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Tait, G.A.D. - correspondence

Correspondence from G.A.D. Tait (Eton College) relating to the museum at Eton College of Egytian antiquities (known as the Myers Museum) including refurbishment, display of objects, objects of interest, visits by Newberry and his donations and assistance, exhibitions, affects of World War Two, and the involvement of the 'boys'. Also includes draft letter from Newberry on his activities during the War (1943).

Wace, Alan John Bayard - correspondence

Correspondence from Alan John Bayard Wace including relating to his work at the VictoriaAlbert Museum and embroideries.

Includes correspondence relating to: embroideries belonging to Newberry; his appointment to the V (1924); requesting information on vase found in tomb of Thutmose IV inscribed 'Vase of Keftiu'; inviting Newberry to give lecture on textiles; arranging to visit embroidery collections including Newberry's; the purchase of embroideries in Egypt; trip to America (1929); donation of a Persian papier mache panel by Newberry (1932); olives in Greece (1933); on appointment to the University of Cambridge; silphium columns; requesting reference for Pendlebury.

MSS 44/5 is also numbered 294
MSS 44/9 is also numbered 25
MSS 44/14 is also numbered A.125
MSS 44/15 is also numbered A.126
MSS 44/16 is also numbered A.125a
MSS 44/20 is also numbered A.133

Wainwright, Gerald Averay - correspondence

Correspondence from Gerald Averay Wainwright including relating to travel to Egypt; a stela in the Cairo Museum; the tomb of Teti-ki; 'finances of independent Egypt' and the Egyptian Railway (1925); Newberry's research on nome standards (1932); hieroglyphic sign of a seven petaled flower.

MSS 44/44 is also numbered 208
MSS 44/45 is also numbered A.131

Walker, Phyllis - correspondence

Correspondence from Phyllis Walker (Niece and heir of Howard Carter) relating to the execution of Howard Carter's estate.

Includes correspondence relating to: publishing an unpublished manuscript started by Carter on his early career; transfer of files to Oxford including copy of a letter of receipt from the Ashmolean museum; copy of two letters from E.T. Leeds on donation of files; work during World War Two and moving (1942); news of Mrs Burton (1943); copyright infringement (1945); reference to Howard Carter's paintings including of birds, Deir el-Bahari and the Ramesseum; sale of furniture at Sotheby's; Executors Spink and Captain Ingram's handling of objects and objects arriving broken to the Metropolitan Museum, New York; Burton's help with the sale of objects; copy of letter from Etienne Drichton (Director General, Cairo Museum) relating to the donation of objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun to the Cairo Museum (1940).

Also includes: letter of thanks to Mrs Newberry (1939) and on the death of Harry Burton (1940); copy of letter from Alan Gardiner to Phyllis Walker on the donation of Howard Carter's records relating to the tomb of Tutankhamun to the Ashmolean and copyright ownership (1945); copy of letter from E.T. Leeds (Keeper, Ashmolean Museum) thanking Walker for the gift of Carter's records (1945).

Ward, John - correspondence

Correspondence from John Ward including referring to Newberry's excavation work, Archibald Sayce and meeting in Luxor (1899); congratulating Newberry on the publication of Rekhmara (1900); and congratulating Newberry on his marriage and moving to Kent after the death of his wife (1907).

Whitaker, Hugh - correspondence

Correspondence from Hugh Whitaker including relating to travel to Egypt and his house in Venice, inviting Newberry to stay, news of people in Egypt, his marriage.

Also includes letter of thanks to Mrs Newberry.

MSS 45/48 is also numbered A.190

Wylde, Henry C - correspondence

Correspondence from Henry C. Wylde relating to the etymology of ship (1910), Newberry's search for a house (1913) and work on a glossary (n.d.).

MSS 46/83 is also numbered 282

Research Notebooks

Percy Newberry's series of notebooks includes notebooks on single subjects, indexed notebooks on a range of subjects and research journals. Many of the notebooks have been numbered (in the form NB followed by a number) by Newberry and are referenced elsewhere in his research notes. As such it appears that these notebooks were used as reference books by Newberry, and they often include lists of bibliographic references for a subject.

Unfortunately it is evident that this series of notebooks is not complete and there are numbered notebooks referred to in Newberry's research material that do not appear to be in the collection.

Notes on the pomegranate, boomerang and ensigns on pots

Notebook with index at the front.

Notes on hieroglyphs and early versions of composite signs formed with the standard or sacred pole [R12] including:
-Pomegranate tree
-with the hieroglyph for sand dunes on top [N25]
-with the Min emblem on top [R22]

Very neat and written in prose so possibly intended for publication. Includes references to publications and museum objects. Roughly a quarter of the notebook has been used.

Notes on nomes

Ringbound notebook containing mostly handwritten notes on nomes, with some additional loose notes, some of which appear to have been cut from other notebooks. First half of the notebook is on nomes in Lower Egypt and the second half on Upper Egypt. Both sections start with a list of the nomes in numerical order and the notes are arranged accordingly. Some pages are titled but do not contain any notes.

The first half of the notebook contains notes on nomes in Lower Egypt including Predynastic nome insignia, titles connected with nomes in Lower Egypt, Thoth and Thoth priests, the Ibis and other animals associated with nomes. There is also the following loose material:

-handwritten notes on the 12th nome of Lower Egypt and sketches of a calf

-typed notes on the name of the 15th nome of Lower Egypt, with draft of a letter to Alan (probably Alan Gardiner)

-handwritten notes on Thenessus and the nome of Nesyt

The second half of the notebook contains notes on nomes in Upper Egypt and the animals associated with the nomes. There is also the following loose material:

-typed and handwritten notes on Coptos

-cutting of an image of an engraving with the caption 'Nilinsel aus dem Sonnen-tempel des Neuserre' [Island in the Nile river from the sun temple of Neuserre]

-handwritten notes on Abydos and tracing

-handwritten notes on the 13th nome which appear to have been taken from other notebooks, also a note written by Diana Magee

The notebook also includes the following references: to a 'notebook on Sais and folder'; a 'Harpoon folder'; and 'see Folder Pig'.

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