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Borchardt, Ludwig - correspondence

Correspondence from Ludwig Borchardt (1863-1938) dating of the great sphinx of Giza and king statues from Thebes in the Berlin Museum including sketches (1897); painting of the head of a princess orignially in the house of Captain Timmins (1914); inscription of Ay at Akhmim (1927) [in German].

MSS 5/50 is also numbered A 358

Bosanquet, Robert Carr - correspondence

Correspondence from Robert Carr Bosanquet (1871-1935) relating to donors to the Institute of Archaeology, Liverpool University; research interests; Oldbury Camp; family news.

MSS 5/55 is also numbered 15
MSS 5/56 is also numbered 362
MSS 5/58 is also numbered 344
MSS 5/59 is also numbered 340
MSS 5/60 is also numbered 330
MSS 5/61 is also numbered 328

Boscawen, William St. Chad - correspondence

Correspondence from William St. Chad Boscawen (1855-1913) relating to articles by Boscawen including reviews for Newberry's publications.

MSS 5/65 is also numbered 19
MSS 5/66 is also numbered A 303
MSS 5/67 is also numbered 27
MSS 5/68 is also numbered 30

Bradbury, Kate - correspondence

Correspondence from Kate Bradbury (1854-1902) (later first wife of Francis Llewellyn Griffith, married 1896) including relating to the Egypt Exploration Fund.

MSS 5/88 is also numbered 44
MSS 5/89 is also numbered 45
MSS 5/90 is also numbered 46
MSS 5/91 is also numbered 63
MSS 5/92 is also numbered 55

Breasted, Charles - correspondence

Correspondence from Charles Breasted (son of James Henry Breasted) arranging to meet Newberry, sending Newberry books, and on the death of Newberry's Father.

MSS 5/98 is also numbered 11

Breasted, James Henry - correspondence

Correspondence from James Henry Breasted (1865-1935) on topics including purchase of the MacGregor collection; arrangements for Newberry's visit; Phoenician tomb scene; information on a trip to Luxor; Egyptians not accepting the Rockefeller gift; review of The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago's Anatolian work in Antiquity, 1933.

MSS 5/102 is also numbered 9
MSS 5/106 is also numbered 8
MSS 5/112 is also numbered A.74
MSS 5/113 is also numbered 279

Brocklebank, Hugh - correspondence

Correspondence from Hugh Brocklebank including relating to an article by Newberry on Anatolian pottery and articles by Brocklebank on the Kubatcha and Kutiyeh faïence. Also includes letter to Mrs Newberry on the marriage of Brocklebank's daughter.

Brown, Theodore Burton - correspondence

Correspondence from Theodore Burton Brown including on the marriage of Kate Bosse to J. Gwyn Griffiths; Brown's work in Cyrenaica, Libya. Also includes letter from Beatrice Brown to Mrs Newberry giving Theodore Brown's address.

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