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Myres, (Sir) John Linton - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir John Linton Myres including relating to: publication and preparation of articles for the Annals of Archaeology; Gunn papers and expedition finds 1909; support for T. Eric Peet and his candiature for positions; possibility of Lord Carnavon giving a lecture; the British Association for the Advancement of Science; scarabs including publication of scarabs found in Cyprus by Newberry; olives including comments on a paper by Newberry; copyright of the Carter material held at the Griffith Institute; publication of the diaries of Joseph Bonomi by Mrs de Cosson; Egyptian and Libyan horses (1938).

Also includes letters from Newberry to Myres including relating to: Egyptian and Libyan horses (1938); arranging to meet Myres and reference to war work (1943); Newberry's health with notes on forms of bow (1945); details on the donation of Carter material by Miss Walker including copy of two letters from E.T.Leeds (Keeper, Ashmolean Museum) to Miss Walker in 1939 (1945); Joseph Bonomi and Mrs de Cosson's plans to publish his diaries, and the Minoan-Mycenaean Goddess of the Bow (1947).

MSS 32/41 is also numbered 37 and A.95
MSS 32/43 is also numbered A.94
MSS 32/48 is also numbered A.341
MSS 32/52 is also numbered 252
MSS 32/54 is also numbered 387
MSS 32/55 is also numbered 383
MSS 32/56 is also numbered 296
MSS 32/57 is also numbered 333
MSS 32/58 is also numbered A.327
MSS 32/60 is also numbered A.326

Nicol, Erskine E. - correspondence

Correspondence from Erskine E. Nicol (husband of Cecile Nicol) including relating to the purchase of a picture and arranging to meet Newberry.

Also includes letters of thanks to Mrs Newberry including reference to travel and Howard Carter.

MSS 33/54 is also numbered A.350
MSS 33/55 is also numbered A.347
MSS 33/56 is also numbered A.347b
MSS 33/57 is also numbered A.347a
MSS 33/63 is also numbered A.325

The Editor of Nature - correspondence

Correspondence from the Editor of Nature relating to the publication of Newberry's presidential address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1923), and obituaries of Sir Robert Mond (1938) and Howard Carter (1939).

Naville, Henri Edouard - correspondence

Correspondence from Henri Edouard Naville including arranging to meet Newberry and discussion of the plunder of tombs in Egypt, Egyptologists (Friedrich Bissing, Ludwig Borchardt, Francis Ll. Griffith) and the 'School of Berlin'.

Murray, Margaret Alice - correspondence

Correspondence from Margaret Alice Murray including relating to: travel in Egypt; lines of research; work on publications including Index of Names and Titles of the Old Kingdom (1908); reference to unrolling a mummy at Manchester Museum (1908); publications by Newbwerry including relating to Set and Neith; a Belgian teaparty held for nurses (1915); death of Sir James Frazer; work on scarabs at the Institute of Archaeology, London.

MSS 32/8 is also numbered 4
MSS 32/9 is also numbered 3
MSS 32/16 is also numbered 371
MSS 32/18 is also numbered 264
MSS 32/19 is also numbered 277
MSS 32/21 is also numbered 281

Northampton, (Lord) William George Spencer Scott Compton - correspondence

Correspondence from Lord William George Spencer Scott Compton Northampton, 5th Marquis (1851-1913) including relating to Newberry's excavation work with Wilhelm Spiegelberg, permits for excavation, payment for work done and travel in Egypt.

Also includes letter from Newberry and Spiegelberg at Drah abul Negga reporting on excavation work including on the Temple of Queen Aahmes Nefertari and tomb of Nekht (1898).

Also includes letter of thanks from Margaret Compton with the date of her arrival in Egypt (1898).

MSS 33/70 is also numbered 22
MSS 33/71 is also numbered 19
MSS 33/72 is also numbered 17
MSS 33/73 is also numbered 21
MSS 33/74 is also numbered 8
MSS 33/75 is also numbered 15
MSS 33/76 is also numbered 8a
MSS 33/77 is also numbered 20
MSS 33/78 is also numbered 7
MSS 33/79 is also numbered 6
MSS 33/80 is also numbered 2
MSS 33/81 is also numbered 3
MSS 33/82 is also numbered 4
MSS 33/83 is also numbered 5
MSS 33/85 is also numbered 22a

Murray, G.W. - correspondence

Letter from G.W. Murray asking Newberry to identify a tree found in a Ptolemaic temple in the Libyan Desert.

This letter includes calculations on the back by Newberry.

Myers, Oliver - correspondence

Correspondence from Oliver Myers including relating to a wazir statue, publication of Temples of Armant: A Preliminary Survey, reference to his work as a censor during the second world war and requesting Newberry's opinion on seals and scarabs.

One letter does not have a Dawson reference number.

Nash, Walter Llewellyn - correspondence

Correspondence from Walter Llewellyn Nash including relating to: photographs of a vase of Ptahmes and a heart amulet; photographing drawings by Newberry; requesting translation of an inscription on a gold ring found at Karnac; a proposal for a publication on 'Egyptian monuments as they existed in the 19th century'.

MSS 33/3 is also numbered 26
MSS 33/4 is also numbered 37 or 38
MSS 33/5 is also numbered 42
MSS 33/7 is also numbered 389

Peake, Harold T. E. - correspondence

Correspondence from Harold T. E. Peake including relating to: publication of an article; visiting Newberry; research topics including wild barley, minerals in Armenia, pot forms, Egyptian chronology, Egyptian script; gardening; work during World War II.

Also includes letter of thanks from Mrs Newberry for the donation of a palm leaf book.

MSS 35/5 is also numbered 206
MSS 35/6 is also numbered 213
MSS 35/7 is also numbered 205
MSS 35/8 is also numbered 205a
MSS 35/9 is also numbered 298
MSS 35/12 is also numbered A106a
There is also a letter without a Dawson reference numbered A106b

Peet, Thomas Eric - correspondence

Correspondence from T. Eric Peet including relating to his work for the Egypt Exploration Society (EES), University of Liverpool, as Editor of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology (JEA) and the University of Oxford, as well as letters during the First World War including relating to his work for the Army Service Corps and Infantry.

Includes correspondence relating to: study of Egyptology and requesting books (1908-9); evidence of cults in Crete (1910); excavation work at Abydos with John Garstang including details of workers and warning Newberry of theft by a particular worker (1910-11); seeking work for his brothers; the issue of dealers selling antiquities in Egypt (1911); lecturing for Newberry at the University of Liverpool; work on Petrie’s copies of Sinai inscriptions with Alan Gardiner; election to the Brunner Chair of Egyptology at the University of Liverpool; news from the Institute of Archaeology, University of Liverpool; work for EES and a retaining fee paid to Peet during the war (1920); Bosanquet’s resignation from the University of Liverpool (1920); Pro-German tendencies of the EES (1920); publication of a guide to the Egyptian collections at Liverpool Museum; publication of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus and Turin Papyri; teaching and students of Egyptology including Egyptian students; application for position at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; publication of articles by Newberry in the JEA; research on girdle or belt with possible inscription of Ramesses III (1933); on taking up position at University of Oxford.

Also includes draft correspondence from Newberry to Peet on Peet’s election to the Brunner Chair of Egyptology, changed attitudes in Egypt to the English with reference to treatment of Howard Carter (1924), and on providing a reference for Peet for the position at the Ashmolean Museum (1928).

MSS 36/1 is also numbered 96
MSS 36/15 is also numbered 161 and 162
MSS 36/33 is also numbered 359

Pemberton, William S. Childe - correspondence

Correspondence from William S. Childe Pemberton including relating to the possibility of helping Newberry at Tell el Amarna and referring to making arrangements with Petrie (1892), travel in Egypt and reminiscences of time spent in Egypt (1923).

MSS 35/26 is also numbered 13c
MSS 35/27 is also numbered 13a
MSS 35/28 is also numbered 13b
MSS 35/30 is also numbered 13
MSS 35/31 is also numbered A.198
MSS 35/32 is also numbered A.379

Mountford, James Frederick - correspondence

Letter from James Frederick Mountford (Vice-Chancellor, Liverpool University) on candidates for the Brunner Chair Egyptology, and draft reply from Newberry on the merits of Herbert Walter Fairman, Raymond Oliver Faulkner, Miles Frederick Laming Macadam and Walter Emery.

MacGregor, (Rev.) William - correspondence

Correspondence from Reverend William MacGregor including advising Newberry to stick to the limits of his permit for Beni Hassan, 1891; and relating to purchasing Newberry's collection of seals and a court case MacGregor was involved in.

MSS 30/22 is also numbered 109
MSS 30/24 is also numbered 14
MSS 30/25 is also numbered 271
MSS 30/26 is also numbered 361
MSS 30/27 is also numbered 250

Muir, Ramsay - correspondence

Correspondence from Ramsay Muir including relating to Liverpool University Press and the work of Francis Pierrepont Barnard at the University of Liverpool University.

MSS 32/1 is also numbered 380

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