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[27] Camels passing below my tomb.

  • Life on excavation: view of the Nile Valley during the flood with a caravan of camels (taken from Petrie's tomb at Giza).
    -Caption reads:
    'Camels passing below my tomb.
    Taken with sliding shutter in the diaphragm,
    but aperture is not enough for this rapidity.
    High Nile.'.

[33] High Nile from my tomb.

-View of the Nile Valley during the flood at Giza, towards modern Cairo, showing Muhammad Ali's mosque and some minarets in the background.
'High Nile from my tomb.
Shewing Mehemet Ali's mosque and minarets.'.
-With arrow pointing at Muhammad Ali's mosque.

[254] Queen Tausert

-Valley of the Kings.
-KV14, Tausert, wife of Seti (Sethos) I, usurped by Setnakht.
-Corridor A.
-Upper part of Queen offering ointment in scene 2.
-TopBib i2.529(3).
'Queen Tausert
In Siptah's tomb in valley of Kings tombs.

[257] Ramessu VI

-Valley of the Kings.
-KV9, Ramses (Ramesses) VI.

'Ramessu VI
From his tomb in valley of Kings tombs. The design
has been altered, & the plaster falling shews two hands'

[220] Pylon and arch of brick.

-ʿAsâsîf (Asasif).
-View showing the brick superstructures of tombs including that of Pabasa (TT279).
'Pylon and arch of brick.
This pylon had a staircase in its thickness
like the stone pylons of Karnak.'

-There is also a label for:
'B of 224 seen through A.'.

[97] Cliffs of Nile valley near Tehneh.

-Rocky landscape formed by natural phenomena (flood, rainfalls, wind) near Tihna (Middle Egypt).
'Cliffs of Nile valley near Tehneh.
Shewing that the river level has permanently been about
1/4 up the cliff; the rock below that being dissolved out
in holes, and above it weathered by air and rain.'.

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