Also includes copies of letters from Newberry to Paterson reporting on his work. Includes letters relating to work at Sheikh Said and Gebel el Gebrawi, work by his brother John Newberry and Howard Carter.

MSS 34/69 is also numbered 28
MSS 34/70 is also numbered 26a
MSS 34/71 is also numbered 2
MSS 34/72 is also numbered 3
MSS 34/73 is also numbered 26

Roeder, Günther - correspondence

Correspondence from Günther Roeder (Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim) relating to travel to England and visiting Newberry.

Two letters are in German.

MSS 38/89 is also numbered 55
MSS 38/90 is also numbered A.75
MSS 38/91 is also numbered A.75a
MSS 38/92 is also numbered A.75b
MSS 38/95 is also numbered 9

Dynasties XI and XII

Folder titled 'DYN. XI and XII' containing notes relating to the 11th and 12th Dynasties.

Material has been split into envelopes as follows:
-Notes on the Herakleopolitan Dynasty, Herakleopolis, Khety I and notes from Quibell, J. E. 1907. <i>Excavations at Saqqara (1905-1906)</i>. Le Caire: Institute Français d'Archéologie Orientale (OEB 147888)
-Beginning of a draft titled 'The Middle Kingdom - The Rise of Thebes and the XIth Dyn.'
-Notes on King Kakare An(tef)
-Notes on 11th Dynasty Kings Intef I, Intef II, Mentuhotep I, Mentuhotep II, Mentuhotep III, Mentuhotep IV, as well as the mothers of Kings
-Notes on stelae from the 11th Dynasty, translations of inscriptions, photographs and plates of stelae including stelae of Antefnakht (TopBib i.596), Intef (British Museum, EA 1203) (TopBib i.596), Thethi (British Museum, EA 614) (TopBib i.596) and Redi-Khnum (Cairo Museum, CG 20543)
-Notes, copies of inscriptions and sketches from the temple of Mentuhotep II (TopBib ii.381)
-Inscriptions on monuments relating to Mentuhotep II including block from Gebelein (Cairo Museum, 24.5 and 28.5) and relief from Dendera (Cairo Museum, JE 46068). Reference to Winlock, H.E., 'The Eleventh Egyptian Dynasty', <i>Journal of Near Eastern Studies</i>, Vol. 2 [4] (Oct. 1943), pp. 249-283
-Inscriptions on 11th Dynasty monuments and copies of hieroglyphs from the tomb of the Chancellor Khety (TT 311) including notes on colours (TopBib i.386)
-Notes on Queen Neferu and copies of hieroglyphs from her tomb (TT 319) (TopBib i.391)
-Notes and copies of inscriptions from the Shatt er-Rigal rock inscriptions and on the Chancellor Khety from the 11th Dynasty (TopBib v.206)
-Notes and copies of inscriptions from the sarcophogus of Aashait [or Ashayt] (Cairo, Egyptian Museum, JE 47267) and photograph of a block from wall of tomb (TopBib ii.387)
-Typed notes on the title of Chancellor, the Chancellor Thethi and the role of Chancellor in the 12th Dynasty, and notes on the statue of Djoser which includes the name of Imhotep (Cairo Museum, JE 49889)
-Notes relating to the 11th Dynasty including on Kings and Queens, tombs at Deir el-Bahari, and stelae [these notes have all been cut from different notebooks and grouped together in this envelope]. Also includes notes on Naville, E. et al. 1907-1913. <i>The XIth Dynasty temple at Deir el-Bahari</i>, 3 vols. (OEB 206117; OEB 206119; OEB 146133)

Černý, Jaroslav - correspondence

Correspondence between Černý and Newberry including on: contributing article to volume in memory of Ippolito Rosellini; inscription above a scene of wrestling men referenced by Bunsen; references to other articles, publications and research interests.

Notes on egyptological publications

Handwritten notes on the following egyptological publications:
-Edgerton, William F. 1933. <i>The Thutmosid succession</i>. Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 8. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (OEB 138819).
-Kees, Hermann 1938. Die Opfertanzdarstellung auf einem Siegel des Königs Usaphais. <i>Nachrichten von der Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen: Philologisch-Historische Klasse, Fachgruppe I, Altertumswissenschaft, Neue Folge</i> 3 (2), 21-30 (OEB 142358).
-Kees, H. 1954. Das Gottesweib Ahmes-Nofretere als Amonspriester. <i>Orientalia</i> 23, 57-63 (OEB 1725).
-Vogliano, A. (ed.) 1938. <i>Mostra delle antichità rinvenute nelle campagne d'Egitto condotte dalla Missione della R. Università di Milano, 1934-37 / organizzata a cura delle podesteria di Milano dalla soprintendenza dei Musei del Castello Sforzesco di Milano</i>. Milano: Bestetti (OEB 145697).
-1906. <i>Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities, formed in Egypt by R. de Rustafjaell: which will be sold by auction by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge [...] on Wednesday, the 19th of December, 1906</i>. London: Davy (OEB 136636).
-Drioton, Étienne 1933. Essai sur la cryptographie privée de la fin de la XVIIIe dynastie. <i>Revue d'égyptologie</i> 1, 1-50 (OEB 138351).
-Klebs, Luise, 1934. <i>Die Reliefs und Malereien des Neuen Reiches (XVIII.-XX. Dynastie, ca. 1580-1100 v. Chr.): Material zur ägyptischen Kulturgeschichte</i>. AHAW: philos.-hist. Kl. 9. Heidelberg: Winter (OEB 142537).

Tracings of hieratic texts

Tracings of hieratic texts in a folder numbered NB 5 with a list of texts on the front cover which has been crossed out.Tracings most probably made form plates in publications.

Brunton, Guy - correspondence

Correspondence from Guy Brunton (1879-1949) to Newberry and Mrs Newberry. Includes details of excavation work; reference to his appointment as Keeper, Cairo Museum; scarab in Cairo Museum; Newberry's Catalogue of Shawabti figures.

Burton, Minnie - correspondence

Correspondence from Minnie Burton (wife of Harry Burton) including on: news from Egypt; flowers and planting bulbs in Gurna, Egypt; news of travel and entertaining; the Calcutta sweep; renting Kathleen Gunn's house.

MSS 6/116 is also numbered 1a
MSS 6/117 is also numbered 1
MSS 6/120 is also numbered 4

Research material on the thunderbolt ensign

Research material relating to the thunderbolt ensign representing Min and the 9th nome of Upper Egypt including tracings of occurrences of the ensign on predynastic pottery and draft plates for Newberry, P.E., 'The Egyptian Cult-object [R22] and the Thunderbolt', in Annals of Archaeology and Anthropology, Volume 3, pp.50-2 (1910) (OEB 146356).

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