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The mandrake

Folder titled 'Mandrake (Scorpion King)' containing a handbound notebook titled 'Mandrake' in which where are notes on a hieroglyphic sign in the shape of a rosette which precedes the royal name on the Scorpion King's Macehead (Ashmolean Museum, AN1896-1908.E3632) and which Newberry identifies as the mandrake.


-Notes on occurences of the hieroglyphic sign

-Tracings of occurences of the hieroglyphic sign including handle of a flint knife (Cairo Museum, CG 14265), an ivory spoon and an Astrabad vessel

-Small and large photograph of a mandrake plant

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Flora and Fauna 1'.

The god i3ks

Folder titled 'The god i3?s' including notes on i3?s, the scorpion macehead (Ashmolean Museum, AN1896-1908.E3632), the cuirass or leather garment worn by early kings of Egypt, and leather working. Also includes drafts of a letter to Alan Gardiner, c.1946, and a draft titled 'The shepherd's crook'.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 1'.

The Sed festival

Folder titled 'Heb-Sed' containing notes, drawings and cuttings relating to the Sed festival and related ceremonies.

-Newspaper cutting titled 'Think Heb Sed Feast is King's Remarriage - Professor Newberry Argues That it Coincides With Discarding of Old Wives for New', New York Times, 1923
-Two letters from Battiscombe Gunn relating to the Sed festival, one dated 26 May 1920
-Cutting from publication of an image titled 'The canonisation of Joan of Arc: The Pope leaving the Vatican for St. Peter's in the sedia gestatoria under a baldaquin, with two flabella (ceremonial fans) behind, 29 May 1920
-Notes on records of Sed festivals
-Notes on rules which regulated the right to the throne
-Two notebooks containing notes on the Sed festival, one with the number 4 on the front (notebooks no longer contain many pages)
-Notes and drawings from Naville, E., The Festival-Hall of Osorkon II in the great Temple of Bubastis (1887-1889), (London, 1892) (OEB 146149) referred to by Newberry as 'NFH'
-Notes titled 'The Succession to the Kingdom in Ancient Egypt'
-Text of a lecture on the Sed festival

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 1'.

The Second Intermediate Period

Notebook containing a draft titled 'The Second Intermediate Period' with chapters on the Vizier 'Ankhu, Amenemhat Sehotepibre, the chancellor Senbi or Senebi, Khensemes, Neb-ankh and Nubkhaes.

The Schøyen Collection, Spikkestad, Norway

B&w and colour photocopies of fragmentary papyri.
‘Short description catalogue. Coptic’, by Martin Schøyen.
‘The Schøyen Collection: Checklist of Western Manuscripts 1 - 1660’, by Martin Schøyen.
Some transliteration and translation.

The Ramesside Viziers

Draft of article. Manuscript and separate notes including genealogies. 63 pages. Notes by Černý and A. H. Gardiner.

The Middle East

Folder titled 'Syria and Wn [Western] Asia'.


-Notes on foreign place names

-Notes on Syria

-Notes on Phoenicia, Retenu, Philistia, Naharin and Arabia

-Notes and draft on Byblos

The Land of Put in Genesis 10, 6

Draft of an article and material used for its preparation. Includes letters from G. Posener, I. E. S. Edwards and G. R. Driver.
For inclusion in Hebrew Biblical Encyclopedia [not published?].

The Editor of Nature - correspondence

Correspondence from the Editor of Nature relating to the publication of Newberry's presidential address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1923), and obituaries of Sir Robert Mond (1938) and Howard Carter (1939).

Tait, G.A.D. - correspondence

Correspondence from G.A.D. Tait (Eton College) relating to the museum at Eton College of Egytian antiquities (known as the Myers Museum) including refurbishment, display of objects, objects of interest, visits by Newberry and his donations and assistance, exhibitions, affects of World War Two, and the involvement of the 'boys'. Also includes draft letter from Newberry on his activities during the War (1943).

Säve-Söderbergh, Torgny - correspondence

6 letters from Säve-Söderbergh.
Professional and personal matters:
-a stela in Uppsala (see Černý MSS 2.277)
-Nubian graffiti and other monuments
-visits to the UK by Säve-Söderbergh

Swanson, Renée - correspondence

26 letters from Swanson, 1 draft of a letter from Černý to Swanson, 1 photograph of Swanson.
Swanson's Egyptological studies and some personal matters.

Stricker, Bruno Hugo - correspondence

13 letters from Stricker, 3 carbon copies of letters from Černý to Stricker.
Professional and personal matters:
-papyrus Leiden I 346

  • other papyri in Leiden
    -Stricker's study trips to Oxford

Stoneborough, Jerome - correspondence

Letter from Jerome Stoneborough including relating to his family and work in Vienna and enclosing correspondence with Baron Weisz relating to an inscription on a stela belonging to him (3 letters, February 1932).

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