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Halton, E.G. - correspondence

Correspondence from E. G. Halton ("The Studio", Publishers) relating to the publication of an article on embroideries and preparation of proofs.

MSS 23/58 is also numbered A.20
MSS 23/59 is also numbered A.21A
MSS 23/60 is also numbered A.21

Hardy, Jean M. - correspondence

Correspondence from Jean M. Hardy (Associate of Theodore M. Davies) thanking Newberry and relating to travel in England and Florence.

MSS 23/96 is also numbered A.285
MSS 23/97 is also numbered A.248

Halliday, (Sir) William Reginald - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir William Reginald Halliday including relating to T. Eric Peet's candidature for the Brunner Chair of Archaeology at Liverpool University and research on labdanum.

MSS 23/55 is also numbered 289a
MSS 23/56 is also numbered 289b
MSS 23/57 is also numbered 12

Harrison, Benjamin - correspondence

Correspondence from Benjamin Harrison (1837-1921) including letter of thanks and requesting the return of 'The Bevington Letter'. Also includes letter from James Reid Moir to Harrison relating to flints and eoliths.

MSS 23/103 is also numbered 241

The letter from James Reid Moir is numbered 242

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