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Notebook Černý MSS 17.39B

Transcriptions of objects in Turin, Museo Egizio, statues, stelae, etc. Most monuments of sḏm-ʿš n/m st-mȝʿt (Servants in the Place of Truth, necropolis workmen).

Notebook Černý MSS 17.44

Middle Kingdom inscriptions. Including monuments of:Mentuhotep Nebhepetrestela of Mentuwoser, in New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art,12.884stela, in Leiden, Rijksmuseum, V2stela, in Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum, 1199inscription of Antefoker, in Lei...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.59

Thebes. Deir el-Medîna Tombs. Description and texts. Tombs listed alongside copies of texts, most copied in 1926, then collated in 1927-8. Most of the material was copied in situ with additional records made in Turin, Museo Egizio.Also references ...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.60A

Transcriptions of hieratic papyri in:Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 30864 + 30884 + 31182, 3 + 31182, 7Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 30865Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 30878Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 30886Cairo, Egyptian Museum, 31184, 14 + 31256, 22 + 3125...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.66

Transcriptions of hieratic papyri in:Chicago, Oriental Institute Museum, 25622 [copied from a photograph, sent by R. Hughes]Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 1985(?) [copied in autumn 1950]

Notebook Černý MSS 17.74

Translations:Abû Simbel, Marriage stela of Ramesses II, comparison with other marriage stelae at Karnak, etc.Abû Simbel, Decree of Ptah

Notebook Černý MSS 17.101

Table of contents at front of notebook. Enclosed tracings for some ostraca.Transcriptions of hieratic ostraca in Cairo, Egyptian Museum. Published in Daressy, G. Ostraca Catalogue général ... Caire (OEB 137737). Collated by Černý with originals. A...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.110

Transcriptions of hieratic ostraca:IFAO, Deir el-Medîna 1000-1107Borchard collection 2Černý collection 7Desroches-Noblecourt collection 1Desroches-Noblecourt collection 2Desroches-Noblecourt collection 3Desroches-Noblecourt collection 4Desroches-N...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.115

Table of contents on page 1.Transcriptions of hieratic papyri:Budapest, Szépmvészeti Múzeum, 51.1961 (Magical)Paris, Musée du Louvre, N. 3171Paris, Musée Guimet, 16959St Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum, 1117St Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.126

Hieroglyphic texts from objects in various museums including:inscription of Esiemkhebistatuesstelaeetc.Copies of hieratic graffiti, most taken from publications. Some graffiti collated later with the originals.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.130

Various New Kingdom texts:monuments from Uppsala, Victoriamuseet för Egyptiska fornsakerhieratic text in Tura quarriesa group of records created from older notes including objects seen with dealers in Berlin, Akhmim and Cairocopied from publicatio...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.133

Transcriptions of papyri including a Demotic papyrus in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, JE 56283.Magical texts from hieratic papyri in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, and other museums, from the tombs of Priests and Priestesses of Amun etc.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.141

Deir el-Medîna.Objects in museums, most of the copies were transcribed from publications but many were then collated later with the originals:Cairo, Egyptian MuseumGeneva, Musée d’Art et d’HistoireOxford, Queen's CollegeParis, Musée du Louvre...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.142A

Gîza. Concordances for Mariette and Wreszinski publications:Mariette, A., Les Mastabas de l'Ancien Empire. Fragment du dernier ouvrage de A. Mariette (1889) (OEB 144519)Wreszinski, W., Atlas zur altägyptischen Kulturgeschichte iii (1923-1936)...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.145

Transcriptions of hieratic papyri with a table of contents at the back of the notebook. Some translations and working notes, see enclosures.Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58035-58096 (some omissions).Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 58037 rectoCairo, Egypti...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.149

Nubia. Texts and graffiti from:Abahûda (TopBib vii.119-21)Abû Simbel (TopBib vii.95ff.)Amada (TopBib vii.65-73)Gebel el-Shems ( TopBib vii.122-3)Kasr Ibrîm (TopBib vii.92-4)Toshka (TopBib vii.95)Es-Sebua (TopBib vii.53-64)Coptic parchment leaf be...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.154

Nubia.Gebel Agg. Rock-shrine (TopBib vii.94)Qasr Ibrîm. Rock grottoes; graffiti (TopBib vii.92-94)Tôshka East. Rock texts (TopBib vii.95)

Notebook Černý MSS 17.163

Texts from objects in museums, some texts were copied from publications:Cairo, Egyptian MuseumFlorence, Museo ArcheologicoLeiden, RijksmuseumLondon, British MuseumParis, Musée du LouvrePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania University Museum

Notebook Černý MSS 17.167

Old Coptic. Oxyrhynchus papyri (with index-slips, see enclosure). Compiled after: Crum, W. E., 'An Egyptian text in Greek characters', in Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 28 (1942), 20-31 (OEB 137503).Ushebti in Professor Dara collection.

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