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William Matthew Flinders Petrie Collection Item
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Page 28

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.109 Stele, temp. Tiberius.
-K.110 Hieroglyphic & demotic stele. Shewing two Min statues, one in shrine.
-K. 111 Osiris tablet. Roman age. Found in a chapel on S. of temenos, built by Aahmes II, restored in Roman age.
-K.112 Altar of M. Aurelius Bēlkabos standard bearer of the Palmyrene archers. Caracalla.

Page 29b

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-Handwritten by W. M. Flinders Petrie.
-'Photographs from the Ghizeh Museum'
-'This museum is not only shamefully perilous, in view of a fire occurring, but it is also altogether unsuitable for a collection. There is but one hall where any top light can be obtained for sculpture; and everywhere else side lights, often of most inappropriate kinds, make it difficult to see sculptures, & almost hopeless to photograph them. The insecurity of the cases makes it needful to keep them screwed up & pad locked, so that it is very troublesome to open any case.
-These photographs are very far from being what they should be; but their defects are largely due to the miserable light, & the need of frequently photographing through glass cases.
-I have to thank the curator, Brugsch Bey, for granting me permission to photograph whatever I desired. These were done in the course of three days.'

[942] Set of objects found together. Kahun XII.

-el-Lahun, town (‘Kahun’): mirror, two copper chisels, four copper piercers, flint knife, copper knife, copper torque, five vessels.
-The same assemblage as in Petrie MSS 5.8.3a [upper]).
'Set of objects found together. Kahun XII.'

-Also, labelled:
'Flint knife with handle'.

This photograph is in a section titled:
'Kahun & Gurob antiquities 1890 942-952'.

Page 11

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.41 Slab of Amenemhat I. [Min]
-K.42 Head of Min (temp. Amenemhat I)
-K.43 Figure of Nekheb [lower part of IX.2]
-K.44 Figure of Bast [upper part of IX.2]
-[K.43 and 44: From door-jamb of Usertesen I]

Page 09

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.34 One of the slabs of the temple of Antef V.
-K.35 Head of Antef V.
-K.36-7 Head & portion of throne of statuette in yellow limestone, found with slabs of Antef V, & from the work probably of the XIth dynasty.

Page 16

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.56 Tahutimes III ? Sandstone.
-K.61 Limestone lion head from spout of temple XVIII ? dyn.
-K.62 Limestone head. Found by steps of temple. XVIII dyn
-K.67 Face of Nebhat from triad

Page 25

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.97 Inner E side of chapel
-K.96 E side door of chapel
-K.98 Inner W. side of chapel
-K.99 W side of door of chapel

Page 24

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.93 Model tank with steps. Many such were found in the temple.
-K.94 Ptolemaic chapel near S. gate
-K.101 Detail of K 100.
-K.95 Interior shrine of chapel.

Page 29

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.113 Colossal red granite head of Caracalla
-K.114-6 Limestone stele of the customs dues imposed at Koptos on arrivals from the Red Sea. Under Lucius Antistius Asiaticus, eparch. [K.116 Reversed]
-K.115 Grenfell taking a squeeze.
-K.116 Reversed

Page 23

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.89 Offerers on Roman pylon
-K.90 Head of Isis, or queen.
-K.91 Piece of capital, Roman.
-K.92 Piece of column, Roman.

Page 22

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.85-6 Lion's head spout sandstone. From Ptolemaic temple.
-K.87-8 Side chamber in Roman pylon to temple of Isis.

Page 21

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.82 Foundation deposit of Ptolemaic temple. [Gilt limestone, Silvered wood Copper Lead various glasses Ores Pitch Vases.]
-K.81 Piece of statue of Ptolemy III
-K.83-4 Ptolemaic statue in sandstone. Found at back of great temenos.

Page 20

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.76 Wall scene of Ptolemy I. Soter.
-K.77-80 Black basalt inscription of Senushepses [T22A-nw:nw:nw-A17-A51A-s] majordome of Arsinoe queen of Philadelphos, high official & rebuilder of the temple of Koptos. 110 cuits long. 40 wide. 15 high.

Page 19

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.72 Black granite baboon Fuamerth high priest of Amen offering to Tehuti, on pectoral.
-K.72 [sic = K.73] Red granite stele (about 1 ton) 29th yr of Ramessu III
-K.74 Upper part of stele, limestone. Isit, daughter of Ramessu IV & queen Nubkhesdeb, offering to Haremkhuti & Osiris.
-K.75 Princess Isit (from above)

Page 18

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.69 [and K.68] Black horn stone stele of Ramesses II (about 1 ton) found by the triad. [Reversed from squeeze.]
-K.70 Stela of an overseer of works at the Ramesseum & chief of police. Ramessu II burning incense before Isis of Koptos.
-K.71 Red granite head dress from a colossal statue of Rammessu II

Page 13

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.49 From temple of XII dynasty.
-K.50 Inscription of Amenemhat III on a colossal vulture. (about a ton)
-K.51 Limestone steal of Ra hotep - see K.52-5 - giving his titles hitherto unknown [G5-V29-S34-G16-F12-s-r:a-M4-M4-M4-G8-M14-//] Found buried in a hole with the colossal vulture, beneath the floor of the sand bed of the Ptolemaic temple.

Page 12

-Qift (Koptos; Coptos).
-K.45 Granite jamb of Usertesen I
-K.48 Usertesen I, from a scene with Min.
-[K.47 Detail of head]

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